Chapter 103

Translator: Drakuro

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Ball Rabbit’s Evolution

After the Ball Rabbit finished eating, its size increased to that almost twice bigger.
It ate at least 5 times the current size. Seriously, just what is this fellow made of?

While the Ball Rabbit ate, I crouch on the ground, laying there.
My big mouth makes a large “fuaa” sound, yawning with all my might.

At that moment, the body of the Ball Rabbit suddenly expands rapidly.
The Ball Rabbit which was the size of a softball, has rapidly grown to the size of a watermelon.
Oi oi this fellow, it finally evolved.
I’ll confirm its status at once.


Race:Small Ball Rabbit
[T.N:the raw is “小玉兎”, where the “小” refers to “small”. However its different words fo “small” from the one used for the dragon’s evolution path mentioned in ch14 from the previous translation group: which is “プチ(puchi)”, something like petit. Just a little info I need to add]


Lv :1/12

HP :3/10

MP :0/6






Characteristic Skill:

〖Hide:Lv1〗〖Food Reproduction:Lv1〗

Resistance Skill:

〖Hunger Resistance:Lv4〗〖Poison Resistance:Lv1〗

〖Overeating Resistance:Lv1〗

Normal Skill:

〖Dig:Lv2〗〖Light:Lv2〗〖Feigning Death:Lv1〗

〖Wild Whip Dance:Lv1〗〖Swallow:Lv1〗〖Internal Storage Space:Lv1〗


Title Skill:

〖Idol of the Desert:Lv2〗〖Kin Eater:Lv1〗〖Lv Up Parasite:Lv1〗

〖Big Eater:Lv2〗


…somehow, wasn’t food-related skills increased?
As I thought I fed this fellow a bit too much..

Even the title skill〖Big Eater〗had increased to Lv2.
And what the heck is〖Food Reproduction〗?
Or rather, what the heck is this〖Overeating Resistance〗? Do you mean to say, your stomach won’t feel any pain once you’ve eaten too much?
Since you don’t need to endure it anymore you’ll eat as much as you can?

This Small Ball Rabbit,just how useful is it I wonder.(T.N:Not sure about this line)
Since its in the E rank, I don’t think its possible to make it evolve in one go again.

As for the effect of the〖Dragon Scale Powder〗, I don’t know how long it can last.
Is it alright since I folded the wings?
Still…. Dragon Scale Powder, it’s at Lv4 now…. Would it really be okay for me to have an optimistic view?
The next enemy, should I use the〖Plague Breath〗?

After the Ball Rabbit stretches its body, it looks at me.
Just when I thought our eyes me, at the next moment, it moves its eyes towards the  cactus.
Then it turns its line of vision to me again.

… Could it be, this fellow still wants to eat?
Oh well, I’ll serve you till you’re satisfied. Although it’s not much work to prepare it, it’s still annoying.

When I cut the cactus with my claws, the Ball Rabbit consumes the insides and spits the skin ,
As expected, since it ate so much since a while ago, with a leaked “Puho” breath, it stops eating.

It seems like the Ball Rabbit had grown, as it seems to know where it should stop.
If it grows any bigger, the procurement of food will definitely becomes difficult.

Now that I remembers, it has the〖Food Reproduction〗skill.
Maybe it had recovered by now.


Race:Small Ball Rabbit


Lv :1/12

HP :8/10

MP :0/6


Uwa, although I expected it it’s still scary.
Can the thing it consumed be turned into HP?

If I think about it, it’s like a degraded version of〖Automatic HP Recovery〗, so it should be considered as excellent for an E rank monster to have a mean for recovery.
For me too, I feel considerably relieved.
It seems worthy having the〖Overeating Resistance〗which allows it to eat without stopping.

I put the Ball Rabbit on top of my head and walk through the desert.
Since I’m with the Ball Rabbit, my speed has decreased since I can’t use〖Roll〗. If I use that to search, I feel like I would have been able to find some cave or something like that.

Aah, my body starts to ache.
As I slowly walks on the clear surface, my body starts itching to use〖Roll〗.
I can roll around any obstacle on the ground, and as I got pretty good at doing a little mountain jump, it felt really nice.
Suppress it, me. Suppress it.
It’s like I’m having some kind of withdrawal syndrome.

