Chapter 96

Translator: Drakuro

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P.S: keep in mind that I had no idea what’s the official name for the monkeys(猩々means orangutan so no way I’m putting that here). I had no idea why I make it into orange monkey(I think previous translation said its orange, not sure). Anyway since this chapter properly describe it as vermilion in color, I’ll just go with Red Monkey(it’s way cooler than orange anyway). I’ll change the previous translation if I feel like it(probably not, since I’m lazy af. So I hope other editors can do that)


Monster Encyclopedia


The monster’s Level is from the time it battle with our protagonist.
When he encounter two or more of them, the level is set to the one that he had found first.
Because it was difficult to put all the status, the average status has been described as “Combat Ability”.
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Race  :Dark Worm
Rank    :F
Lv       :3/8
Combat Ability: 6
[Large green caterpillar with malicious spotted pattern]
[Famous for ruining the flower garden, as well as stealing bird’s eggs]
[Although it is said that Dark Worm will evolve into a beautiful butterfly if it grew up eating dragon’s egg, since most of them will be torn apart on the spot, the example are almost none]



Race  :Gray Wolf
Rank    :E
Lv       :8/15
Combat Ability:28
[They basically act together, hunting in a group]
[Have a habit of becoming more ferocious with the increase in numbers]
[If fought and suffer defeat, a follower will run away as a decoy while the leader and the other run away in different direction]
[However, most of them were annihilated. Nature is heartless]



Race  :Slime
Rank    :F+
Lv       :6/15
Combat Ability:7
[Transparent green monster with infinite form]
[It’s possible for them to live with only water and weed]
[With its transformation ability, it can borrow the appearance of other monsters. However, since the color doesn’t change, there’s no meaning to it]
[Rarely because or of mutation, sometimes Blue Slime with special skill might appear]
[However, since it will be thrown away by its parents as soon as its was born while hardly being able to move, it mostly becomes the meal for other monsters]



Race  :Taran Rouge
Rank    :D
Lv       :17/30
Combat Ability :72
[Huge, poisonous red spider]
[It is not too poisonous. The prey caught in its web will be weaken with the poison]
[It will abnormally do anything it can to destroy the person who did harm to it]
[There is a story of the one where it chase after an escaping adventurer, and died after jumping into the river and drowned]



Race  :Vase Turtle
Rank    :D-
Lv       :9/35
Combat Ability:46
[Turtle with a shell covering its vital point]
[As it specializes in defense, its attack power is low]
[However, since it has a strong skill [Slow], carelessness is forbidden]
[If they are provoked, they will call many companions, casting multiple [Slow] will obstruct your action causing you to be ganged up]



Race  :Vase Turtle King
Rank    :C-
Lv       :24/55
Combat Ability:141
[High defense, as well as great recovery skill, even first class adventurer have difficulty defeating it]
[However, its movement is slow as usual, not to mention it is normally gentle, it’s a normal strategy for adventurer to quietly run away not to stimulate it when they met it]



Race  :Clay Bear
Rank    :D+
Lv       :24/55
Combat Ability:101
[500 years ago, a golem created from an alchemist gained the power of the demon king]
[Not only it has a strong power, it also has high regeneration ability]
[It is not certain whether its feature is the alchemist’s prank]
[After the death of the alchemist, although most of it returns to the soil, its appearance can still be seen in certain part of the outlands]



Race  :Venom Princess Lesherta
Rank    :D-
Lv       :19/35
Combat Ability:91
[Shooting poison and then runs away, it’s a cunning monster that will collects the meat after the prey is exhausted]
[Eating poisonous thing, it has the ability to create strong poison inside its body]
[Its body fluid has the power to detoxify the poison, so treatment may be asked in exchange for its life if they are caught]



Race  :Twin Head
Rank    :D+
Lv       :39/45
Combat Ability:146
[Demon hound with two heads]
[With balanced status, the role is divided between combat and support between the left head and right head]
[It tends to have a completely opposite character as they are overwhelmed by the ego of each other]
[However, they doesn’t strongly fight against each other, as they will be easily driven to a corner if they always fight each other]



Race  :Red Monkey
Rank    :D
Lv       :17/30
Combat Ability:76
[Monkey-like monster with long vermilion hair]
[With its high intelligence, it can skilfully coordinated techniques with their companions]



Race  :Great Red Monkey
Rank    :D+
Lv       :27/40
Combat Ability:129
The next evolution for the red monkey who is recognized as the head after winning the duel]
[Excluding this method, the red monkey has no other way to evolve into [Great Red Monkey]
[It might be related to the evolution, as [Red Monkey] never refuses a duel]
[Moreover, it contains lots of support magic to help its group]



Race  :Mahaa Wolf
Rank    :D-
Lv       :9/28
Combat Ability:50
[A blue wolf with three eyes]
[with magic like an electric wave, it have the power to share their field of vision and thoughts with their companions]
[High intelligence with bad personality]
[For some reason it always aim for the Gray Wolves before they could evolve]



Race  :Little Rock Dragon
Rank     :C
Lv       :24/55
Combat Ability:161
[Dragon with an appearance like a rock]
[High defensive and recovery ability]
[Though usually gentle, it won’t forgive anyone who does harm to it]



Race  :Forte-Slime
Rank    :D
Lv       :27/35
Combat Ability:79
[It absorbs the vitality of other monsters, turning them into food]
[However, it became defenseless when it absorbs something, with no way to attack]
[Moreover, even though it can change the color, it can’t be maintained for long since the mana consumption is intense]


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Chapter 95

Translator: Drakuro

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A Certain Female Swordsman’s Failure(Side Meltia)


The me who brings three of my companion including Yuno was dumbfounded.


The high tower which was there before is gone, and the total number of buildings decreased too.
Not to mention , the terrain had changed here and there too.
There seemed to be an uproar someway or another at the center of the village.


