Chapter 86

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I walk towards the cave with the black lizard on my back.

To what extent will the〖Dragon Scale Powder〗affects the black lizard and red monkey, I have no idea.
Actually, if it really affect them will I live alone…. no, if it’s already affecting them, isn’t it already too late by then?

….I really don’t want to rely on it, but should I ask〖God’s Voice:Lv4〗to confirm it by running a simulation once I met the red monkey?
Because I don’t really trust it, I don’t want to use it if I can.
In the end, let’s use it once as reference.


When I arrived at the cliff and was about to spread my wings to fly, I felt an unpleasant sign.
This might be because of that〖Presence Detection:Lv2〗that I obtained once I evolved into Evil Plague Dragon.


When I follow the detection, I noticed something moved in the puddle on the ground.
I saw it before around the cave, its the slime-like monster that〖Status check〗failed to appraise.

Maybe it has a skill that obstruct recognition, as I didn’t notice it at all until it was caught on〖Presence Detection〗.
Could this fellow possibly been hanging around in my surroundings until now?


The slime moved straight ahead.
Don’t tell me it’s aiming for the village?


There might be a possibility that it was this guy that was manipulating Douz, I thought.
The only one that had failed my〖Status Check〗so far, excluding the abnormal state of Douz and the Mahaa Wolves, the only one left is this strange slime.
I don’t have a definite proof yet.
However, the unpleasant feeling I feel from this guy kind of support my theory.
Moving in the direction of the village in this timing is also suspicious.



The black lizard raised its voice in doubt since I suddenly stopped moving.


I check the status of the slime.
The black and white should be clear with this.
Because〖Status Check〗had raised to Lv5, it should be possible to see it in details.
Even if it’s impossible, I should be able to find anything strange about it.


[Because the〖Status Check:Lv5〗is insufficient, accurate information cannot be acquired.]


N曚 :27/35
玄d\ :67/67


〖Slimeボ*ィ:Lv–〗〖*ealth Feet:Lv–〗〖Poison:Lv–〗
〖*HP Recovery:Lv–〗〖*のVoice:Lv–〗〖*rtle Shell:Lv–〗
〖*Perception:Lv–〗〖Gu*sha La*:Lv–〗〖*動MP Recovery:Lv–〗
〖*Third Eye:Lv–〗〖Magic**信:Lv–〗〖*Wave Detection:Lv–〗
〖嗅*:Lv–〗〖*のSword:Lv–〗〖Impact Absorbtion:Lv–〗
〖Super Reproduction:Lv–〗〖Hyper Recovery:Lv–〗〖Night Vision:Lv–〗

〖Phisic* *istance:Lv–〗〖Mag* Resistance:Lv–〗〖Confusion *istance:Lv–〗
〖** Resistance:Lv–〗〖Water Att* Resistance:Lv–〗〖Lone* Resistance:Lv–〗
〖Fal* Resistance:Lv–〗〖*nger Resistance:Lv–〗〖Energy ** Resistance:Lv–〗
〖Fire At**sistance:Lv–〗〖Tree Attribute **:Lv–〗〖Dark *bute Res*:Lv–〗
〖Curse *sistance:Lv–〗〖*Buff Resistance:Lv–〗〖催* *sistance:Lv–〗

〖変*:Lv–〗〖Skill *イク:Lv–〗〖噛*つく:Lv–〗
〖Hardening:Lv–〗〖Impact Ab*:Lv–〗〖Hell Scissor:Lv–〗
〖Statu* Ch*ck:Lv–〗〖Shell**:Lv–〗〖ア**ンTackle :Lv–〗
〖Slow:Lv–〗〖Rest:Lv–〗〖Life Dr*in:Lv–〗
〖Expand:Lv–〗〖Sel* Replication:Lv–〗〖Mana Dra*n:Lv–〗
〖Tent*cle:Lv–〗〖Black Fog:Lv–〗〖Jewel Cage:Lv–〗
〖Death Needle:Lv–〗〖Wate* Gun:Lv–〗〖Armor Break:Lv–〗

〖突**異:Lv–〗〖Disaster:Lv–〗〖Me* King:Lv–〗
〖Depriv*:Lv–〗〖Scale**Demon King:Lv–〗〖Mad*:Lv–〗
〖Wish*Outside Power:Lv–〗〖Doll *aster:Lv–〗〖*Face:Lv–〗
〖Corpse *ater:Lv–〗


Heat starts burning my head.
The high density information flowed causing me feel like having a fever, such a feeling flows into me.