In the end, it seems like I still can’t find a place to make a base even after the day grew darker.
The Ball Rabbit is getting sleepy. Should we take a rest for now?

I put the Ball Rabbit down from my head.
Once the Ball Rabbit got off the ground, it immediately digs a hole and buried itself.
Because it seems like a fat pile of sand, it will definitely be found out by starving monster huh…this fellow.

I cover the sand pile with my body, and closed my eyes.
It’s like the Ball Rabbit is being swallowed when I lay like this, it really shouldn’t look like that.

…However, sleeping in the open like this, somehow I can’t settle down.
I try to calm my minds by all means.
But I think about the possibility of being attacked while I sleep, there’s no way I could do that.(T.N:This line is not that accurate)
I’ll definitely die if the large centipede comes while I was in deep sleep.
I will absolutely fight back though. But first I’ll grab the Ball Rabbit and fly to run away.

When I think of it this way, I seems to have realized just how comfortable my life at the forest was.
There’s a cave where I can slowly rest on the fur spread on the floor, there’s also dried meat as well as other outside food.
There’s also my hobby of making pottery, and I even planned to enlarge the cave more.
And above all else, there’s the Black Lizard as well as those Red Monkeys….

No, it can’t be helped.
Let’s stop thinking about this.
According to the evolution path, I should be able to suppress the〖Dragon Scale Powder〗.
Once I managed to do that, I’ll slowly returns to the forest.

T.N: The rabbit is cute and all, but there should be another heroin appearing  for this desert arc(a bit of spoiler, but whatever). Not for a while though(around 10 chapters I think). So you have to ponder about that for a while since I’ll be taking a break for some time.(*evil laugh*)

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Chapter 102

Translator: Drakuro

T.N: 3 down, 1 more to go

Big Eater

Now then, first let’s confirm whether the Lv of Ball Rabbit increase or not.
If the Lv becomes maximum with this, let’s quickly proceed with the evolution
[T.N: Not so sure about the second line]


Race:Palmtop Ball Rabbit


Lv :5/5(MAX)

HP :5/7

MP :0/6






Characteristic Skill:


Resistance Skill:

〖Hunger Resistance:Lv4〗

Normal Skill:


〖Feigning Death:Lv1〗〖Wild Whip Dance:Lv1〗

Title Skill:

〖Idol of the Desert:Lv1〗〖Kin Eater:Lv1〗

〖Lv Up Parasite:Lv1〗


Oooh, it really goes up.
The level of the〖Light〗skill goes up too huh?

The〖Wild Whip Dance〗skill was added too.
…though this is good and all, why are you moving your ears like that?[T.N: Not sure about this]
Can you fight with this skill?

…well, even if I assume it’s all good, some strange title skill had been added.
This〖Lv Up Parasite〗…. perhaps, it refers to that kind of useless person?
Does it give any penalty?
However if it helps, I’ll keep on raising its Lv.

The Ball Rabbit stretches its back, it drags its body and ears facing the scorpion.
As I’m wondering what it’s going to do, the Ball Rabbit widely open its mouth, biting the scorpion.

Since it moves a lot and used a skill, it seems like it became hungry. I had no time to stop it.
Although the tooth of the Ball Rabbit is unable to eat through the scorpion’s shell, it seems like it’s sucking the meat of the scorpion from the cut that I made with my claw.

Although I was dumbfounded for an instant, I quickly lifted the corpse of the scorpion with my  claws, and throws it far away.


The Ball Rabbit chased the scorpion with its eyes, its gaze dropped to the ground looking disappointed.
No, it’s because that guy is a poison carrier!
If you got poisoned you’ll die for sure with that kind of HP.

Since its been having a long experience of starvation, it seems like it doesn’t have any resistance when seeing food.
Its different from the Black Lizard’s bad eating habit that will eat anything.

Did it get poisoned?
Lets confirm it for the time being.


Race:Palmtop Ball Rabbit


Lv :5/5(MAX)

HP :5/7

MP :0/6


I told you you’ll get poisoned!