“Oi oi, this, are we too late?”(Daz)


Daz the bowman mutters in a low voice.
However, it’s totally different from our concern.
Since I’ve found what seemed to be a bandit hideout in the forest, I gathered my friends thinking of the possibility that they might attack the village.


However, I can’t remove this helpless feeling when my assumption turns into reality.
I should have been able to deal with this crisis if Yuno and I prolong our survey and stayed here. The damage might be considerably reduced then.


After catching up to a villager and  hearing the story, it seems like two medium-sized dragon somehow appeared in the village and started fighting at the village center.
This disastrous scene can be said to be the result of their fight.
One of the dragons lose the fight and die, while although the other one won, the injury it receives was deep making it crashed into the bottom of the cliff, assumed to be dead.


Not to mention with the appearance of a human that should have died appeared in the village and act violently, some speculation like zombie or poison mushroom flew about.


Thus, I remembered about the Necromancer theory that I refused before.
Although I was convinced that it’s different since the village’s graveyard was not damaged, by all means the possibility still exist if I hear about a zombie.
Don’t tell me,did those thieves gained a necromancer?
The risk is too high when such a dangerous monster is used. No, won’t they still do it considering they’re group of outlaws who doesn’t think of the consequences?


I brought the other three and visit Marielle’s residence.
If it’s her, I should be able to grasp the village’s circumstances without being confused with any superstition.
She doesn’t stay in the village for a long time just for show. That dignified presence is one of the things I wished to have.


Since the residence is empty, I look for Marielle around the village. She seems to be the at the village’s assembly hall.
One way or another the assembly hall seemed to be turned into a refuge place for the people who lost their place to sleep, as well as a treatment place for the injured.
Marielle is using the white magic on the surrounding injured people.


When our eyes met, Marielle stops.


“If it isn’t Meltia who visited the village before”. (Marielee)


She doesn’t say anything about the request.
Last time, the secret request done by us to avoid causing confusion to the villagers, was asked by this Marielle.


We changed place, as the full story will be heard at Marielle’s office.
However, there was no great difference between the provided information and the rumors from the villagers.
Though Marielle seems to be hiding something, it doesn’t seems like we will be able to find out by questioning her.


I confirmed the rumor from the villager through Marielle and hear her opinion of each one.
After the talk ends, I bring out the story about what seems to be a group of bandits hideout and asked permission to enter Noah’s Forest.


However, Marielle won’t officially give out her permission, giving the condition that we enter the forest without permission.


She wants to spread the opinion of [The guardian spirit of the forest is angry because there are many people breaking the rule of the forest] as some kind of excuse for the abnormal situation that had occurred.


The villagers will calm down a bit if they know of the cause, and it will totally be killing two birds with one stone if the number of people entering the forest decrease.
Actually, a man named Dorz rejected the superstition, and this chain of abnormal events seemed to begin when he forcibly enters the forest.


Therefore it seems like it cannot be known to the villagers that a person of Marielle standpoint giving permission to some adventurers to enter the forest.


When I was going to leave the residence, i stopped by Marielle.


“Ah, there is one request-jya.Since this might be good for you, why don’t you hear it?” (Marielle)


When I looks back, Marielle was no longer sitting on her chair.


“Do you remember Milia? During our previous meeting, she was the child in this room-jya?” (Marielle)


I recalled the last time when I hear the name.
I surely remembers there was a girl when I came.
She was an innocent looking girl with the bob cut hairstyle, with a beautiful skin like a doll.


“That child, she said she wants to travel. I want you to take care of her for a while-jya. Its also good to teach her the common sense of the outside world. I totally welcome it. If you really need to think about this, I’m also fine with you giving me the answer after having talked with Milia first.” (Marielle)


If you exclude Marielle, Milia is the only one who practice white magic in the village. From the village’s point of view, you would not want to let such a talent to get outside of the village as much as she can. Does this trip has any specific purpose?


Although I’ve heard some rumor that Milia is the real person who brings one of the dragon into the village, if it is her fault will they drive her out of the village?
However, it’s hard to think that is the reason when I see Marielle’s expression.


Although I don’t mind having to particularly take care of inexperience white mage, it’s bad to answer without knowing the full circumstances.
I should really decide this after meeting the person in question after all.


“Then, I’ll decide about it after I search the forest”. (Meltia)


Saying that, I went out of Marielle’s house.


We go to the place where it’s okay to say that we got Marielle’s permission, and proceed into the forest.
Though we got attacked by lump of clay shaped like a wolf, spider or bear, as expected the stability is different with four people.


The bow user Daz starts the preemptive strike with poison arrow, while Yuno finished the job with her hammer when the enemy flinched after getting pierced.
I come close from the other side to pursue with the sword or light magic, and then at the end of the battle recover with the healer Romina’s white magic.


Previously we had to run away when we met with the Small Evil Plague Dragon, but right now we should be able to face it with our current party.


“Reeallyyy though, Meltia~. Is there really  a bandit hideout in such a place~?” (Daz)
[T.N: Don’t blame me, he speaks like that]


When we make a detour to pass over the cliff, Daz ask me that question.


“Yeah, I’ve seen it before. We should arrive at the place I said soon. I have confidence in my memory. Please be at ease” (Meltia)


“I’ve been thinking about this when I heard the story from you. You know about the large merchant from this continent. There’s no movement, NONE. If Phi Perries of such a huge amount in jars were to disappear, don’t you think it’s strange that there’s no commotion at all? Naa, is it really Phi Perries~?” (Daz)


“If you already did that much investigation, you should have been able to tell me”


“Well we dont know whether they ran here from another continent-jyan? If the Phi Perries was smuggled, it’s also going to be bad for them if the public knows about it, thus having no desire to make it any worse. However, when I hear the conversation of the villager and see the forest, as I thought, sooomehow, it’s something entirely different”. (Daz)


Daz grows up as an orphan in a dangerous town. And it seemed like he had worked with an organization involved with the mafia before.
He knows at least that much about that kind of particular details.
If he says [something is different],it could be about the place not suitable for being a bandit’s hideout, or the sense of something missing about this situation, it would be that kind of thing.