Although the rank had changed, it’s still the same fellow.
There should not be two of them if one is dangerous enough.


Among those  weird skill, there’s〖Magic W**ssion〗and〖*gic Wave Reception〗.

There’s no doubt.
This fellow is the one controlling the Mahaa Wolves and Douz.
It has〖Magic Wave Transmission〗and〖Magic Wave Reception〗, so it should be able to issue instructions to the Mahaa Wolves remotely.
The problem however, is that why is such a fellow of  a completely different race has the same skill?


The status is higher than before, but it’s still on the level of the Red Monkey.
I don’t want to fight badly because I was unable to confirm the skill Lv, but I can’t just leave it like this.
This fellow is obviously heading towards the village.

In addition, it had gotten stronger than before.
If I defeat this guy without running away last time, the riot caused by Douz might not have happened.
No, if I leave it now, it’s going to get troublesome for sure.


〖Gu*sha Lang*:Lv–〗〖Sword *stery:Lv–〗
〖Thrust* Wave:Lv–〗〖*Flame Slash:Lv–〗〖Provoke:Lv–〗

No doubt.

That skill should be what belongs to Douz.

If I include the skills of the Mahaa Wolves, perhaps this fellow, it has an unpleasant skill that can steal the skill of other people.


The way I see it, it has the skill to manipulate others, but it should have some limitations.
It’s clear that it used the weak Mahaa Wolves to allow Douz to carry the egg.
It’s because it is a necessary thing to be done for it to control the Little Rock Dragon, since it can’t do that from the beginning.
However no matter how you think about it, its purpose should not be different even if it’s an unknown monster


This guy is pretty dangerous.

Just when I was thinking that, I remembered about the black lizard.
I lower down my head and put down the black lizard.



I faced towards the cliff.
‘Please return to where you came from’, is what I wanted to tell her.
The cliff can be passed if she took a detour.


The enemy is obviously different from the usual one.
Is it weak, is it strong, I have no idea.
Because it’s a demon that took control of others and moved stealthily,it might be unexpectedly weak.

However, I’m still not sure if it’s really strong or weak.
Perhaps it’s neither.
But I don’t want the black lizard to get involved in such a dangerous fight when she had no desire to help the human.



I called to the black lizard who still confused about the current situation, and faced towards the slime,
The black lizard seemed to finally noticed the slime.
Perhaps even I would have overlooked it without my detection skill.
It seems even I could lose sight of it if I let my guard down just for a moment.



The black lizard let out a loud cry, and jumps on my back.
She climbs on my head, opened her mouth wide and extends her tongue, showing me she’s ready for battle.



I give a cry of confirmation, as the black lizards clicks her teeth, and fixed her gaze on the slime.

Chapter 84

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Parting With the Village


I’ve killed the Little Rock Dragon
Why did Douz enter the villager with the egg, what is that abnormal state, why did all his skills disappeared, I understood none of that.
Just that, right now, the village’s crisis is averted for the time being.

That why right now, I can only leave.
“Eeek! Spare me! Please spare me!”

A man who met with my eyes, while dragging both legs that can’t move, tried to run away by only using the strength of his arm.
With his pants tearing up from the friction, streams of blood could be seen flowing from the place where his injuries rubs.
There’s no more meaning for me be in this village any further.
No, right now, there will never be no more meaning in visiting this place ever again.
“I-it killed Gregory, it killed him!”

Someone suddenly shouted that.
Immediately after that, I received some kind of impact on my back.


It seems to be a magic attack.
Scorching heat ran through my back, though there’s barely any damage.

When I turn around, there stands a girl with orange hair, holding a large cane.
And next to her, was a dumbfounded Millia.


“Tch! An attack of my level still had no effect. Its scales are too hard. Millia, take the baby near the collapsed tower and run away….”
(T.N: She refers to herself in old school kind of way: “washi”. And the baby mentioned here might be the kid that Douz used as a hostage. The author used “children” before so it had me confused. Might have something to do with how Michelle is older than she looks.)


