The Chapter 109

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109. Huge centipede

In the morning, I awake on the barren sand.

It was still the second day, but I felt like I was already getting used to sleeping on the bare ground.
I Confirm the ball rabbit’s safety as it exits the sandy mountain, I feel a little relieved.


Actually I wanted to sleep a bit more, but I am sensing an intense creature is approaching.
Because of my skill〖Presence Sense〗 is reacting it to it I can not fall back asleep.

It is easy to be found by the enemy because the neighborhood is vacant, but it is also an advantage because I don’t have to try to be able to find the enemy if they are far away.


Getting up I twist my neck, and quickly find the root of the signature.
It was a huge sand centipede charging towards me creating a trail of dust behind them.

Well, should we run away?
The ball rabbit is bad at getting up, but I think it needs to get up and quickly get inside my mouth.

If I ran like normal, and if it chased me, then it would surely catch up to me.


Oh wait… It is not that far from us.
But I get the feeling he isn’t headed toward us……. Why are you running then?

A carriage was running ahead of the huge centipede.

Two big horses that have never been seen since my previous life are lined up, and are pulling the horse carriage at full power.


However, it doesn’t seem to be enough against the huge centipede.
As it is, the horse-drawn carriage will be destroyed by huge centipede.

Damn it!
Why is there a wagon trying to break through the desert when there it such a big monster!

I confirmed the sandy mound that is the ball rabbit with a glance, and start running after the huge centipede.
There is no chance of winning by fighting against an opponent of that size, but I should be able to catch up the huge centipede and escape with the carriage.
[T.N truth be told I am not sure if evernight the rabbit digs a small hole in the sand to sleep in for worth and when it leaves its fur is covered in sand but that is what I am going with]


I can escape into the air if it get dangerous.

Let’s just provoke it and break away quickly.
I’ll come back and collect the ball rabbit again after the situation has cooled down.

Do not get eaten while I am away ….

He survived by himself before I came, so it should be okay if I take my eyes off him for a bit, but I am a little worried.
I also think that it would be better to bring him in my mouth, but if I do it, I would be in more danger…

Unlike the leopard and the camel I can beat one hand.

There is a possibility that I may be pressed into using my breath and biting techniques, and if that happens I can’t protect you inside of battle.


I use〖Roll〗to chase the huge centipede.
I never thought that I would chase an opponent one moment than be trying to escape the next moment.

The huge centipede ignores me and chases the carriage.

Tch! I concentrate myself and charge forward.
I try to get its attention on purpose, but I’m totally ignored.

The winner it seems for the best to eat in the desert is horses or a humans rather than dragons.
Even me, when I was a baby dragon I was treated as a premium ingredient!
[T.N. Ok I think that our MC is upset about the centipede not wanting to eat him over the others because so far evenly thing else has been trying to eat him]


Meanwhile, the horses that are pulling the carriage catches sight of me.

I do not understand the expression of a horse, but I can understand that is has has a bitter look on there faces

I came to help, but ….

Well, I do understand the horse’s feelings though.
If I was running in the desert, chased by the gigantic centipede, it seems that it is the end of this world, and then a big scaly masses roll behind them.

Buddha in hell, Enma in hell.
I would definitely think it as the finishing blow, and not a salvation.


I gathered my strength and accelerated all at once, using a small hill to rocket into the sky.

Throwing my whole body into it I aim for crushing the huge centipede’s tail, but unexpectedly the centipede’s body was too hard and could not be crushed.


I run around and to the right of it, but since I did not have a way to shift the huge centipede’s target to me, I decided to follow the huge centipede.|
That guy seems to be the type to once it puts its eyes on his target, that it will not easily transfer to something else.

Even if I can successfully move its target to me, I wonder whether I can run away while keeping it attention.

Although the huge centipede was hit hard in the tail, the giant centipede speed only slightly decelerated, but it was once again starting to accelerate and return to the original speed.


We steadily fill in the distance between the carriage.
I never stopped my 〖Roll〗skill when I tackled.

If it won’t stop at a single shot, than I just need to keep hitting it as many times as I want.

When the distance between the huge centipede and me has shrunk, I use 〖Status check〗.
After confirming this guys skills, it’s just a matter of running away while gathering his attention.


Race: Giant Sand Centipede

Condition: Normal
Lv: 62/80
HP: 448/448
MP: 236/236
Attack power: 324
Defense power: 297
Magical power: 194
Speed: 234
Rank: B

Characteristic skill:
〖Many Legs: Lv -〗,〖 King’s shell : Lv 6〗,〖Earth attribute: Lv -〗,〖Auto HP Recovery: Lv 5〗,〖Presence Sense: Lv 4〗

Resistance skill:
〖Physical resistance: Lv 5〗〖 Magic resistance: Lv 2〗〖Fall resistance: Lv 4〗〖Poison resistance: Lv6〗 〖Paralysis resistance: Lv 2〗〖Confusion resistance: Lv 2〗〖Sleep resistance: Lv 3〗

Normal skill:
〖Venom fang: Lv 5〗〖 Dig: Lv 6〗 〖Sand Bless: Lv 4〗〖Earth Wall: Lv 3〗〖Paralysis Bite: Lv 2〗〖Acid Spit: Lv 4〗〖Heat ray: Lv 3〗

Title Skill:
〖Hundred Legs King: Lv–〗〖 Lord of the Desert: Lv 6〗〖Escape: Lv 4〗〖Obsession: Lv 6〗〖Chaser: Lv 5〗〖Last evolutionist: Lv -〗



I was expecting it to have high stats, but this is making me worried .
B rank Lv 62, this is way too much of a monster.

〖Attack power: 324〗, it’s at a level that could  KO you if you receive a direct hit.
I am just happy to finally hit 200 attack at last.
It seems like it will have some severe consequences if I just run away after I provoke it.