Though Daz talks with light tone, he’s not a man who say pointless things.
It might be because he grew up where the value of life is pretty light.
However, the fact is I did saw Phi Perries.


“There’s no doubt in that regard. For sure, its the smell of Phi Perries. Yuno had seen it too right?” (Meltia)


“No, for Yuno-chan, that’s the first time for me to see such quality goods you see. Did you know that we are so poor that my mother almost sold me, so I had to run away from home? I had to grill father’s boots to eat it. At that moment, I wonder if it would have tasted better if I had smeared it with Phi Perries” (Yuno)


While twitching her dog ears, Yuno answers so proudly for some reason.
The atmosphere around me and the other dropped suddenly when such a heavy story came out lightly like that.
Although the person herself think proudly about it, I want you to stop it because its hard for us in various ways.


“Ah…, sorry. For me too, I’ve never get to experience any luxury goods….Ah, there, the cave should be at the corner…there” (Meltia)


I run, however although I have arrived at the place with the cave before, there is nothing there.
There is no significant stone statue, the tree with meat stuck on it is also not there.
Is it not here? No, that can’t be….


“What’s the matter, Meltia?” (Yuno)


“Y-Yuno! Last time, the cave was around here right? Right!?” (Meltia)


“Nnn….. Yuno-chan thinks she is not sure about her memory. But, uum, could it possibly be a little deeper inside?” (Yuno)


Though I do think it’s possible….no, however… I can’t think of another place if it’s not here.


“Naa, did you really see it for sure? Although I do think it seems to be strange, I still believe in the story, although not in full scale. Are you sure you’re not dreaming?” (Daz)


Daz said that to me with an angry look.


“N-no, but, it should have been around here! There’s a tree with meat pierced on it, there’s a statue…” (Meltia)


“Oh, is that so. For the time being, I’ll go search for other places. I can’t really just stop here.” (Daz)


“Yes~, Yuno-chan here will be your guide now okaaay? For sure, no problem even if we go deeper. Seriously, Meltia, being a klutz is really your strong point” (Yuno)


Yuno, did you really see me like that too?
No, now is not the time to be pondering about that.


“Wai- please wait a moment! Around here! It was definitely around here!” (Meltia)


“Ou, just follow us soon. We’ll be going ahead” (Daz)


With Yuno as the guide, Daz follows afterwards.


Romina looks troubled between me and Yuno, but after saying “…um, sorry” in a small voice, she also ran after Yuno.
… Though I have no idea why she’s apologizing, since there is no use of me remaining here alone, although I hesitated, I decided to chase after the three.


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Chapter 94

Translator: Drakuro

T.N: Welp, I guess I do my job faster when I don’t promise anything. Well, the reason this chapter finish so fast is because I really like this monkey(can’t believe I’m saying this). His words are so damn simple to translate. compared to that lolibaba last chapter. Anyway here’s another chapter not from MC’s POV.


A Certain Orange Monkey’s House Sitting (Side Orange Monkey)


5 days have come and goes after boss disappeared.


I’ve improved in pot-making that the boss had taught me.
Because boss is not here, I’m having a hard time creating fire.
I managed to substitute it with Flaming Gaeru which I caught. My hair burnt when I fail at handling it though.
[T.N: Google image shows that Gaeru is some kind of frog, or a freaking huge toad]


I copied the weapon and protective gear that I’ve seen the humans had a long time ago.
It’s not popular among my friends because it’s heavy. You need to be hard and strong.
Only I’m the one who use it during hunting.


Since I can’t move well because of the protective gear, cooperative work can’t be done and I got kicked by my friend.
It doesn’t hurt because of the protector. That fellow cried while holding his foot. Protective gear is good. Everyone should wear one.


Aside from hunting and kneading the clay, I’m looking for boss all the time.
4 of us search in turn around the cave. However, currently, no clue at all.


I’ve been worried about the boss, but anego does not partake in the search at all.
Surely anego knows something, naturally.
Still, she didn’t tell me.
Rather, she’s curling up at the corner of the cave all day long.
Occasionally, she thrust her head into the poison jar, letting out her rage.
[T.N: Anego here not just mean older sister or female leader of a gang, but also boss’s wife (wink)]


I look up into the sky.
It’s red, meaning the day is almost over.
Should I quickly go back to the cave entrance?
I got nothing today too.


I dropped my shoulder in disappointment as I return back on foot towards the cave entrance.
The other three returns earlier than me.
All the other member had the gloomy face.




“Aoo” “Aa” “Aoao”.


When I ask, all the other three shake their head.
All the other also have no result.


I look at the cave while letting out a sigh.
Suddenly, I noticed something.
Usually anego shuts herself after boss was gone, but her figure can’t be seen..


I look at the other three, but they also looks at the cave with their neck inclined.


“Kishi, kishii!”


Anego can be seen rushing here from the direction of the cliff.
I have never seen anego getting panicked in anything not related to boss though.
Did something serious happened? Did she found boss?


It would be a pleasure if boss was found.
I I look at anego, she is staring at the statue near the cave entrance.
The statue of a human.
Could she possibly wanted to become human?


Anego stops by the tree that is used to hung the meat, and scratch at the trunk.
I was wondering what she wants to do, she looks at us and goes “kishii!”  at us.
You want me to help?


I remove the meat from the tree and go back into the cave.
Putting the meat in a jar, I then returns to the cave entrance with four shovel.


I distribute the shovels to the other orange monkeys and proceed to cut down the meat tree.
Anego makes a satisfied face and moved to the roots of another tree
[T.N: I have no idea why are they cutting tree with a shovel. Thats like eating spaghetti with spoon]


Do you want to cut down both?
When I hesitate since I don’t understand her intentions, Anego goes “Ga!” and bared her fangs.


Anego’s fang, which is full of poison
The only one who can stop her; the boss, is not here.
I might be bitten.