When the Ball Rabbit cried, it vomits the piece of meat along with its body fluids.
I pat the back of the Ball Rabbit while being careful not to stab it with my claws.

Well, it’s not a very strong poison…and it only ate a small amount, there shouldn’t be any problem if it managed to vomit out all of it.
You should resist it. That’s how I lived up till now, with spirit.

Once the poison settle down, in exchange of 2HP, the Ball Rabbit obtained〖Poison Resistance〗.
I case of this fellow, even 2HP is deadly.
There’s only 3HP remaining.

I was made to think, that it slightly becomes easier for me once I learn healing magic…
It should be good if my next evolution specialized in healing magic.
The amount of MP needed is large if I want to stay human for a long time, so I need the recovery type. My target is decided.
A strange dragon that specialized in healing. I want to think like that.

Although I really want to evolve immediately, I suppress my desire for now.
It seems to be very tired, as it’s lying on the ground.

Since both HP and MP are almost empty, you should have evolved earlier.
Even though it’s already LvMAX, why didn’t you evolve?

With a “guu” sound, I heard its small belly rumbling.
It should have filled its belly with the cactus from a while ago, it’s empty again already….
Can’t be helped, should I feed this fellow something first?

Putting the Ball Rabbit on my head, I returns the the place with the cactus from a while ago.
It seems to be easy to eat after I cut the cactus and scatter it around the area.

Since before this there’s only my leftover,it shouldn’t have been able to fully eat.
I wouldn’t have know that its appetite really doesn’t match the tiny figure.

Confirming my expectation, the Ball Rabbit eat the whole content of the cactus that I cut.
Didn’t you eat too much?
W-well, it can’t be helped.
Its an F- rank monster with〖Hunger Resistance:Lv4〗after all.
With the ‘Kin Eater’ as well, it seems like it’s been living a hard life.
While it’s eating, it should know of what can and can’t be eaten.
I heard that pigs has such a habit.

In the end, the Ball Rabbit eat all of the one that I cut.
You serious? Or rather, didn’t your figure becomes bigger? Just how much did you eat?
Well, it should be satisfied with this.

The Ball Rabbit drags its body and ears and stops beside me.

“Pefu’! Pefu’!”

….though it seems to be asking something from me, could it be that you still want to eat?
Will more cactus really fit such a small body?

Should I really let it eat more?
Should I let it stops here? Will you be able to walk by yourself?

Although it had the title skill〖Idol of the Desert, I don’t know if there’s any idol who eats cactus and scatters it everywhere.
Its at the level where the blog is going to get flamed.

While I’m feeling uneasy in various ways,I cut the cactus in pieces.
The Ball Rabbit devours it one after another.
It’s amazing, with how much this fellow can obviously eat. It’s like the whole body is made out of a belly. Does it know space magic?

So once again, will the Ball rabbit keep on eating, or will it try again?
[T.N: Not sure about this line]

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Chapter 101

Translator: Drakuro

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Jade Rabbit’s Evolution Plan


I crushed the shell of the scorpion which I defeated before with my mouth.
It somehow taste like a dry lobster.
It’s hard and bitter.


It doesn’t taste so good huh, this thing.
Although it had poison, the skill Lv is not that high, as it’s only to the extent that felt numb a bit.
My resistance didn’t go up either. It seems like I now know that I can eat poison-related thing.


I safely eat the scorpion, spitting the shell shard on the ground.
Thanks for the treat.


Although the taste is not that good, it fills my stomach for the time being.
Its far from delicious, but I think it could be a valuable experience.
Who knows, perhaps even the ants might be soft once I extract it from the shell.
Although you’re going to need poison resistance, the black lizard might eat this with delight.


I advanced through the desert while putting the Ball Rabbit on top of my head.


Although it would really saves me from all the troubles if there’s a cave ahead, looking at the surrounding area I don’t think I should expect much.
If I put the Ball Rabbit to dig it should be able to build a base of considerable size.




The Ball Rabbit moves restlessly on top of my head.
It’s a bit ticklish.