Or rather, what the heck is 〖Heat ray〗?
Maybe it is its way of long range attacks?

Chapter 108

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108. Meat of a camel
The three-headed camel turns around, turning his back to me. 

He seems to think that he can still run away. 

Piercing the camel I quickly make a shallow incision along its back using my〖paralysis claw〗. 
Three heads, almost at the same time screamed. 

While trembling it’s feet, the camel collapsed on to the ground. 
【Normal skill ·〖Paralysis Claw〗 Lv increased from 3 to 4. ] 
I confirmed that the state 〖paralysis〗 has been added, and then I set the ball rabbit on to the ground. 
Ball Rabbit approached the three-headed camel while rubbing its ears aginst the ground. 

As soon as Ball Rabbit got close to camel, he climbed on to its neck and started biting the camel’s body. 
I thought that the damage would not be good enough go through because its is staggering larger, but it would be good if rabbit can deliver at least 1 damage to the camel. 

Cry of three-head’s of fallen camel echoes around. 
This scene is quite grotesque, . 

Rabbits are not usualy agressive like this one, but maybe my education is bad. 

Was it bad to force rabbit to battle, or make it remember the taste of meat? 

I don’t remember it getting any strange title skill. 
The state of the camel changes from 〖curse · paralysis〗to〖curse · paralysis (small)〗. 

I need to kill it soon. 
When I tried to withdraw the Ball Rabbit, one of the head’s of camel, made a strange cough. 

No way, is this from the effect of 〖curse〗 from〖plague breath〗? 
I ordered a ball rabbit to withdraw, and used 〖scorching breath〗on camel.  The body of the three-head camel becomes surrounded by crimson flames. 
[Experience value got 32. ] 

[Title skills〖Walking Egg: Lv–〗additional experience value of 32 was obtained] 
Without holding back, I was spray my flames with full power. Only leaving a little chard residue behind. 
“Pefuu ……” 
After looking at the remains of the three-headed camel, the ball rabbit looked downwards with a sad expression. 
I might have been a little too relaxed knowing that the abnormal condition 〖curse〗 causes a sickness . 

I wonder if this is〖curse〗is infectious of not infecting, but it probably is. 
Just watching the head of the camel begin coughing, I realized at that time I was forced to change my plan. 

When you see that situation, you can think of it more as a sickness or something, rather than a curse. 
Are you okay? 

You didn’t catch anything right? 

Or rather, did the raw meat of camel taste awful. 

That was not bad, was it? 
I check the status of the Ball Rabbit. 

Race: Small Ball Rabbit

state : normal 

Lv: 10/12 

HP: 39/39 

MP: 0/28 

attack force: 16 

defense: 22 

magic force: 30 

quickness: 24 

rank: E- 
characteristic skills: 

〖concealment: Lv1〗 〖food reproduction: Lv3 〗
resistant skills: 

〖starvation tolerance: Lv4〗 〖poison-resistant: Lv1〗

〖overeating tolerance: Lv1〗
normal skills: 

〖dig: Lv2〗 〖light: Lv2〗 〖Feigning Death: Lv1〗

〖wild whip dancing: Lv3〗 〖Swallow: Lv1〗 〖Internal Storage Space: Lv1〗

〖Charm: Lv1〗 〖Thousand cuts eater: Lvl 2〗 喰い千切る(T.N.  I think it is based on the concept of a thousand cuts can fall a man even little ones just as much as a big cut so it is a consequence of his alway biting the bigger monsters a bunch even though they do no damage but surprisingly it does damage after a while)

〖Rest: Lv1〗
title skills: 

〖Idol of the desert: Lv2〗 〖Kin eater: Lv1〗 〖 Lv up Parasite: Lv2 〗

〖Big Eater: Lv3〗

——————————————- – 
… For the time being, it’s okay. 

Now it is better to pay a bit more attention when doing experiments with 〖plague breath〗. 

No, I wont do this again. 
This little child is learning. 

The memory of the ridiculous things that I had to do evole, even though, It took a lot of hardships. 

If the ball rabbit can use 〖rest〗it will make exploring the desert quite a bit easier. 
On the contrary to me who is relieved, the ball rabbit inflates its cheeks and appears to be disturbed as it taps the ground with its long ears.
It seems that he wanted to eat the meat of a camel. 
I wonder if it’s worried … Well, it is because of my carelessness. 
The ball rabbit try eating the ashy remains of the camel, but only then spits out charcoal while squealing “Picot”. 

No, it is impossible. You can’t eat it. I think burying it was still better idea. 
When I was watching ball rabbit I started while laughing, but than it turn around and stared at me. 

It’s so funny, did you see your expression? Are you mad because I just made camel char? 
I lightly tapped my cheek with the palm of my hand. [T.N. He says hand but is it a paw or claw and when he refers to his nails is it nails or claws?]

I do not think that it will appear in the expression, but because of scales there maybe is a little wrinkle. 

I wonder if he can understand it from the shape of my eyes. 
I caress the head of the ball rabbit while paying close attention to my claws. 

ball rabbit says, “Because it is devastated to such a thing! Even after saying that even though it diverted his face from me, he was narrowing his eyes with a pleasant feeling within ten seconds. 
When I stroke my ear, I relax with a sound “Pheu”. 

It may be itchy because it rubbed the ground well. 

It is likely to be full of sand, but I’ll sweep the dirt lightly for the time being. 
When I looked down on the face of the ball rabbit when I finished dropping the dirt on my ear, he felt asleep fast as he closed my eyes. 

This guy, is frightening regardless of meals. 

He seems easy to fall in a bad mood for the time being. 
Trying to not wake him up, I carefully put the rabbit on my head. 

Fighting the leopard and the camel, Ball Rabbit is also getting tired. 
Today, I moved quite well. 