I remove the meat from another tree, and returns to the cave.
Moreover, when I go out again, the other three is cutting the tree.


The works are divided, with two cutting the tree and the other two carrying it to the cave.
We also need to dig the remaining roots with the shovel.
I was in a daze for a while, but anego brought me back by lightly hitting me in the back with her tail.
I also need to dig up the roots since I have a shovel too.


The tree roots are also brought back into the cave.
After digging, the soil is also taken. All of this are anego’s instructions.


After that we continued to follow anego’s instructions.


I also need to carry the stone statue and put it inside the cave. Its heavier than I thought so I dropped it once.
It doesn’t break. But, the boss is going to be angry is he finds out.


Part of the fur on the cave floor is ripped, and made dirty with all the soil.
All this, is also anego’s instruction.
Boss is going to be seriously angry if he finds out.


I’m getting troubled here whether I should follow her instructions all the way.
Boss barks a lot but doesn’t bite.
However anego will bite without any barking at all.


For the time being I decided to hung the fur dirtied by the soil.


Following anego’s instructions, the fur dirtied by the wet soil is fixed to the upper part of the cave entrance.
After I look at it from the outside, I finally understood.
When you look from the outside, the dirty fur looks like a wall of soil, hiding the cave entrance.


With this, we don’t have to worry about incoming foreign enemy.
However, we can still easily go in and out.


Perhaps anego wants to avoid the humans with this.
Hence, the tree that dried the meat as well as the statue were concealed inside.
Anego sure is smart. A bit scary, but reliable.


When I enter inside and eating the meat served from the jar, I heard the footsteps of humans approaching.
The number seems to be about four.


The first voice seems to be puzzled, on the other hand the other voice seems amazed.
One of the humans seems to think that there should be something here. However the other companion seems to rebuke that person.
[T.N: The monkey refers to the human as ‘ningen’, which is Japanese for ‘human’, but this one is written in Katakana which is used for foreign words]


The voice of the humans continued for a few minutes.
They finally left leaving only one of them near the cave, and that human too starts chasing after the other three.
They doesn’t seem to have noticed us.


I get anxious and runs up to the entrance, trying rolling up the fur to see the outside.
But I was stopped by anego, so with the state as it is, I decided to sleep.


The cave quickly darkens when you cover the light-producing mushroom with the fur.
If someone did that, no one should make a noise until it becomes bright again. That’s the rule here.


Since its not possible to notice the rising sun because of the camouflage fur, today starts a bit later than usual.
The figure of anego is not seen anywhere.
The other three and I panicked and went outside of the cave.


Out of the cave, there, anego stood absent minded.
When she look a us, she called with “kishi” sound.


And, somehow I understood.
Anego decided to search for boss far and wide. Surely with that intention.


When I get near to accompany her, she just shakes her small neck.
If the boss, as well as anego who’s the boss substitute were both gone, we’re going to have a problem.


When I’m worried about that, anego turns to face the cave, and bark with a small “kishi”.


I will come back with boss one day. Until then, defend this place.


To me, it sounded like she had a small giggle when she said that.


“Aa!” “Ao!” “Aaa!”


I step forward from the other three who tried to persuade anego, and bows my head to her.
When the other three saw my action, they stop their cries and also bowed.


Seeing us like this, anego released a small relieved nod, and left quietly.


After the figure of anego can no longer be seen, I look back at the cave.


During the absence of boss and anego, I will look after this cave.
I will expand and strengthen it.
Fill it with lots of weapon.
I will fight against the other crowds and make them our subordinate, increasing our war potential.


I’ll manage it so that when boss and anego return, they will be pleased.
If I make weapons, I won’t be defeated by other orange monkeys.



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Chapter 93

Translator: Drakuro

Editor: Armocalypsis

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Anyway here’s chapter 93:


A certain Half-Elf’s suspicion (Side story – POV Marielle)


“White Magic〖Rest〗”


As I shouted, light came out of my cane and wrapped around a blood-stained villager.
The deadly wound that opened at the abdomen was blocked, and the complexion of the villager has somewhat softened along with his breath calming down.
With this, no more injured are at risk of dying.

Suddenly my view shook, and the bottle that I was holding dropped, as power left my hand. The dropped bottle shattered, and the scarce remains of the green liquid left inside scattered on the floor.

That was my Mana potion.

Although it’s a medicine that recovers magical power, the side effects are easily noticable when taken in large amounts.
Worst case, you could even die if your drink too much in a day.


“Marielle-san, m-me too, please let me use the medicine! There’s still more in the house right?” (Miria)


My apprentice, Miria, ran up to me, who tried to stand up.


It’s a fact that if you exclude me, Miria is the only one in the village that is able to use white magic.
Although the Mana potion is useful when your own magical power is insufficient, let alone normal human, I can’t give this to Miria who’s still a child.
Not only stops your growth, it will also decrease your lifetime too.


“There’s no more people who have fatal injury anymore. If you drink that you will stop growing.” (Marielle)


“But, Marielle-san’s growth too….” (Miria)


I stop Millia’s speech before she finished.
My standing as a teacher will collapse if I let her say more than that. I need to hold my honor as the village elder.
Though it’s fine for me, such a carefree thing like that can’t be said if you think about the village.
Especially from now on.

[T.N: Can’t really make a good guess for this paragraph]


A dignified leader’s existence is indispensable to rebuild a damaged village.
Although there are not that many people aside from me that can use white magic, i heard news of someone taking advantage of one person among the few candidate to make her go out of the village.
Though I’m a bit disappointed since giving advice might not be too effective given our age difference, I have no intention of stopping.
However, I can’t possibly argue more after hearing this.

[T.N: sorry, still freaking hard to translate this one. I hate you lolibaba]


“Stop treating me like a child. However, that medicine is expensive. If it’s not for treating a person with fatal injury, don’t ever think about using it just out of curiosity if you can’t pay me 20,000G”. (Marielle)


I warned Miria with stern voice to decline her request.
Actually, the value does reach that high if you buy it in a town.
But I only buy the cheap material in town and collect the rest myself, and because I picked the expensive herb in the forest and compound it myself, the total cost is only about 1000G.