Although I really want to see the〖Light〗skill, words can’t get through.
Let’s try taking it to the dark place later.
It might instinctively use it once it goes into the dark place.
[T.N: Definitely doesn’t sound creepy at all, even for a dragon]


However, even though I helped it once, this fellow really trust me too easily.
There’s no way I would be able to calmly ride on top of someone 100 times bigger than me.
Even a Chihuahua is not that tame.


I travel carefully through the desert.
If I dropped it, it will definitely die.
It only has 5HP after all.


Even if I want to evolve the Ball Rabbit, what should it defeat?
As it Lv will improve even if it defeat anything aside from F rank, it’s limited to what the Ball Rabbit can deal the finishing blow.


Is the scorpion from a while ago just right?
No, however…..that guy, it would never appear if it noticed I am there.
Although I don’t know the chance if I use the Ball Rabbit as a bait, it might feel intimidated if we both came together…


My〖Presence Detection〗caught something.
It’s just that, their presence is very thin.
Perhaps they’re buried underground. Lets roast them a little.
[T.N: not too sure about this paragraph]


I lay down my body by bringing my stomach and chin down to the ground.




Hearing the Ball Rabbit’s voice on my head, I decided not to drag this on any longer.


I inhaled deeply, then roars aiming towards the ground.




The sound vibrates with the sands splashing around.


【The Lv of Normal Skill〖Roar〗went up from 1 to 2】


Perhaps they were scared of my voice, here and there, piles of sands burst and lots of monsters dash out.
From human sized bugs, to the mole the size of a dog.
There’s around 30 of them, all are only monsters between F to E+.
Aside from that stupidly huge centipede, there’s really not that much of a great difference between this desert and the forest huh.


I go to the nearest one, the same scorpion like the previous one.
I chase after it with room to spare for more speed, and put my claws on its tail to seal its movement.
Using the〖Paralysis Claw〗I lightly graze it.
I crushed its scissors, tears the foots, and split the shell at its back.
Although the scorpion violently struggles at first, its movements gradually becomes weak.
Sorry, scorpion. Please let us eat you properly.



Race:Baby Scorpion


Lv :6/22

HP :4/30

MP :8/15



Alright, it should be fine now that it’s paralyzed.
This guy also had the skill〖Poison Fang〗,〖Poison Claw〗and〖Poison Scissors〗.
As I’ve already crushed its scissors, fang and tail, there’s no means for it to counter attack.
If I let the Ball Rabbit attack it, and let it stop if I see that the paralyzed status of the scorpion is almost removed, it should be able to safely earn experience value.


I put the Ball Rabbit on my palm and slowly lowers it to the ground.
The Ball Rabbit seems speechless, continuously looking at the scorpion and me.
It seems like it’s unable to understand the situation.


Please attack quick.


When I rush it with my eyes, the Ball Rabbit timidly approaches the scorpion.
As usual, it rubs the ears that hung down on the ground.
I wonder if it’s safe. Will it be okay with seeing blood?


The Ball Rabbit tackles the scorpion.



Race:Baby Scorpion


Lv :6/22

HP :4/30

MP :8/15



Uwa, not even 1HP decreased….
Between Lv2 F rank and Lv6 E rank, is there a way to overcome that difference?


The Ball Rabbit continuously tackles
It’s okay, do your best, keep going!


Furthermore, it seems like it hurt itself again.
A good hit! Now, that’s a good hit!


Finally, it treats its longs ears like a whip, lashing it towards the scorpion.
It can do things like this too!? Awesome!
Oh, it hit the part that I had crushed, that should be effective against the scorpion, maybe.


After continuously hitting the scorpion, it looks up to me.
Did you get tired after moving too much? Its breath was haggard while it looks at me.
It seems to think that all that it did was useless.


The scorpion’s HP, not even 1 had decreased.
With this, even if I kill it, it doesn’t seems like the Ball Rabbit will gain any exp.


I use my eye to urge it to try a little harder.
The Ball Rabbit seems reluctant, but it faced the scorpion again.




A small fireball the size of a rice grain appears.
The fireball turns round and round surrounding the Ball Rabbit.
Is that the〖Light〗skill?
If it can be used for a long time, it will be able to act like a lamp like the Light Mushroom in the forest.


After the fireball spins around the Ball Rabbit 3 times, it flies towards the scorpion.
It pops and spread with a light tone, searing a part of the scorpions shell.