I am the one who walked, but he’s getting tired even if he’s riding on me. 

I was careful, but I had no choice but to shake it all the time. 
I will walk to where there is a cactus and decide to take a day off again today. 
Ball Rabbit that was placed on the head, cried quietly. 

I do not feel like he’s moving at all. 
Even though I try to talk to you, there is no reaction at all. 

How deep is your sleep?

Chapter 107

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107. Three headed camel
We finished eating on the beach, I placed the rabbit on my head, and started walking through the desert looking for our next prey.
If we find a D ranked monster I will need to make ball rabbit participate in the fight only after the opponent is completely unable to move, but if the enemy of E + rank is just right level for the ball rabbit to fight alone.
I guess I can fight a bit with the ball rabbit if it comes down to it though.
Though it seems that the ball rabbit is more of a magical specialist, but I am afraid that its MP is 0.

I thought about letting him go home now, but considering 〖Dragon Scale 〗, and I can not say how much longer you will still be safe.
If the ball rabbit is too weak, it may lead to its the death.

Originally it is doubtful whether the disease of the dragon scales will even heal if I leave as soon as the signs start to appear.

I think today’s development of the ball rabbit should end here, and instead should I concentrate on the experimenting with 〖plague breath〗?

Either way, I can not leave the ball rabbit alone and it can’t safely leave me.

For now I’ll test the 〖plague breath〗, and if there is enough time I can raise the level of the ball rabbit.
By the way, the ball rabbit has spread several pieces of meat on my head and is now slowly eating then.

It seems that he really likes roasted leopard meat, he seems to be consuming it greedily.

It’s okay, but please stop eating so seriously on my head.

Enjoying a meal leisurely while looking at the scenery, I am jealous.

Someday if it evolves and get bigger than me I would like to ride on his head.

No, way that would probably be impossible to do so.
While carefully trying not to drop the rabbit or his meat, the three-necked camel that I saw earlier became visible in the distance.

As usual it is grotesque appearance gave me goosebumps across my whole body.

It does not look all that appetising, but are these things delicious? I wonder if I should possibly go deep-sea fishing instead.

(T.N ok this can out of nowhere above is my best guess a second opinion is always welcome 深海魚とか、結構いけるって聞いたことあるし。)

A round plump camel so there surely must be quite a good amount of fat on him at least.

Because I had leopard meat, I guess I will try eating at least a bit of him.
Having seemingly noticed my gaze the camel started its escape. However, it’s legs are slow.

It must be due to it’s such unbalanced body.

I can easily shorten the distance just by walking. It’s a good enough speed that I can still be steady enough not to shake the ball rabbit off while it’s eating.
Even if it is, I am guessing that he will be done eating it soon anyways.

It will be a bit shaky, after all it will be a battle.

If the rabbit does not hold on well, then he will will fall off.
With the intention of giving a light warning, I gently shake my head.
A piece of meat fell along with the cries of the ball rabbit.

[the piece of my fell with a slump on my face.

Licking it off my face tongue I finish it.

Well, did I cut it a little thin and salt it a little much?
It may be i should have dried the meat a little more. 
“Pefu … ….”
From overhead, I hear the barking sound of ball rabbit.

It seems that it was the latter.

[T.N. This little segment about food above was confusing if someone with a deeper understanding of Japanese take a look at the Raws please correct me in my interpretation]
I kick the ground and jump using my wings for extra lift high into the sky.

Descending to the ground i turn around to confront the three headed camel.
I should probably who confirming its status before I fight it.

Race: Motorikemel

Condition: Normal

Lv: 8/31

HP: 78/78

MP: 67/67

Attack power: 52

Defense power: 48

Magical power: 23

Quickness: 28

Rank: D-
Characteristic skill:

帯 食〖Cookery: Lv 4〗

〖concealment: Lv 1〗 〖 Auto HP Recovery: Lv 1〗

 〖Two head: Lv–〗 〖schizophrenia: Lv -〗
Resistance skill:

〖Poison resistance: Lv 2〗 〖Fire resistance: Lv 1〗
Normal skill:

〖Rock Wall: Lv 2〗 〖Sand Storm: Lv 1〗

〖Aqua: Lv 1〗 〖Rest: Lv 1〗
Title Skill:

〖Cactus Eater: Lv 2〗



[schizophrenia: a mental disorder that sques your perception of reality but in this case it likely refers to having multiple heads and multiple personalities. || Also the Cooking skill is likely wrong when looking up the characters the best I could come up with is “demon diet” but Google translate gave me that.] 
D – Rank?

Well … there are no attack skills and it is in the experience field of sending sending the ball rabbit.
Even though it has more heads, there are a lot of characteristic skills reminiscent of twin headed dog from last time.

By the way twin heads have that ability to use different skills with their left and right heads, I guess that might be sorted out in advance.

Maybe it is decided which skills each of the heads use from the time they are born?

I definitely do not plan to become a double headed type dragon, but I am a little worried.
The three heads, gathered together, and all raise their voices simultaneously.
I breathe in and accumulate magical power in the back of my throat.

It was my first time using the skill, but somehow, I understood it instinctively.
The breath of stagnant stagnation came closer to the three headed camel.

The three headed camel tried to step out of the way and avoid being blown away.
The aim is not blowing away the camel, but to check the performance of the 〖Plague Breath〗.
As I exhaled my 〖Plague Breath〗, the three-neck camel its feet stopped.

There is no change in appearance.

Should I check its status?

Race: Motorikemel

Condition: Curse (small)

Lv: 8/31

HP: 73/78

MP: 67/67

Although the was a status difference, there was only a little damage.

It was obvious at a glance that it did not cause direct damage.

More than that, state ……〖Curse (small)〗?

Another unusual abnormality state came out.
There is no change in the appearance of the three-neck camel.

Well, if it is something concerning abnormality conditions than he〖God’s voice〗 can teach me.