“I-I will pay, absolutely. In the future… when I became able to earn money. Pomera-chan has been suffering all this time so….” (Miria)


Just when I remove my hands from her lips, I close it again.
Truly, what a gentle child.


“…well,I can still use it about one more time. I will go see this Pomera. I want Millia to go to the house and take the ointment and bandage.” (Marielle)


“Thank you very much!” (Miria)


Miria lowers her head and runs quickly.
…now then, since I’ve promised, I need to get the mana potion again.


Although it’s impossible if I use the entire 2nd bottle, there shouldn’t be any problem if it’s only half a bottle.
Not to mention, this body can’t manage to live for too long now.
There no regret even if it decreases a bit more.
The important person are buried in the garden, so it seems like the grave count might increase to three there.


I am a bit anxious, but I can’t delay this.
Although my physical condition is the worst right now because of mana potion, I can’t leave this to other people since its urgent.

The pursuit of that dark dragon.
Although I am interested in it, my intuition said considerable danger exist.
The reason that I want to chase after it is also because my selfishness.


That figure… although I’ve only seen the picture of it long time ago, could that be the Evil Plague Dragon?


I drink the mana potion as soon as I get back to the house, and apply white magic to Pomera.
After confirming that Pomera had recovered,  I ask Miria and several other people to quickly gather some medical ingredients,  after saying “I will join you after I rest a bit inside the house” I secretly went out of the village.


I applied magic to thin my presence and runs into the forest.


Although Miria acts like she doesn’t mind at all when she’s almost killed by that dragon, I can’t be depressed when I think about the state of the village.
Deep inside though, it really bothers me.


Even though it piques my interest, it doesn’t change the fact that the dark dragon had killed a villager.
If it becomes known that Miria was the one who brought it to the village, it will certainly worsen her standings among the villagers.
Though it seems like I’m forcing it to the dead one, after shutting up a few people, it’s been decided to spread the rumor that Gregory was the person who brought the dark dragon.

It seems to be difficult for Miria to accept it, but it’s certainly the best course of action if I think about the future.


However, I need to confirm it before I close the case.
There are only a few dead people for a disaster of this scale.
One person got done in by the Mahaa Wolf that entered the village, one person was killed by Dorz, three people were killed by the rock dragon, and finally Gregory who got his neck split by the dark dragon.
Although it’s rude to be pleased by this, only 6 death can only be called a miracle.


I confirmed Gregory’s corpse after that, but his body was caught in the crack caused by the Little Rock Dragon, which destroyed his body.
When the neck is split, I had some doubt whether Gregory was still alive or not.


I asked around for the injured person about the cause of their injury, but there are none who were attacked by the dark dragon.
There are way too little damage for the notorious calamity called the Evil Plague Dragon.


Even when it tried to attack Miria.
For it to miss from such a point-blank range, normally would not be possible.


It is also strange for it to easily moved backwards when I attacked only using magic of that degree.
Even if I attack it with its weak attribute, it only hit the back of its hand.


It is also possible that it is all just a coincidence.
I’ve lived for a long time, so having encounter a coincidence in succession once in a lifetime is not unusual I think.
Still, I can’t shake it.
I’ve been hailed as the hero who defended the village, but wont this come and bite me later?

[T.N: She said something about imitating throwing a stone and have it repelled back, not sure if Japanese idiom or what. Please clarify in the comments if you knew]


“Upu!?” (Marielle)


The nausea comes when I run.
I stop at once and use my hand to grab the nearby tree.
It seems like I’ve drank too many mana potion after all.


I lean against the tree to take a rest until the pain in my head goes down.
Should I just go back today?


That dark dragon too should have already entered the depths of the forest long ago.
The degree of risk of the monster increases once I go to the interior. I can’t use magic to erase my presence if my magic runs out.
I need to recover first.
When I make an excuse to myself and stood up, a loud sound was heard nearby.


Is it a fight between large monster?
I be an easy prey if I got caught up in it.
After thinking about going back to the village, I stopped my foot.


This is the shallow part of the forest, not a place where the large monster would be.
I think about the dark dragon from a while ago, and when I turn around, I heard sound making me looks up.


In the air, the previous dark dragon can be seen to fly up.
It hold the monster of infinite form, the slime tightly in its hand.
The dark dragon is flying right up towards the sky, before suddenly making a sudden turn.


And just like that, it dove straight down towards the bottom of the cliff.


I run towards the edge of the cliff, looking at the bottom of the cliff.
Could  the dark dragon have been swallowed by the flow of the river? I can no longer see its appearance.


When I look up, my eyes met with a large lizard who’s also looking towards the bottom of the cliff.

The large lizard seems to lose interest in me as it once again moved its glance towards the river ahead.




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Btw, I’m having problem on what the monster should really be called. In the raw its normally something like “魔物”(Magical thing/Demon) or “魔獣”(Magical Beast/Demon beast). I only translate it as “monster” but if you guys have a better naming give it a go.

Chapter 89

Translator: Drakuro

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Special Poison



I gave a loud cry and ordered the black lizard to retreat.
The black lizard nods silently, and used〖Roll〗to take a distance from me and the slime at once.
She hides herself in the shade of a tree slightly far away.


She hides even when the slime has detection skill…, did she hide so that it will be hard to read to direction of the〖Clay Gun〗?
To be honest I have no idea if that will give any effect to that guy.
Even if the HP is reduced with〖Clay Gun〗, I really don’t feel like we had much chance.
It barely avoids before, but it seems like there are still rooms for it to evade.


When I think that it can even calmly climb back from the bottom of the cliff from my〖Star Drop〗, honestly there’s barely any more cards for me to play here.
Our only last hope is the black lizard’s〖Special Poison〗.

I should find a good chance for the black lizard to poison the slime.