After standing still for a few seconds, Millia clings to the arm of the orange haired girl holding the cane.

“W-what are you doing Millia!? Let go of my hand! Were you deceived by that demon’s eyes?”

“Please wait Marielle-san! That dragon, that dragon is Irushia-san that I talked about! Although it grows bigger, there’s no mistaking it! I’m sure this is some kind of misunderstanding!

“Just look at Gregory’s head, it’s cleanly cut! The Rock Dragon doesn’t have sharp claw! Even Douz’s rusty sword can’t do that! What else could do that aside from that dark dragon!?”


The girl with the orange hair seems to be called Marielle.
When I checked her status, although her HP is low, her Lv is unexpectedly high.
She doesn’t seem very powerful as she seems to be more specialized in recovery.
Her race is〖Elfingur-Hyuma〗which i’ve never seen before.
(T.N: it’s actually〖エルフィングル・ヒューマ〗in the raws. Basically , an elf. Like I said before, author’s naming sense is a bit weird…)


Perhaps, after the dragon extermination, it’s very likely she had come to rescue the injured villager.

Marielle shakes off Millia, pointing the cane at me again.
Millia dashed out between Marielle and me, stretching her hands towards me.



I roared, while aiming my stretched claws towards Millia.
I left a little graze right under her ear, smashing the ground near her.
Several strands of her hair flutter in the air.
“Aa…, no….no way”


Millia, unable to stand up drops there without power.
Just like that, I aim the other hand towards Millia.
Slowly, this time I aim for her face.



“Light Magic,〖Light Sphere〗!”

The light magic shot by Marielle strikes my hand.



I exaggeratedly shows that I was in misery, moving backwards several steps.
Then I grin on purpose and glares at Marielle.

Though it seems to frightened Marielle for a moment, power once again returned to her eyes, glaring back at me.
I abruptly remove my glare from Marielle, kicking the ground and open my wings, I fly up in the sky.


I look at the village from the sky.
With Millia watching over me with her hands over her mouth, I saw the figure of Marielle who pointed her large cane towards me.
As for the other villagers, they look at me with eyes full of fear.

Marielle pointed her large cane at me for a few seconds, she puts it down after a while.
I don’t know if it’s because the attack range was short, or was it so as not to anger me who’s already far away.

After looking at the whole village, I turned my face to remove this view.
As it is, I used〖Flight〗to leave the village.


How the 〖Dragon Scale Powder:Lv4〗will affect the human, I have no idea.
The misunderstanding can never be solved no matter how many excuses Millia makes, and combined the misunderstanding with〖Dragon Scale Powder:Lv4〗, there’s no way I can enter the village.

If I just part without doing anything, Millia will surely come looking for me in the forest depth.
That girl is naive.
Therefore, I need to show it clearly.
It was painful, but it can’t be help, I thought.


[The Lv of resistance skill〖Lonely Resistance〗went up from 5 to 6.]


I make a landing after I went out of the village.
To fly with the huge figure of the〖Evil Plague Dragon〗is considerably tiresome.
Though it should become better if  the Lv of〖Flight〗increase, it’s still impossible to fly for a long time.

Although I should have taken a little more distance, the villagers will surely not chase after me.


After I make a landing, I walked towards the cave.
I should have run, but it’s impossible with this weight.

Although my HP had automatically recovered steadily, the fatigue can’t be removed.
〖Automatic HP Recovery〗also doesn’t seem to be able to remove emptiness and sorrow.
Can’t I have some skills like〖Automatic Fatigue Recovery〗or〖Mental Load Resistance〗?
Can such a thing be done automatically?


After I walked for a while, I noticed a flower I’ve never seen before.
Its base is white, with red spotted petal.
The petal are arranged neatly, combined with the snow white color, I could feel that it contain some grace and nobility.
A humble red spot, far from destroying the impression, it instead promotes it  with an exquisite balance.

Because it was a beautiful color, I unconsciously stopped.
It has a good smell, slightly sweet tickling my nose.