Although I was let down in the explanation of 〖Poison α〗, that was probably just because the Lv of the〖God’s voice〗was to low at that time.

Now that my skill has gone up so much there is a good chance of answering.
【Status unusual 〖curse〗】
Is it going to help?
【The state abnormality in which the vitality and physical abilities gradually decline. 】

【Progression is slower than poison, but there is limited means to remove this abnormality state. 】

【If it is a light 〖curse〗, the effect will be diminished and disappear naturally if you keep a distance from the magician. 】
…… It seems that the curse is completely treated as a disease.

However, in any case, it is in the category of a light 〖curse〗so it is like a disease that it leaks from my wings, unlike the direct application that occurs with 〖Plague Breath〗. If I see something disturbing in the status of the ball rabbit, can I avoid the worst situation if I break up with him quickly?
Anyway, there is something definite with this.

The 〖dragon scale〗 and 〖Plague Breath〗 are obstacles to making friends and it is not a skill that can be used in battles.

the three headed camels, although it is〖curse〗 I am holding down.

As described in the explanation, it seems to be a long-time effect skill.

Chapter 106

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For the time being let’s separate the ball rabbit from the leopard.

I am taking it away it tastes better cooked.

Do not just look back at me.

Do not resist, your nails will get stuck!


Race: Small Ball Rabbit

Condition: Normal

Lv: 6/12

HP: 10/31

MP: 0/18

Attack power: 12

Defense power: 18

Magical power: 25

Quickness: 20

Rank: E-
Characteristic skill:

〖hide: Lv 1〗 〖Food Reproduction: Lv 2〗
Resistance skill:

〖Starvation tolerance: Lv 4〗 〖Poison tolerance: Lv 1〗〖Overeating tolerance: Lv 1〗
Normal skill:

〖Dig: Lv2〗 〖light: Lv2〗〖 feigning death: Lv1〗

Wild whip dance: Lv 1〗 〖swallowing: Lv 1〗 〖Internal Storage Space: Lv 1〗

〖charm: Lv 1〗 〖bite through: Lv 1〗
Title Skill:

〖Desert idle: Lv 2〗〖 kin eating: Lv 1〗〖 Lv up parasite : Lv 2〗〖big eater: Lv 3〗


Now it is half-way from evolving again …….

Because it is in the ranking upper, I thought that it jumped up to MAX lv but it I guess I might have been a bit of stretch. It could also be that it was not really fighting hard enough, or because he was a level 0 or something.
Because the doping power of the〖Walking Egg〗I may not understand the sheer amount experience points needed, but it is not like it did not go up at all.
Maybe because I was a person who jumped from F to D in his first evolution, I guess I do not understand the extent of the experience value required to evolve E rank…….
Perhaps the amount of experience value obtained has decreased due to the title of 〖Lv up parasite〗leveling up?
Well, to level up requires experience points so it may be important whether what the individual actual experienced was really important.
If that is the case though, I caught off guard a monster while it was sleeping with a lower rank and kill it when it was paralysis and couldn’t move, what about this is a difficult experience?
No, it is probably rather that I interfered a little too much with this experience.
It will likely to take until D rank till the rabbit is able to fight for itself…. But till that time, it seems that it will be difficult to fight as it is now.
With the next evolution, I hope that it will be big enough to dig me up at home.
Biting the scorpion, crushing him with a body press while sleeping, and making it sticky with saliva makes me think that my favorable status is probably dead due to that triple combo, but I still wonder if it will still make me a house?
For the time being, I begin the task of disassembling the leopard, away from ball rabbit.
It makes easier to carry by collecting only the parts that are easier to eat. I just remove the head, organs, skin parts, and store the rest of it in my arms.
I somewhat have also started to get used to this kind of work as well.
Meanwhile, it seems that my skills of dismantling the good parts of bodies seem to be getting better .

[T.N. Ok this doesn’t make much sense given he doesn’t have these skills and how one of them can’t even be considered a skill if someone can clarify this for me that would be helpful そのうち〖肉解体〗、〖精肉〗みたいなスキル生えてきそう。]
I intended to throw away harder to carry parts in the desert, but ball rabbit quickly became attached to the remaining internal organs.

I guess this is OK if he eats them.

Wow, It swallowed the leopards’ whole head. I mean it is even bigger than his own.
It was quite a grotesque scene, and now it almost seems like a dream. How can it really fit inside of his belly?

To be be able not get fat even after how much you are eating. You are transferring it to some sort of subspace, are not you?
I put the ball rabbit dripping from my drool onto my head and head out for the sea.

But is this not useless? After all it is easy to roll with it in the mouth. Also I’m going to be going to the sea more often from now on so it is ok that you can get a bit dirty, isn’t it?

As if reading my intention, the ball rabbit strikes my head with both of its ears.

Yeah I can not do that don’t worry.
After Walking for awhile I finally arrive at the beach.

Even though the ocean is beside here, I why this is such a dry area …?

Well, it can not be helped, even if I could pull the common sense from my previous life in a magical world.

But it reminds me, I remember hearing about a desert with a river. I am pretty certain, doesn’t rain in this climate because of the air current.

I wonder if it is the same way here.

Let’s try to learn about the common sense of this new world, but for now I will start cooking meat.
I’ll let the ball rabbit down from the head for the time being.

Placing the leopard fur I brought along with me, I arrange the cuts of meat out on to the fur in an attempt to prevent from sand from getting on the meat.
I start by digging a hole in the beach, once deep enough I start scooping handfuls of seawater and start collecting it in the newly formed trough.

When I accumulated enough sea water, I released one of my scorching breath attacks.

heating that water evaporates it leaving only the salt behind. It is a bit odd.

Would the smell go away if I added little more heat?

No, actually it may make the smell worse so let’s go as it is. 
I coat a piece of the raw meat with the salt.