No matter how you look at it, the black lizard had both lower defense and H than me.
Since the slime had a skill that can penetrate even my  scales, she can’t just approach it carelessly.
She also need to use〖Poison Smoke〗at a suitable time to push the slime to the limit.

Although the slime doesn’t have the speed, its movement is tricky.

If it use the transformation ability, it is possible for it to pierce me and the black lizard by surprise.
I have no idea whether it’s possible to deal with it or not.
Even just awhile ago, it changed form to the two children embracing each other just to attack me from the blind spot.


I’m not sure whether the slime is aware of the〖Special Poison〗or not.
Given that it does not know about〖Special Poison〗, let’s say the poison managed to bypass its 〖Poison Resistance〗, it might still be able to deal with the 〖Special Poison〗 with its enormous amount of skills it had.
Even then, the only card I have to deal with the slime right now is only the〖Special Poison〗 you see.


“It is also good that you’re not retreating. However, will you not regret this?”

While saying that, the slime raises the large sickle on both of its arm.
When I thought that the large sickle kind of giving a red shine, it was actually wrapped in flame.


“Combined with〖Flame Slash〗,〖Shock Wave〗!”

The slime ignores me, wielded its sickle sending the flaming shock wave forward.
At the place where the black lizard is hiding, I can see the figure of the black lizard using〖Roll〗to run away.

Just as the flaming shock wave caused a small explosion as it hits the root of the tree, the blast of the shock wave erased the flame.
One moment later, the tree fell.


“Fast, right? The power jumps up when I combine it. My body is flexible unlike the human and the dragon, so these kind of things can be done.”

While saying that, the slime raises both of its arm again, cutting the space in front of me multiple times.
Multiple of that flaming shock waves came flying at me.


Seeing the decrease and increase of its MP, it seems that this fellow had a pretty fast MP recovery rate.
I can still keep it company since it’s status is a bit low, but there’s no mistaking it that this guy is a cheat.
If it keeps on raising its skills and Lv as it is, the strength of this fellow will really skyrockets.


I stretch my wings to cover the front, bracing myself from the flaming shock wave attack.
I dodged only at the minimum and prioritizes the speed.

The shock wave that touches my wings creates a blast.
However, it doesn’t pass through my scale.
I received some damage from that cheat, but I managed to block the big one.


“Did you make the best use of the status difference to reduce the damage? Since you’re tougher than me in numerical values, aren’t you supposed to be able to dodge that one properly?”

I checked on the slime from the gaps of my wings
The spider parts of its body opens its big mouth, shooting a semi transparent light green strings at me.
Anything goes for this guy huh.


I kicked the ground and fly low, flying towards the slime while evading the strings.
No longer able to guard with my wings against the  flaming shock wave like before, I forcibly throw a claw attack.

The spider’s lower half and the human upper half are separated.
When I raised my arm greatly,  the left stomach of the human upper half swells  up strangely, forming into a shape like a shell.
The color follows the shell, as it changed into a real big turtle shell.


I can’t stop my arm now, so I just stab the shell part with my claws.
Although a line greatly  drawn can be seen on the shell, the effect on my claws are also great.

I instinctively withdraw my arm as the pain running through makes it felt like my claws were broken.
The slime moves the spiders multiple feet and used that chance to retreat.
Shit! This must be the〖Turtle Shell〗from its characteristic skills.
It can even do things like that!


The slime stops its foot once it took some distance, delightedly laughing.
The shell shrinks and enters its body, soaking the damaged part that I applied just now.

“It’s useless, don’t you get it? Shouldn’t you retreat soon? Since I don’t have the speed to chase after you, it seems like you will be able to get away even after being cornered this far, since you have no means to fight.”


After confirming that I’m still far from retiring, the slime greatly inclines its neck.
From the human mouth, the tongue hung down loosely.
It lengthens steadily and reaches the ground.
The ground makes a “juuu’” sound, and the smoke raised up from the ground the tongue touches.


This time its〖Paralysis Tongue〗huh? This guy really raise it’s skill Lv considerably.

Even if it was such an inconvenience skill, with this fellow who can transform its body freely uses it, there’s plenty of ways for it to apply the skill.


The slime breath in while raising its loosely hang down tongue.
The fog covers the body of the slime.
If it do that, its view should also be blocked… what I thought, but it had the〖Dark Watch〗skill.

(T.N:  the raws said〖暗視〗, but I had no direct translation for this, only part by part. So if anyone had any idea for better name please do tell.)


Seeing as it’s not a normal fog, perhaps it’s a light magic that blocks out light.

Can you see if you use the〖Dark Watch〗?

Should I wait for it to leave the black fog?
No, I can grasp its whereabouts from the footsteps.


Folding my arms, feet, tail and wings, I charged towards the footsteps of the slime using〖Roll〗.
Something like a whip suddenly hit my body.
It’s probably the slime’s fake tongue. My scale is safe, and there’s no paralysis effect either.

I raised the speed without stopping, crashing with the slime.
The moment we collided, I control the direction of my aim to the right, sending the slime flying.
According to the aim, the slime should be greatly sent flying to the right.


“….chi, this is annoying”

Was it troublesome for the slime to  shape its body? Once the body breaks, it makes a pose to get up and changes its body again.


“I thought since I won’t be losing anyway I will keep you company, but this really stinks of troubles. Soon you will really regret this.”

The slime regenerates its head while glaring at me.
Suddenly the figure of the black lizard can be seen throwing herself behind the slime.
Apparently the slime focused its attention on me too much, it seems to have become negligent about the location of the black lizard for a while.
It realized that a bit too slow.


“Wha-! When did you get behind me!?”

The slime wield its sickle arm aiming for the black lizard.
The slime move earlier than I thought.
They will hit each other in a moment, so should I rushed towards the black lizard without minding about myself?

But that attack is useless.
The black lizard move backward once, using that chance… what I thought, but the black lizard directly took that single blow of the slime that she should have been able to avoid.