It went through!
The scorpion’s HP decreased by 1.
It will be able to knock it down if f it can shoot four more…. though I thought that, the Ball Rabbit had become tired and crouched in its place.
It seemed like it had spent all of its MP with that one blow. Since its F rank, there’s no other way huh?


The paralysis seems like it’s going to be removed, as the scorpion slightly moved its body.
I crushed its head with my claws.


【Because of the high difference in rank, the experience value cannot be obtained】


For me that’s a good thing, as I’m fine if it all goes to the Ball Rabbit.
It’s good if I can keep doing this until it can evolve.


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Chapter 100

Translator: Drakuro

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Ball Rabbit


What appeared in front of me, was something the size of a softball.
… what the kind of rabbit is this?


The body is round, with the hands and feet can’t be seen inside the hairy ball.
It approaches the piece of cactus while strangely rubbing its long ear that’s dragging on the ground.
Its round tail also swings left and right af if to match the movements.


It seems to be asleep while hiding under the sand, and the sweet fragrant of the cactus seems to wake it up.
Well, considering it’s such a harmless monster, getting to eat such a plant is pretty rare.
Because the plant is fully covered with the thorn, there’s no way such a small body will be able to tear it.
Does it usually hide beside a cactus while other monster ate and tear the plant?
For such a creature, its caution level is way too light.


For the time being, let’s confirm its status.



Race:Palmtop Ball Rabbit


Lv :2/5

HP :4/4

MP :3/3







Characteristic Skill:



Resistance Skill:

〖Hunger Resistance:Lv4〗


Normal Skill:


〖Playing Dead:Lv1〗


Title Skill:

〖Idol of the Desert:Lv1〗〖Kin Eater:Lv1〗

[T.N: the kanji “玉兎”  translates to “Tamausagi”, tama directly meaning ball, but the kanji for the tama is also the one for jade, meaning Jade Rabbit is also plausible. However, as much as I want to call it Jade Rabbit, there’s none of the characteristic of jade at all for this rabbit. It is round like a ball though, so yeah. I’ll stick with ball for now.]



Uwa… its been a long time since I last seen this kind of status.
How was it possible for it to be living in the desert that looks like the demon’s lair?


You can dig a hole even without the〖Dig〗skill.
〖Light〗is pretty useless as a mean to attack.
There’s no use in〖Playing Dead〗, as they’ll just pick you up to eat.


Well, it’s that huh.
Such a small thing will never be able to fill the stomach.


It brings its face close the contents of the cactus that has dropped on the ground, and begins to eat by licking it.
This guy too, it seems to have〖Hunger Resistance〗.
Not to mention even raising it to Lv4, it seems to have suffered a considerable amount of starvation to live.


The Lv won’t go up if you don’t fight, so it’s pretty hard when you’re at the bottom of the food chain.
It’s the same when I was just born into this world too, If I chose to run instead of fighting the dark worm, it’s possible that I might still be an egg by now.
When it’s like that, I would probably keep on increasing my〖Hunger Resistance〗just like this rabbit.


… However, its Lv still goes up.
Just what did this fellow beat?
It seems like it had some kind of unpleasant skill, did this fellow eat its own kind after losing to starvation?


… It got a cute appearance, but it seems like it has gone through its own share of trouble.
Well, it can’t be helped once you’re desperate right?


Although I do felt like eating right now, I really felt guilty when I see its face…
Not to mention seeing its round belly, would you be able to do it?


Does it has low caution level, or does it went crazy because of the empty stomach, but it seems like it haven’t noticed me at all who’s standing behind it.
It’s possible that it’s been living quite well till now.


After stuffing its cheek full, it starts swallowing the cactus, finally exhaling a satisfied breath.
Finally after filling its stomach it finally felt my presence, and with a slight shiver, it looks back towards me.
My eyes matched with the Ball Rabbit.




The Ball Rabbit raises a small cry, as it digs up a hole and hides itself under the sand.
Digging a hole… or rather, it just covered its body with sand. The butt is completely out.
I have no idea how many  times I ask this, but how the heck is this kid able to survive?