I was going to pick it with while tip toeing, but it doesn’t go well.
The flower was too small compared to my current body.
With my claws, the petal falls apart and crumbles.
With only the stem left after losing its petal, it remains alone in my hands.

I don’t know whether it is necessary to use〖Art of Human Trasformation〗just to pick it up.
It’s regrettable for a beautiful flower to turn into that sorry state.

Since I’ve gone this far, should I confirm the information about the flower?


[〖Irushia:Value D+〗]

Unintentionally, I swallowed my saliva.
It sounds familiar…..or rather, that’s the name I got from Millia.

Speaking of Millia, she did said it was the name of her favorite flower.

When I remember Millia, my heart ached.
Is it okay for me to carry this name and live on?


Although I did thought that I wanted to search for the flower at that time, I don’t think that I will find it for sure.


[A flower with a beautiful red and white arrangement.]
[Although it is favored as a present, it is said that this flower will only  bloom on the grounds where monster lives.]
[Therefore, for the reason mentioned above, it’s the reason why it was liked as a present.]


Do people have to go having such a hard time to get it?
Is this present can also be use to show their strength too?


[In the language of flower it means a brave hero. Or, courage.]


I see the scattered flower in my hand, as a sense of guilt wells up from the bottom of my heart.
What kind of thought did Millia had when she gave me this name?



I roared driven by impulse.
A flock of small birds that perches on the trees scattered and fly away, and the howl that seems to be from the Gray Wolf could be heard from far away.


Erase it, please erase it!
I am not suitable to keep on using this name that Millia gave me!


[Once the name is decided, it is impossible to change it.]


The message appears in my head.
It’s what had appeared when I was named by Millia.

I want to laugh, but at the same time it felt unpleasant.


From now I will continue to live on, while shouldering the name that’s given by a girl whose hope already crumbles.

Chapter 83

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The King of Disaster


My roar echoes through the surrounding area.


The Little Rock Dragon also raised a loud roar to oppose me.
As if that was the signal the Little Rock Dragon runs towards me raising cloud of dust.


I  flew up to evade, and unfurl my wings to float in the air.

It really do me a lot of favor for the Lv of〖Flight〗skill to jump up.
Although the consumption rate for flying is still intense so it’s painful to fly for a long time, right now I no longer need to use the breath attack as a propulsion support to fly.


I land on a roof of a certain private house behind the Little Rock Dragon.

Yielding to my weight, the roof tiles starts making creaking sounds. Kicking the roof, I use the momentum to charge straight towards the Little Rock Dragon.


I’m aiming for the neck.
It’s the thinnest part of the Little Rock Dragon’s body, if I damage it, it’s not going to end well for that fellow.
My claw also grew, so I swing it towards its nape.
The surface section of the rock flies.


I turn right in front of the Little Rock Dragon, predicting its action.
The Little Rock Dragon then swing its tail towards my current position.
I easily evade it as I can see it clearly.


Once again, I get on the same rooftop of the private house from a  while ago.
If I don’t stay on the ground, I won’t be affected by the〖Earthquake〗.
When the〖Earthquake〗is useless, then the combo with〖Dragon Tail〗can’t be used either.


I don’t have to worry about receiving the damage from the other party either, as the more the battle is prolonged, the more the〖Automatic HP Recovery〗will recover my health.


Not to mention I  had obtained enough offensive power to damage that lump of rock.
In consideration for the falling villagers, I’ve been attacking the Little Rock Dragon one-sidedly.
Currently, it’s nothing more than just a lump of rock.


Again, I kicked the roof and fly towards the Little Rock Dragon.
Not feeling like eating the same trick twice, the Little Rock Dragon shot〖Sand Breath〗towards my direction.
I calmly evade the sandstorm breath by turning around my body using a side swing.
Towards the totally undefended neck that’s stretched out to aim the〖Sand Breath〗, I swing my claws again


The Little Rock Dragon’s tail aims at me.
It was faster than before, and it reads my movement to overcome the difference in speed.
I do another side turn and do an irregular turn, then I lands on the roof of another private house that is on the other side after evading that rock whip.


The Little Rock Dragon roars.
I fly nearby, as it seems to be furious that the surface of its body is cut.


The Little Rock Dragon put some power into its foot.
Is it going to use another〖Earthquake〗!?
As I am on the roof, I don’t see any significance in using it.
However, it seems to do it out of anger.