While raising a cry, the black lizard falls on the ground.
She should have been able to easily avoid that previous attack considering her speed.


I run towards the black lizard while raising a roar.


“Aaah, like I said before, and I even purposely gave you some advice.”

While the slime said that, it looks down at the black lizard and raises its sickle arm again.
The arm is raised slowly, and as it is, the raise arm dropped down again without power.


“Th-this poison……sh-shit! I have firmly raised my resistance, so why!?”

In the slime’s semitransparent arm,I could see something like a black mist spreading.
It’s the special poison of the black lizard.
The moment she received the slime’s attack, it seems that she bit and scratch the arm.


Did the black lizard not avoid the slime’s attack on purpose to make sure that the poison attack will definitely hit?

Chapter 88

Translator: Drakuro


T.N: I’m planning to finish the slime battle  before this week ends, so look forward to it.




“Do you understand my words? Will you not back down? It’s fine for you to open the path, as I have no intention of causing any trouble there”


What the slime say smells like trouble to me though.

If it’s not interested in me, it won’t be talking to me with that attitude.


“You too, since you’ve saw my skill, perhaps you understand? I’m fine as long as I can collect my skill. I just want to collect the skill of that Rock Dragon as well as the dead villagers. That’s all.”


Judging from his speech, this guy really is the one that caused that dragon mayhem in the village.

No, could it be that the Mahaa Wolves attacking Millia, even guiding me to the village, all of that are the act of this fellow?

Between Millia’s cry and my arrival, some amount of time should have passed.

Although at first I thought it was a miracle that I arrived on time, could it be that, it was waiting for me to come?


Though I think it was easy for it to attack the village with such a skill, does it fear that it will be treated as a subjugation target by the adventurer?


“Say, even if we get on a bad start, as I think there’s nothing good coming out of this, can you just overlook me this time?”


I surely don’t think I have the advantage here.

Although there’s not, my consciousness can’t overlook this guy knowing it will go to the village right now and play with the corpses.

Although it said it won’t harm the villager, I have no intention of forgiving this guy who calmly guided the Little Rock Dragon towards the village.


‘I will protect the village’, that was my promise with Gregory.




I roared, rejecting the slime’s proposal.

Then the slime once again open its mouth, but before that I fired my〖Scorching Breath〗that evolved from〖Baby Breath〗towards it.

The scorching flame envelops the slime’s body.


This guy, it chose to accept the damage even though it should be able to evade if it transform, but I don’t think this ranged attack can finish it off.

It won’t receive a fatal wound from this as it has the resistance and recovery skills, but this should restrict its movements.


Following the breath attack, I charged towards the slime still inside the flame.

I stab my claws deep into the slime’s body, and then fly in the sky still holding it.

Since I used〖Paralysis Claw〗, I should be able to stop its movement for a while even if it had a little bit of resistance to it.


As I was holding the slime, I used〖Flight〗and moved towards the cliff.

Even if it was a little bit tenacious, it will likely die if I drop it towards the bottom of the cliff.

Even if by chance it survived, it will be swept away by the river at the bottom of the cliff and will not be able to return here again.


I quickly used〖Roll〗once I reached towards the top of the cliff.

I won’t be able to hold the slime close together with my hands when I’m throwing it.

It might be different for me who’s accustomed to it, but an ordinary person won’t be able to move straight for a while after I stopped rolling.


While using roll〖Roll〗I raised both of my hands that is piercing the slime high in the air and throw it under the cliff.


[The Lv of normal skill〖Star Drop〗went up from 1 to 2.]


The slime fall straight towards the bottom of the cliff like it was sucked into it.

I flap my wings to return back and lands on the edge of the cliff.



The black lizard runs after me.

She looks at me and breath sigh of relief seeing I’m safe, then looks around left and right in caution afterwards.


The slime is already defeated….is what I want to say, but the experience value display does not appear.

That guy is still okay even after being dropped from that high?

In that case, I can only rely on the black lizard’s special poison.

I have no other ways aside from that huh.


‘Ka!’, ‘ka!’. The sound suddenly rang out from the cliff side.

The body of the black lizard and me quivered at the same time hearing that sound.


I moved one step back from the cliff and hardens, as a huge spider showed its appearance.

It’s a bit different for the Taran-Rouge that I’ve seen before. It’s another variety.



The black lizard let a small cry, was she relieved that it was not the slime that came out?

I too was tempted to be relieved by it, but that feeling changed immediately.





N曚 :27/35


玄d\ :67/67




This guy is not a spider, it’s that slime!

I threw it right into the middle of the bottom of the cliff, but it easily crawls back up!


The black lizard seems to noticed it too seeing my face, and immediately shoot〖Clay Gun〗towards the spider.

When I thought I heard some noise from the mouth of that spider shaped slime, a net like string shoot forward from it towards the shot pebbles.

Only some of the pebbles passed through the net towards the slime.

Some piece of the green slime’s body scattered, but there’s no blood flowing.


That reminds me, this guy should have some kind of skill involving strings.

Was it able to crawl back up without falling to the bottom by spitting the string on the wall in the middle of the fall?

This guy is a real all-rounder huh.


The color suddenly left the spider’s body, as it changes back from black to transparent green.

After that, it transform the upper part of its body into a human form.

It became a shape of a spider body with a human form stuck on top of it.


“This is so depressing. Among other things, I hate being obstructed the most”

When the slime stretch out its arm, its fingers melts like it was swallowed by the arm, increasing its thickness.

The tip of both arms suddenly became pointed out and turn sharp, changing into the form of a mantis’ sickle.


The current body of the slime is the lower half of a spider, the upper body of a human, and sickles in both arms.

It’s a monster with a mix of many things.


The slime brandished its large hand sickle, showing a satisfied smile after it hears the cutting sound.

The it stabbed the large sickle on the ground.


“Since you’re not backing down, should I aim for that weak one? I’m not a person with such a good personality to begin with.”


