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  1. So… Mothblade has SATs now, so the TL will be slow. We are getting more people, and there will be a chapter by Saturday, I hope. I will spend some more time on this than usual to try to get you people the next chapter quicker, in face of the problems we are facing.


  2. I have no problem doing one chapter a day, since the chapter is short.
    Its just that I cant promise anything since i’ve got college and I’m just translating this as a hobby, so I don’t want my future self to see this as a chore instead and starts getting tired of it.

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  3. Ok, here’s the deal: we are in a slowdown phase right now. It’ll pass, but people are distracted by other pursuits, especially as it is exam season. Everything will pick up eventually, however. we may even start something else after we’ve caught up to the current release chapter for this WN. But right now… we sleep.


  4. When is the next update i need fellow darkworms killed! }:-)>~ mhahaha ps thanks for the hard work


      1. There is a possiblity that they dropped it, guess we have to wait for a new translator group… AGAIN!


  5. Good series.
    Can’t wait to finish.
    Thanks for the hard work!

    Do you think he will ever find a way to be friends with humans?


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