While holding back the power of my scorching breath slowly I apply a low flame to both sides and wait for the color change.

I cook the meat till it is about medium so that inside is still a little red.
It’s hard to do, but it looks pretty good.

Phi perries would be amazing right now because it would make it difficult to pinpoint that the peculiar smell of cooked meat if any carnivorous beast comes browsing around .

When I was eating insects I did not mind at all about the smell, but since I was living a fulfilling life in that cave my tongue has become far more picky.

(But now I have the strong scent of the boiled sea

water which I attempt to mask by adding more salt.

海水を追加で掛け、海の臭いで誤魔化すことにした。[T.N. This section above is about the odor but I couldn’t find out what it 100% ment if anyone understands please leave a comment])
It would be better if you had a less salty taste. Should I dilute it a little more next time a bit more?

Once it is salted, dry it and remove it, you can get a smell. Even though I try to erase the smell with herbs, there is only cactus here. ,

Phi perries were wonderful, who knows when I will be see them again.

【Title skill 〖cook〗 ‘s Lv has risen from 3 to 4. 】
Oh, it has gone up after such a long absence.

I hope someday I can use this skill when I become a humanoid.
I put together another piece of meat, and make various improvements the the recipe, then cook some of the meat again.

After the ball rabbit rabbit finished bathing, enchanted by the smell was lured back.

Finished with his bath he was dripping wet as he continued dragging its damp ears back with it along with a lot sand.

I am a little concerned, but what will you do fall down? 

Sniffing the meat, It looks back up at me and see if He can eat it.

His eyes shine brightly with glee. 
If only I could prepare some rice, than I could can make a lot more recipes you would like.

From the point of view of speed 〖rolling〗is the quickest method of movement.

Also it turns out that once ball rabbit get mad the fast way to recover from that is feeding it meat.
…… When I was thinking about this though, I notice the ball rabbit was staring at my eyes.

Well I am only thinking about this if something urgent happens and we need a means to get away. If we chased by that big centipede, we need to flee 〖roll〗.

If I’m alone depending on the situation I think I will be able to escape but in the case, that ball rabbit is caught it will most certainly die.
When we finished eating the leopard meat, we travelled to the sea to wash off in.

Not after cleaning up we are back off to raise the Lv of the ball rabbit, and the verify the ability of 〖plague breath〗.

Chapter 47

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Poison smoke shot by the Black Lizard covers my field of view.My whole body feels like it has a fever and feelings of nausea are swelling up in abundance.

But it is the same for twin head.

I punch the weakened left head that was using 〖bite〗, but he escaped from inside the poison smoke by jumping backward.

Race: Child Calamity Illness Dragon 

State: poison α (small)

Lv: 33/40

HP: 69/149

MP: 135/143

Abnormal state, 〖poison α (small)〗.

Well then the smoke, even though not a wide range, served its purpose without problems.
After having the Black Lizard cure the poison somehow, Black Lizard looked at the wound on my shoulder from when the twin head was stuck to me.

Yet, it is still hard to say that we won.
I tried to lift my left arm, but it did not go up and instead just trembled.

Its fangs had been dug in so deep that it had basically incorporated itself there.

The poison smoke entering into the body from the wound just added to the damage.

Race: Twin head

State: frightened, rage, poison α

Lv: 39/45

HP: 113/155

MP: 190/221

There it is, but wait, it does not have representation of the 〖(small)〗.

Mine was reduced because of the level of 〖poison resistant〗.
The damage I gave …… This guy! He must have used the recovery magic 〖rest〗 that he possesses.

This is a situation we are gonna lose, cause it’s hard to actively attack.
The right head raises with tears streaming down.

It looks like I’ve lost this round because my best hit was recovered within a moment.
If I were to consecutively to beat him up and take advantage of the gap of time before he heals I could win, but for every action there is a reaction and the left head in staring firmly at me.

My Impression of their fighting is that the left head does physical attacks, the right head I feel like uses magic attacks.
Also the 〖gravity〗 attack came from the right head.
It no difference in the fact that for the time being it stopped its movements.
I think that I will try get some damage in by shooting my〖baby breath〗 at the twin head.
I suck in my breath, but from the left head it begins spitting out a powerful flame from its mouth.

My〖Baby breath〗 is unceremoniously drowned out by the momentum, and the flame attack just keeps coming and covers my body.
I think this guy might have something like a mystical omnipresence! 

[E.N. I think he is referencing how the dog thing could tell what attack he would use before he did it]

I jump back while spreading my wings to create some distance.
Twin head was trying to chase after me to close the maai.
[E.N.martial arts term referring to the space between two opponents in combat]

Aimed for the body, comes flying〖Clay gun〗, from his nice hiding spot in the grass.

Twin head does not completely avoided because even though it sped up, it lost its balance in response to the gravel hitting its hind legs, and once it stops in place it will likely fall.
Nice job Black Lizard that was a big play.
The twin head should have roughly used the odor based characteristic skill 〖Sense of smell〗to grasp the position of the Black Lizard, but it seems to have tracked down the exact location because of this guy’s counterattack.

The launching of 〖clay gun〗 was probably the best choice because the twin head won’t be able to predict the trajectory because it can be shot from a distance.
I have not made a lick of progress yet, but this attack strategy by the Black Lizard might very well be the best plan against him.
All Four Eyes of the twin head glare at me.

He seems to have finally begun getting impatient.

Also It’s moving violently, this might mean the poison has final begun to travel inside him faster.
The right head, while barking, gatherd a large speck of black light in its mouth.
What is it?

I again check to make sure of the skills this guy possesses.

〖Rest: Lv4〗 〖Gravity: Lv2〗 〖Very large earth magic: Lv3〗

〖Bite: Lv3〗 〖Beast Tackle: Lv4〗 〖Scorching breath: Lv3〗

〖Marking: Lv3〗 〖Companion: Lv–〗

Through the processes of elimination, I wonder if it has something to do with 〖Very large earth magic〗.