If the Little Rock Dragon uses〖Earthquake〗right now, the life of the injured villagers who were still stuck in the crack would be in danger.

As the Little Rock Dragon greatly lifted its foot, I use my strength and kicked the roof.
The roof that I kick is broken,the sound of parts of the private house collapsing was heard.


I folded my wings, hands and feet in the air、and  start using〖Roll〗.
I slammed myself on the back of the Little Rock Dragon that is about to use the〖Earthquake〗


The raised foot of the Little Rock Dragon that lose its balance is returned to the ground as it is.
Its body posture fall greatly, so I understood that the power that it put on its leg was cancelled.


Although the damage inflicted is not that much, it seems I was able to avoid a misfire.


I greatly bounced on the Little Rock Dragon’s back, I cancelled the〖Roll〗and spread my wings in the air, and land on the roof on the other side.


I used the wind magic, and use it to push the wing forward.
I understood the nature on how to use it.
The new skill that I had just obtained, the〖Kamaitachi〗.


A blade of wind aim towards the Little Rock Dragon’s neck.
Cloud of dust spread as I aim towards the part in between the previous two claw attacks.


I launch〖Kamaitachi〗continuously.
One, two, three.
The blade of wind flies in succession, surely scooping the surface of the neck of the Little Rock Dragon.


I wait for the Little Rock Dragon to turns towards me, and then I kicked the roof and fly in the sky.
I flew higher this time.
I land on top of the tower that starts leaning by several degrees due to the 〖Earthquake〗skill.


The Little Rock Dragon greatly lifted its neck, staring at me who’s at a higher place.
Then it raised another roar, and rush towards the tower.
It seems to be intending to fell the tower with a body crash.


After attracting the Little Rock Dragon towards the tower, I kicked the edge of the tower and descends right under.
The Little Rock Dragon crashed against the tower at the next moment, collapsing it.


The Little Rock Dragon then stretch its neck as it looks at me, trying to intercept the falling me with its breath attack.
I extend my wings to increase the falling speed、approaching the Little Rock Dragon earlier than before it manages to shoot〖Sand Breath〗.
And as it is, I stretched my elbow towards its stretched neck while trying not to reduce the speed of the fall.


I understood when I look at the neck from up close.
It’s a form that still contains bones inside, but there’s still fragile parts
If I apply the power here, what would happen?
This might be the power of the〖Neck Breaker〗skill.


The neck which surface should be full of multiple cut attack, made a sound and broke.
The body of the Little Rock Dragon shakes, and then fell on the ground quietly.


[The Lv of normal skill〖Neck Breaker〗went up from 1 to 2]

[Obtained 384 experience points.]
[Because of the title skill〖Walking Egg:Lv–〗, additional 384 experience points was obtained]


An enormous amount of experience points were displayed inside my head.


[The Lv of〖Evil Plague Dragon〗went up from 1 to 19]
[The Lv of characteristic skill〖Dragon Scale’s powder〗went up from 3 to 4.]


T.N: Can someone with a basic at Kanji look what “竜鱗粉” really means, as translating them at once just said “Dragon Scale” but that  should be wrong as there’s already another one with the same name. “Dragon Scale Powder” is what I got after translating it one by one, but I’m still not sure if that is correct.

Chapter 82

The Third Evolution


The villagers quickly escapes.

The people who are injured and cannot move, can only stretch their hands trying to reach for them.
While some people said some bad things, others just fall silence with lonely gaze.


If I lower my gaze,  the headless corpse of Gregory enters my view.
Like before, I was not able to bring myself to look at the head.


Rest in peace.
Because I will surely protect this village.

I swore that in my heart.



While the Little Rock Dragon raise its roars, it turns its gigantic figure and looks towards me.


[Do you want the next evolution to be displayed?]

The character strings appears in my head.
Probably because I know that it can talk fluently if it wanted to, this artificial formal sentences looks so unpleasant, but there’s no helping it.

Do it quickly, you shitty god.