The slime licks its tongue, and glares at the black lizard.

Chapter 87

Translator: Mothblade, Drakuro
Editor: Drakuro

T.N: this chapter is a bit tricky, but I’ve done my best to find the real meaning.



(T.N: I’m really tempted to put “Crawling Chaos” instead, but not sure if that is correct)


Once I part with the black lizard, I sneak to cut across the direction of the slime’s path.

The pattern will be where I will attack and the black lizard hides herself waiting for a chance to attack with its poison.


I’ll have her cover me with〖Clay Gun〗if I was hard pressed.
She had to come out to the front during the match with the red monkeys, but that will be unnecessary this time.
In the case that was overwhelmed at close combat, the situation will not change at all even if she came to the front since she can only fire the〖Clay Gun〗.


Since I have some MP remaining….. Should I run some simulation with〖God’s Voice〗?
However, I don’t think it would be of much use.
To begin with, I don’t think it can be used against a person whose status I can’t see properly.
Even if I know the odds of winning is slim, I can’t really retreat here.


Even if I can plan what move to take once I know the chance of success, losing my MP means it will limits how many move I can take which is the same as putting the cart before the horse.
I think I can at least selfishly use the simulation when I’m in perfect condition, but it should also be a condition where I don’t really need to use my MP.
It will be almost completely dry if I use it now.
My HP had almost recover to 80% full thanks to automatic recovery, but my MP is short you see.


It’s okay.
Although it’s resistance is high, it’s status is not that high.
Although there are a lot of dangerous looking characteristic skills, I should be able to kill it in one blow it it’s going well.
It doesn’t have that much speed either.


The slime stops moving.
It seems to have a detection skill as it had noticed us.
I jump down from a large tree attacking the slime.



I have no idea why you’re trying to harm the village.
Although I’m curious, I’m in no mood to find out.


I put some power on my claws, and throw it towards the green slime.
The slime turn its body into something like a human mouth, and spit some suspicious fog from it.

Is it poison?
No, it doesn’t matter.
Even if it is, I’ll just have the black lizard heal it later.
I enter the black smoke, flinging my claws towards the slime.

There was a reaction.
My claws felt like it touch some liquid, as it scoop out the soft body.

Although I was going to shoot a second blow, I only touched the ground.


It seems to have avoided it.
The experience level doesn’t seems to rise, so it shouldn’t be done in with that attack just now.

Anyway, right now my visibility is low.
I retreat a few steps to get out from the fog.
It doesn’t seems to be poison.
That water puddle doesn’t seems to be its body, and it seems like its body is not in the fog either.
That black thing, it it some kind of magic that doesn’t allow light to pass through?
Soaking and lying in it might feels good.


I  keep my distance from the black fog, waiting for the slime to come out.

If it’s this much distance, I should be able to cope with any kind of attacks it will throw.


Once the fog clears, I began to see what’s inside.
At the back, I saw a shadow of two people.
Trembling while hugging each other, was a human boy and girl..


“Why…..where is this?”

They absolutely should not be here until a while ago.
Does it move them here with its skill?



Since they’re already here there’s no time to think.
I should protect them before they’re found by the slime.
I should also look out as it might took that chance when I’m trying to help them.

The boy suspiciously make an eye contact with me, and extend his hands towards me.
His hand suddenly turns green and stretch towards me.
The tip of his arm change into a sharp object.

My reaction was delayed to avoid it.
The attack hit my shoulder.
The thing that looks like an extended arm shrinks at once and return to its body like a yo-yo after it slightly crushed my shoulder.


I kicked the ground to take a distance once again.
I finally know the true shape of this monster.

The girl still stares at the boy anxiously.
The boy stares at me with lifeless eyes.


The body of the two suddenly turns green, and starts melting and mixed together.

Once it turned into a puddle, once again it turn into a form of a human
This time it turned into a gender less figure that is neither a boy nor a girl.
It was naked with hair growing to the shoulder,with its young body without any irregularity, but I can’t figure out its gender.


The upper part of the body that stood up above the puddle really creeps me out.
This time, the body is transparent green with a muddy color.

As it seems to be able to transform its figure, as well as changing color surely, I still did not think this fellow can hold a conversation.


That reminds me, as he have taken the〖Gurisha Language〗 from Douz, I wonder if it can speak?
Can’t it make a vocal cord to talk?
Even I still had to bark this year.


“When you evolve, does your skill greatly change? So troublesome”


The mouth that the slime just make starts to talk.
This fellow, its intelligence is already at a human level.
It reminds me of myself.
No, did it send information using the Mahaa Wolf’s〖Magic Wave Transmission〗?
There is a possibility of that too as it was using its skill in hiding and watching me.



Something that looks like an eyeball comes out of the surface of the semi transparent slime.
It swims inside the slime’s body and moves to the back.


“At the back, is the lizard at the tree root one of yours?”

Seems like it had a detection skill, so it’s impossible for the black lizard to hide its existence to find a chance to attack.


From the shadow of the tree, the black lizard shoots〖Clay Gun〗.
As the black lizard noticed that her cover had be blown, she decided to give up on hiding.

Countless number or earth bullet attacks.
Wriggling its body, it leisurely avoid the attacks.
The bullets are skillfully evaded by changing its form into fluid shaped.
Still, none of the attacks manages to creates a hole into its body as they passed as it is.


Its HP doesn’t change at all.

It was stuck at the same maximum value of〖148/148〗.
Even if it evades that countless number of bullets, it seems like my claw attacks doesn’t affect it either.


There should be some effect, but did it recover?

Seeing the〖Automatic HP recovery〗,〖Super Regeneration〗,〖Hyper Recovery〗,〖Self-Replication〗and〖Life Drain〗, it really does have a lot of means to recover.
This fellow, is it hopeless unless I kill it in one blow?


“I gave up. Unless I can win easily, I will refuse to fight.”

The slime doesn’t move, only the he eyeball that floats on the inside moved, alternately staring at the black lizard and me.