I expect that this could be a nasty magic too, more so than 〖Gravity〗.
Although, probably only to be used as a last resort. It’s easily a reserved technique which, in the midst of such a battle, seems like only the twin head could do, because of the use of two consciouses.

While it is storing its magic I check the surrounding area to see if it is possible to prepare for the attack. Or if my counter will be intercepted by 〖Scorching breath〗.
I grasp the capability of the thing around, and it does not change the fact that two is alway better than one.

It does not move it’s right head, now that it cannot use the〖gravity〗skill anymore so it needs to pay more attention and this reduced the opportunities to counter.
I can’t do anything that will do any decisive damage in this gap of being limited to one head.

This is a pinch, but it’s also a chance at the same time.

So for now I shoot my〖Baby breath〗.

Do you not know you are being cornered.

If I do this though in return he will fire his 〖Scorching breath〗 like earlier, but when the two heads stop moving to do this that’s the chance for the Black Lizard.
The Mouth of the left head of the twin head had reacted suddenly with great precision, it jumped and avoided the attack.
I sneak up on the right side of the twin head.
The left head of the twin head, as a response to this, turned the body towards my direction.

But because I have a better poison tolerance, being clad in it won’t affect me as much.
How dare this guy back up here.

I thought that whether I messed up or not and directly get to its body and use 〖Poison fang〗 the effect will be the same.
Black Lizard has emerged from the grass and caught the twin head in a pincer attack again.

As I thought this two headed bulldog bastard does not move badly at all but it should not be able to move well if one head is using the earth magic and the other is countering.
Black Lizard is accumulating its poison in his mouth until it was full to be blown onto the twin head as a mist.

She shot heer two eyes at me and activated〖Gushing〗.
“Guou’!” “Tsu!”
The right head does not raise its voice.

It opened its mouth and the reservoir of power, the〖Tery large earth magic〗, was released.
I go to attack inside the poison smoke, I try to beat the main body of the twin head that is trying to hurry up and escape from the same smoke as the one that I did 〖Dragon punch〗 in.

The Black Lizard quickly followed me and jumped into the smoke.
The right head of the twin head is sobbing, while the black light was clearly visible in his mouth.

Once the smoke clears, will I be able to see the twin head again?

The Twin head hung both of its heads down and its breathing became ragged and rough however the Black Lizard still stared at me with insecure eyes.

I could tell in the eyes of the frightened and angry face are both equally wounded.
Perhaps it was because of the poison the look of the bright red bloodshot eyes also helped add to this impression.
The right head had blood coming out of its mouth, and now looks all tattered and beaten, it was probably because of the cancellation of 〖Very large earth magic〗, and as a bonus it had a big scratch on one of its eyelids so it has been shut firmly closed.

Also the poison from the Black Lizard Probably got in from the cut it made so it must be absolutely painful.
Finally, things are going the way I wanted; the poison has been rubbed into the wound.

When I fought with the Black Lizard and I was poisoned if I had not immediately tied around that place on my body I would have died.

In order to suppress that poison, it had to tighten the muscles in its neck for a long time.

However, it has almost stopped breathing.

Chapter 105

Sorry for the four hour delay. Mothblade here I do this all on my phone in my free time and the only free translation app I google translate but I hope u all like it. I got first at my Wrestling tournament and made my 100th win today and I am now two pins from breaking my school’s consecutive record. ———————————————

105. desert race

The Leopard ran in a straight line, in an attempt to escape me.

But as speed goes I am a little faster, so the distance between us started to shrink.
Wow it is not as fast as I had thought.

I was refraining a little from using everything I had because I feel I would most likely swallow the rabbit, but maybe I should try to speed up little more?

When I was thinking of what to do the leopard’s body suddenly started to emit a dim light and its speed started to accelerate. 

it must have used its〖Quick〗skill.
The large centipede didn’t hold back when it was chasing the leopard.

You know I should also give everything I got to beat this leopard.

Starting to feel the ball rabbit beginning its protest with its disheveled ears against the inside of my mouth, but even so I still start to increase my rotation speed.

Just a little longer, wait for me just a little bit, I will catch up soon.
The distance between the leopard and I now slow begin to narrow again.

I have him.

All that remains is a single scratch from my 〖Paralysis claw〗 to put a stop to its movement and defeat it.
The leopard glances it head over its shoulder to find me hot on its tail.

it seems to almost project the idea of impatience from its face.

With the distance shrinking by the moment, I focus my consciousness back at the leopard, whose figure seems to subtly shimmer.

I learned deeply when you are away from the poison spider. [T.N Talan Rouge? This make no sense I read back to their fight for context clues but could decipher what is meant but it could also but be a old saying lost in google translation]
Right beside a large rock, the leopard abruptly stopped.

Now is the time to catch him!

The leopard has made a horrible mistake. Now it is the perfect time to trap him against the rock.
With my speed, I will surely overtake the trapped leopard.

The moment I thought I hit the leopard, the figure of leopard disappeared, and a big rock was found in its place.
I’m such a fool, this rock, I thought it should have been a little more towards the left.
It got me!

the Leopard, he must have been running a little more towards the right.

maybe it was do to that guy’s 〖mirage〗skill, he must have shifted the scene in front of me to the left a little.
The Leopard stopped, and it looked back towards me happily- with a calm and composed grim on its face.

Oh wait, this guy might have to have have line of sight if he wants to launch that 〖mirage〗skill.
Not this time! I am not going to give you time to try tricking me again.

My body rotating at high speed collides into the large rock.

Crunching sounds explode off the rock as my scales violently cut its surface leaving large pieces of it scattered abou.
While significantly slowed down, I ricochet off the rock aim to ram the leopard with 〖roll〗mid air.