〖Evil Plague Dragon〗:Rank B-
〖Jormungand〗:Rank C+
〖Dark Drago-Hyuma〗:Rank–
〖Child Evil Plague Dragon〗:Rank D+
〖Baby Dragon〗:Rank D-
〖Dragon Egg〗:Rank F


The overall choices decrease, but the〖Evil Plague Dragon〗is added instead.
Does the〖Little Arc Dragon〗and 〖Rolling Dragon〗gone?
Not that it matters right now.

As I thought it was weird after all.
It’s the〖Child Evil Plague Dragon〗 after all, so shouldn’t the next evolution be〖Evil Plague Dragon〗?

The condition is lacking just as I thought huh.


[〖Evil Plague Dragon:Rank B-〗]
[The wicked dragon that spreads disaster.]
[Spreading diseases, it had destroyed villages many times.]
[Everywhere it lands would turn into sea of blood、as it sleeps in a mountain of corpses.]
[It is classified as one of the three beast of major disaster.]
[Excels in flight as well as offensive ability.]


I’ve never seen one so far, a B-rank monster.
I was hesitating for a moment, but I shake off the hesitation immediately.
I, chose to evolve into〖Evil Plague Dragon〗.

The moment I decided that, I felt the high heat running through my body.
The heat destroys my body from the insides, reconstructing a new one.
The frame, the body, all of it changes into a stronger one.



I roared instinctively.


From the surroundings, the voices of the villagers filled with despairs come out.
It’s probably because I grew up rapidly, the Little Rock Dragon in front of me seems to turn small.


[〖Child Evil Plague Dragon〗has evolved into〖Evil Plague Dragon〗.]

[Characteristic skill〖Wicked Dragon:Lv–〗was obtained]
[Characteristic skill〖Presence Detection:Lv2〗was obtained.]
[Characteristic skill〖Automatic HP Recovery:Lv3〗was obtained]


The desired〖Automatic HP recovery〗is finally obtained.
However because of the current situation, there are neither any sense of accomplishment nor joy.


[The LV of characteristic skill〖Flight〗went up from 2 to 5.]
[The LV of characteristic skill〖Dragon Scale’s Powder〗went up from 1 to 3.]
[The LV of characteristic skill〖Dragon Scale〗went up from 2 to 5.]

[Because of the title skill〖Son of the Dragon King:Lv–〗, the Lv of resistance skill below Lv5 is increased]


My characteristic skill improved by a leap.
After all, up to just now I was just a child dragon.


[The LV of normal skill〖Plague Breath〗went up from 1 to 3.]
[The LV of normal skill〖Poison Fang〗went up from 1 to 3.]
[The LV of normal skill〖Paralysis Claw〗went up from 1 to 3.]
[The LV of normal skill〖Art of Human Transformation〗went up from 2 to 3.]


The skill that I refrained from use so that it’s Lv won’t get up, had power up mercilessly.


[Normal skill〖Baby Breath:Lv5〗had changed into〖Scorching Breath:Lv5〗]
[Normal skill〖Kamaitachi:Lv1〗 was obtained.]
[Normal skill〖Neck Breaker:Lv1〗was obtained.]

(T.N: For those of you who doesn’t know, if I remember correctly “Kamaitachi” is a Japanese legendary creature that looks like a weasel holding a sickle able to use sharp wind attack. In this context it refers to the ability to use wind magic as a sharp attack.)

(T.N2: “Neck Breaker” is the best translation I got for “首折舞”, so if anyone had a better understanding of what that is, do fill me up.)


[The Lv of title skill〖Path of Evil〗went up from 5 to 6.]
[The Lv of title skill〖Disaster〗went up from 3 to 5.]
[The Lv of title skill〖Mean King〗went up from 2 to 4.]


It really goes up without mercy.
Right now it’s no longer possible for me to turn back huh.