As the leopard watches this take place its whole body became rigid in moments, and it eyes and mouth shot wide open in fear.

Without a moment’s delay though the leopard began to run again at full speed again.

This time in an attempt to get away from the creature launching itself towards him. The leopard tries to propel itself off the ground in an attempt to change the direction of its body from my collision course. Sadly for him though in his attempt to dive and escape from my trajectory it forgot one thing. 

The rock and all the scattered debris that I left around after my last attack.
The Leopard faltered.

Turning around I roll back and over the top of the leopard driving away some of the nearby rocks.

There with this that should broken quite a few bones. Now it is time to finish it.

Releasing the 〖roll〗I punch off of the ground jumping onto the leopard.

Extending my claw I activate〖 paralysis claw〗, And leave gash on the now defeating the leopard.
Checking his stat I see〖paralysis (large)〗, so I guess that it is time to start expectorating the ball rabbit into my claws. 

[T.N. expectorating: cough or spit out (phlegm) from the throat or lungs.]
[T.N I spent forever here trying to find this next part out is someone else figures out the correct translation please tell me but this next part just stumps me this part will have to be looked at again later]
Wow, He is really wet with saliva.

I definitely don’t want to put it back on my head.

Unexpectedly when I gaze at the expression of the Ball rabbit it begins swinging its ears towards me and using them to whip across my face.

No, this is not good.

I guess I was right after all, and this is was truly a little to unreasonable making him do this wasn’t it.

Someday when I meet back up with the black lizard again I was thinking about how I would travel around with it, which includes having it traveling in my mouth. 

That is way I tested it on the rabbit now It seem that you probably won’t be poisoned riding in my mouth unless you are accidentally bitten while in the mouth I guess.

There does remain the possibility that when the slime took the skill of 〖detoxification〗the original copy could disappear so it is better to be safe than sorry.

I mean I don’t want all the good memories being ruined by accidently annihilating everyone at home

[T.N. this is where it starts to make sense again]
Lowering the rabbit to the land, I order it with my eyes to attack the leopard.

Rabbit than came up to my feet in silence, and began to hit my foot its whip ears.

Not me, It’s over there!

We can wash your body later, when we head towards the sea! I also to want to wash off! 
After the Ball Rabbit attacked me for a while, it started to head towards the leopard.

Perhaps if I do nothing and leave things as they are now like it never happen then I think that rabbits impression of me that I have been building up so far has plummeted about three levels.

But, as expected once the ball rabbit started it attack there are no difference in the leopard’s health.

The leopard didn’t take a single point of danger from all the blows of the ball rabbit ear whip attack.

The Leopard after taking three consecutive hits of〖LIGHT〗, does not move one eyelid and just stares at the ball rabbit.
Was I too greedy?

Should I aim for a weaker monster?

It is meaningless if we wait any longer. It is likely that the paralysis will be over soon too.
Well, since I hit it so it is paralysed for the time being, but it is not unlimited and even if I do nothing I will still be getting some of the experience anyways… Wow, he has now started biting and cutting it.

Was the bunny actually this hungry for food.

Damage, it is starting to subtly go through.

[T.N anyone else reminded of monty python and the holy grail]
Once he found the torn bare skin, which looked to be the least protective he began eaten the leopard alive.

It was quite a fierce picture to see.

Really I wonder if it is a good idea to keep trying to evolve this guy. It looks it could be some ridiculous monster.
The leopard had 〖paralysis (large)〗 so I watched and waited for when its state would change to the 〖paralysis (middle)〗then I stabbed the leopard in the neck with my claw killing it.
[Experience value got 108. ]

[Title skills 〖Walking Egg: Lv–〗an additional experience value of 108 was obtained . ]
[〖Evil Disease Dragon〗Lv went up from 20 to 22.]
It almost feels like that the experience obtained has decreased, even though it put up such a good fight to only give this much experience.

Until about Lv40 I will likely be able to easily level up.

Then it will probably be difficult to level up to Lv75, so I am expecting this to be longer than I expected.

Also once I get to Lv70 I am guessing my leveling up will likely stagnate …. but because I have the Walking Egg’s doping effect at least it is not as bad as it could be.

Also due to the 〖Dragon Scale Powder〗 I will likely have to live alone for all those year to come. I may even have a lonely death.

As of right now though, things seem to be ok.

It is a shame I did not have the opportunity to try 〖Plague Breath〗but as of now it wouldn’t serve much of a purpose and be a waste of time.

So now, let’s get going to the sea. There’s a lot of salt there to enhance the taste the leopard meat.

Also, it will help the mood pass to go wash off.

After all, this was for the ball rabbit’s experience. I wonder how much it has leveled up.

Chapter 104 

Mothblade again, sorry about last year I am back for now but right now I am half way through Wrestling season which takes most my free time. I am trying to break the school pin record right now so that is my main focus. I am at 88 career pins and the school record is 104 funny enough. I am sorry for my mediocre translating. ________________________________________

104. Gal leopard
When I woke up, my stomach felt strangely weird.

What Is that? Could it be the poison from that scorpion I ate yesterday is now running rampant in my stomach?

No, in that case it wouldn’t feel this superficial.

“Pefu! Pephu!”

…… This, it is the ball rabbit’s barking sound.

as It drifting in my mind, it seemed to be asking me for help.

Could the ball rabbit be being attacked by other monsters?

Where is it coming from?

When I look around I couldn’t see where the voice is coming from.
(A feeling of something desperate striking).

When I got up, I found the ball rabbit crawling out from a mountain sandy beside me.

The rabbit gasping for oxygen with ragged breaths, and finally after its breathing calms down, it begins to stares back at me with heavy eyes.

Apparently, my turned over while I was asleep, and it seems that I ended up squeezing the ball rabbit into the sandstone.

Also It seems that the that sand settled off my stomach onto the ground was the true obstacle not an enemy.
No, this is bad. This is was really bad.

I thought that the rabbit’s body is supposed to bounce back and even out like this type of thing never happened maybe my plan to level it up backfired.
It is acting very sullen and lethargic what is going on. In a panic I started to feed it a bit more cactus and that is when this guy’s usual expression returned.

This guy is terrible faker.

Is the only thing you having in your head eating?
After breakfast is over, the ball rabbit is placed on my head and we begin our walk through the desert.

For the time being I want to get the ball rabbit’s Lv Up and into its evaluated form. Also I want to eat meat and soon.

Hunting a beast type monster may be a good idea, because then it will raise the ball rabbit’s Lv killing two birds with one stone.

I’ll have the rabbit defeat an enemy at the top of D rank than that should bring this weak little ball rabbit up to its evolution all at once.
After a while I found a leopard sleeping.

Uh, it seems like the same guy who was being chased by that Great Centipede he must have gotten away after ran away with its full power. [T.N. Chapter 98]

There was unexpected accident this morning but Now I feel fortunate to have gotten up so early.
This distance …… 〖Status view〗 can be used?

This skill has been Leveled up so I wonder what will happen, all I can do my best so let’s do it.

Race: Gal leopard

Condition: Sleeping (small)

Lv: 27/48

HP: 123/123

MP: 98/98

Attack power: 95

Defense power: 84

Magical power: 99

Quickness: 158

Rank: D +
Characteristic skill:

〖Wild intuition: Lv 1〗 〖Olfaction: Lv 2〗〖 Forbearance foot: Lv 2〗〖 Feeling detection: Lv 1〗 〖Crisis detection: Lv 1〗
Resistance skill:

〖Magic resistance: Lv 3〗 〖Poison resistance: Lv 1〗
Normal skill:

〖Route: Lv 2〗 〖Bite: Lv 3〗 〖Mirage: Lv 2〗

〖Beast Tackle: Lv 1〗 〖Quick: Lv 3〗
Title Skill:

〖The nut of the cat family: Lv 3〗 〖matter Chaser: Lv 2〗

〖Typhoon Runner: Lv 2〗

[T.N.Olfaction means smell]
【Normal Skill 〖Status Reading〗 Lv increased from 5 to 6. 】
Well, does this means that it isn’t distance dependent, or is it?

Well by saying anything this has become one of the skills that I rely on the most so anything is good with me.

If i did not have〖rolling〗 and 〖status reading〗 I could not tell how many times that i may have died already.
…… Well, is this to drangrous for the ball rabbit?

All its status are about 20 times that of the ball rabbit.

Whatever you do just try your best not get damaged. Actually if only take its attacks do you still get any experience?

I want to eat meat so I am going to kill it anyways.
I heard that you have good meat, so you are most certainly not going to get away from me.

Surely if it’s status of speed, I will lose easily, but if I use 〖rolling〗then I will win. That I am confident.

I am even willing my stake pride on that fact.

Well, well, so how do we approached it?

I won’t be able to catch up while carrying the ball rabbit, if the leopard tries to escape.

Even if I try getting only one strike off without killing it then it will definitely have plenty of time to get away from the rabbit 

I should probably drastically weaken it quickly with the first shot.
But when I get closer, the leopard seems like it will wake up.

It seems like the only good plan of attack now is by〖rolling〗rather than secretly approaching, but then I would have to leave the rabbit unprotected for a while.

Would you mind digging to become hidden?
Oh wait, that’s right.

It will be okay if I just put the ball rabbit in my mouth.

With that than the rabbit will be with me when I roll.

doing this will now will also make it will be easier to move from one point to the next now on.
I lower my head to let the ball rabbit down to the ground.

placing my face close to ball rabbit in order to snatch it up into my mouth. Our eyes met and the ball rabbit suddenly started to tremble as if it was having a nightmare.
“Pepper! Phet! Phet!”
it’s Face …… Or should I say it’s whole body started to shake back and forth, left to right, desperately protesting against me.

Could it be, that can you read my mind?

No, actually it seem to be given me more of a “Even if you eat me i am not really tasty!” kind of reaction.

It’s okay, because I am just putting you in my mouth. It is for safety, for safety.
“Pefu! Pephu!”
I bring my face closer to the ball rabbit who is still raising its voice in protest.

Moving my neck according to the movement ball rabbit attempts at escape, I catch it in my maul.
“Pephoo !! Pefu !!”

…… I will get quite scolded for this later won’t I?

Well, now there is no choice but to do it. It is an all out charge for the sleeping leopard with〖rolling〗 it is then.

I round my body and head and roll straight towards the panther in a straight line.
The leopard awakens and almost instantly leaps up onto its feet.

By that time though I have already reached an extremely high speed.

This new terrain is tough, clear, flat ground with no obstacles; the opposite of the forest in which I was born, so it is the perfect conditions to make full use of〖rolling〗.

I can feel the ball rabbit is raging in my mouth, but it does not matter right now.

I can not stop it now in such a halfway state.
The panthers begins its escape, taking less than two seconds to get up and start sprinting shows this thing true speed.

but this was with my expection. I mean to lie down at such a noticeable place it must have a lot confidence in it’s skills.

Even if it is attack from large centipede, it will be able be able to easily escape with its speed.

To bad for you. You can’t run away from me!
The distance between me and the leopard decreases rapidly.

I thought that I would have catch up with the leopard in a matter of seconds, but I must be a little rustier than I thought.

Even if I am chasing him with only this much though, it seems that the panther on the other hand trying its best.

So it’s only a matter of time.

Hey fellow, what is wrong.
The rabbit is as usual freaking out in my mouth.

Please wait still for a while. Because you will get swallowed if you move around to much.