Race:Evil Plague Dragon
Lv :1/75
HP :22/142
MP :42/131

Characteristic Skill:
〖Dragon Scale:Lv5〗〖God’s Voice:Lv4〗〖Gurisha Language:Lv3〗
〖Flight:Lv5〗〖Dragon Scale’s Powder:Lv3〗〖Darkness Attribute:Lv–〗
〖Wicked Dragon:Lv–〗〖Automatic HP Recovery:Lv3〗〖Presence Detection:Lv2〗

Resistance Skill:
〖Physical Resistance:Lv4〗〖Fall Resistance:Lv5〗〖Hunger Resistance:Lv4〗
〖Poison Resistance:Lv5〗〖Loneliness Resistance:Lv5〗〖Magic Resistance:Lv3〗
〖Darkness Attribute Resistance:Lv3〗〖Fire Attribute Resistance:Lv2〗〖Fear Resistance:Lv2〗
〖Oxygen Deficiency Resistance:Lv3〗〖Paralysis Resistance:Lv2〗

Normal Skill:
〖Roll:Lv6〗〖Status Inspection:Lv5〗〖Scorching Breath:Lv5〗
〖Whistle:Lv1〗〖Dragon Punch:Lv3〗〖Plague Breath:Lv3〗
〖Poison Fang:Lv3〗〖Paralysis Claw:Lv3〗〖Dragon Tail:Lv1〗
〖Roar:Lv1〗〖Star Drop:Lv1〗〖Nutcracker:Lv2〗
〖Art of Human Transformation:Lv3〗〖Kamaitachi:Lv1〗〖Neck Breaker:Lv1〗

Title Skill:
〖Son of the Dragon King:Lv–〗〖Walking Egg:Lv–〗〖Clumsy:Lv4〗
〖Just a Fool:Lv1〗〖Infighter:Lv4〗〖Pest Killer:Lv3〗
〖Liar:Lv2〗〖Evasion King:Lv1〗〖Relief Spirit:Lv5〗
〖Tiny Hero:Lv4〗〖Path of Evil:Lv6〗〖Disaster:Lv5〗
〖Chicken Runner:Lv2〗〖Chef:Lv3〗〖Mean King:Lv4〗
〖Fighting Spirit:Lv2〗〖Big Game Eater Giant Killing:Lv1〗〖Ceramic Craftsman:Lv4〗
〖Boss of the Group:Lv1〗〖Laplace Interference Authority:Lv1〗


The status generally fell as I became Lv1 again, only the attack power increase.
But it’s enough that the speed still exceed that of the Little Rock Dragon

Because my skill had increased my way also increased, Its also important that my scale grew bigger.
As my resistance rises too, the damage received will be reduced considerably.


I glared at the Little Rock Dragon again.
Our physique was almost equal.

The Little Rock Dragon took one step back seeing my changes.
However, it still glares to threatens me nonetheless. Its fighting spirit seems to still be in good condition.

Chapter 81

T.N: Be prepared for a bit of feel this chapter. And be prepared about the path he’s going to choose, good or bad.

A Choice Outside the Frame


I roared to encourage myself, and begin to run towards the Little Rock Dragon.

My body is heavy.
My bleeding is pretty bad too.
Even my view is hazy
Still, I can still move.

If I evolved into 〖Little Ark Dragon〗, I may be able to recover myself too.
If that could happen then not just my HP, even my physical condition might get better too.

However, I still haven’t evolved yet.
I’ll only evolve after I’ve saved Gregory whose body is stuck  in the crater.

If I evolved into 〖Little Ark Dragon〗now, my body shape will change considerably.
If can’t move my body properly because of that, then it would be useless if I can’t save Gregory in time.


First of all, I’ll rescue Gregory with my current figure, then I evolve into〖Ark Dragon〗, then I’ll put several people including Gregory under recovery magic.
After that, I’ll attract the Little Rock Dragon, allowing Gregory and the villagers to rescue the other injured people.

Excluding Gregory, there are many people injured from having their foot stuck in the crater.
But among the villager lying in the area, there are no one having life-threatening injury.


If I keep using 〖Roll〗and use recovery magic to hold up, I should be able to earn some time for the villagers to run away with this strategy.

I may not be able to defeat it.
However, I could at least do this much.

[When evolving into 〖Little Ark Dragon〗, winning chance is 4%, success rate of rescuing all of the injured person is less than 1%]


The word that the〖God’s Voice〗shown awhile ago crossed in my head。

Don’t think about it.
Don’t think about it.
Such a thing, forget about it.

The Little Rock Dragon greatly inhales his breath.
Even though its body is made of rock, it expands from the inside.
It’s a breath attack.
Although I’ve never seen it before,  this fellow should have a 〖Sand Breath〗if I remember correctly.

There’s only me in its shooting range.
I run in  between the Little Rock Dragon’s feet by using 〖Roll〗.
I should be safe from the breath attack if it’s here right?

Immediately after that, sandstorm breath rages behind me.
I move straight towards the back of the Little Rock Dragon, and cancel my 〖Roll〗.


I drag the moaning Gregory from the earth crater.
The rescue is a success, right now I can just evolve to 〖Little Ark Dragon〗 without any trouble, and the proceed to Gregory’s treatment…..

[When evolving into 〖Little Ark Dragon〗, winning chance is 4%, success rate of rescuing all of the injured person is less than 1%]

….. If that is true, I’ll desperately detain the Little Rock Dragon, then I wonder how many of the villagers that I will manage to save?

This hesitation delayed my action.
I was going to shake off the hesitation at once, but in the place where I’m going to start evolving, something suddenly touched my foot.
It was Gregory’s hand.

“…, it doesn’t matter anymore”

It was a weak, small voice.
However, it still felt powerful somehow.

“……You who’s supposed to be a dark dragon, fighting to protect our village, that part I don’t understand. However, even if it’s only on a whim, when I see that face, I understood that it’s nothing else aside from your sense of justice.
When I look at you right now, I’m confident that it’s the eyes of a human. But you’re a dragon though.
However, even more so. I can only think of you as a guy without any selfish reason, that’s what I really thinks”

Gregory said that looking directly at my face.
Looking directly into my eyes.

Gregory’s eyes, it’s the look that I’ve seen before.
It’s not the eyes that saw a monster, it’s the eyes that saw a man.

“That’s why, from this point onward, this is just a mere intuition. Although it’s just intuition, by chance, what I ask for, will be very likely to go astray from your true purpose. It might be selfish, cruel even. However, even so, I had nobody else to ask aside from you. Please forgive me.”

What does he wanna ask in this kind of situation.
Even more so, for it to go astray from my purpose….

“……please. Me, it doesn’t matter anymore. But the village, please save the village”

Saying that much, Gregory lowers his eyes running out of energy.
However, to me, I understood that Gregory’s HP still have a little bit remains.
What Gregory said, I don’t understand it for a moment.
However, immediately, I realized what he really meant.

I don’t think I understood everything Gregory said.
But, surely, while I avoid one of the choices, hesitating while I move, it is very likely that it shows on my expression.

The little Rock Dragon can be defeated, with the only way of success.
I ignored it unconsciously without even realizing it, surely it’s because I want to be accepted by the village.

Because I want to be treated as the hero who defended the village.
As a real 〖Tiny Hero〗.

While pretending not to notice and make an excuse to myself,  I made myself looking at a dying human being, however to miss their eyes, such a thing can’t be done.

I, towards Gregory’s neck I stretch out my claw.
And then send his head flying.
I did not look towards where the head is dropping. It’s impossible for me to look at it.

The villagers who saw my actions, starts screaming.

It’s normal after all.
Towards the ally and friend whom I yearned for,  doing such a sudden thing.

[The experience value cannot be obtained because of LvMAX]

[Title skill 〖Path of Evil〗went up from 4 to 5]
[Title skill 〖Disaster〗went up from 1 to 3]
[Title skill 〖Mean King〗went up from 1 to 2]

As the level of my title skills  increased, it should also increase the next evolution.
Only one, the only remaining choice that would give me a chance at victory.
The evolution after the〖Child Evil Plague Dragon〗, it should not be that loser〖Jormungand〗.
Its because I did not raise the title skill that will lead me to the bad direction, it doesn’t come out.


“Wh-what’s going on, I thought, it’s not a demon…… Th-that fellow, because Gregory brought it here….. I thought it was a fellow that we can believe in.. a, aaa, aaahhh…”

“The village is done for! Run away! Leave the injured people! It’s already useless!”
The villager who were watching in the distance till now, starts scattering at full speed once they was Gregory’s death.
When I noticed, my eyes chased the back of the villagers who ran away.

Mysteriously there was no sense of resistance inside me, as it seems that I have exceeded the boundary between a demon and a human, just the indescribable feeling of emptiness remains.