After observing the swelling pile of sand for a while, I began to walk in the opposite direction.
I have no intention of doing anything to that Ball Rabbit.
How to say it, it’s the feeling of wanting it to work hard and survive. If such a monster pile up the experience one at a time, it will evolve someday.
I really want to see the evolution system sometime.


However, the feeling of wanting to devour it that should be growing inside me somehow doesn’t happen.
It somehow triggered my desire to protect it instead.
No, but, is it because it’s small?
I feel like I would be able to jump at it without reserve if it’s bigger.


Or rather, when you think about something absolutely delicious, it should be the fat one.
I could also raise it like a farmer.
I should serve the gross looking monster to the Ball Rabbit, until it became totally fat…but somehow, I don’t know if I would be able to eat it once I become more attached to the fatty one.


After I walked a few more steps, I heard a rustling sounds from the back.
Oi oi, be patience will you?
It’s only been five seconds from when I turned my back.


Rustle, rustle rustle, rustle rustle rustle.


… this, it’s not the sound of a rabbit huh?


I turned around.
A scorpion the size of a medium-sized dog can be seen approaching the Ball Rabbit.
Although I though how it suddenly appeared, when I trace where it moved, I was able to confirm that there’s a hollow in the sand.
Does this guy also digs a hole to hide itself? How careless can you be, me?


For now, shall I confirm the monster’s status?


【〖Baby Scorpion〗:Rank E+ Monster】
【Hiding by covering its body in the sand, it’s an assassin of the desert who aims for the careless prey by stabbing them with poison stinger.】
【Though it evolved into a smaller body after evolution, it excels at aiming at the weak spot  after being able to hide it’s body from powerful enemy】


E rank huh, so it should be around the same as the Gray Wolf.
Or rather, yeah. The strong one hiding aiming for the week, could you not do it now?
What a timing.
[T.N: The second paragraph is not really that accurate. That’s my best guess]


You should have just leave.
Or rather, if I don’t get involved, it could have been a funny story.


Me in particular, have no intention of eating the scorpion.
The surface seems hard, I’m not really into eating bug-like thing, and there’s the poison too.


Because I already had the Ball Rabbit, I don’t want to eat the scorpion.
Yet, is it presumptuous of me to interfere with the desperate hunting of other creatures?


However, before I noticed it, my body involuntarily moved.
I bend my body and approaches, abruptly swing down my arm. A small sound escalated,
My claw easily goes through the back of the shell and sticks to the sand, fixing the scorpion in place.
The hand and feet of the scorpion trembled without power, and stopped before long.


【Because the rank difference is too much, the experience value can’t be obtained.】


…ooh, first time I’m seeing this kind of message.
Despite beating such a low rank, I’m B rank after all. Is there such a thing too?
Although I had thought that the obtainable experience value would be low, were they reduced with the rank difference?


However, I can neither turn it into experience value nor turn it into food, this is literally a useless killing.
Just like when I throw the vase turtle down the cliff, there’s a slight sense of guilt.


Although I might get affected by the poison status, should I endure and eat it? If lucky I might resist it.
Lets at least do a proper burial.


As I finished the Baby Scorpion, the Ball Rabbit which crawls out of the sand pile to run away stops moving, quietly staring at me.




The Ball Rabbit approaches me while dragging its ear which hung down restlessly.
It seems to have recognized that I had helped it.


Since traveling alone is lonely, should I take it with  me since it’s special?
No, however, I don’t have any confidence that I can protect this fellow…


If I took it, I will protect it.
However, not just my action will be largely limited, its going to be hard if it died after I became attached to it.
These two point is really critical.
Not to mention there’s〖Dragon Scale powder〗too.


…However if I leave it, it will probably be eaten for real this time.


While I’m worried about what I should do, I remember the skill of the Ball Rabbit, 〖Dig〗.
If the Ball Rabbit evolves, won’t it be possible for it to dig underground to set up the base?


If that is the case, one of the difficult point of making underground base has been removed.
If I raise the Lv of the Ball Rabbit and evolve it, it should be satisfied of the help that allows it to live in this desert.
In return, I will have the evolved moon rabbit dig my base.


If this goes well, before the effect of〖Dragon Scale Powder〗take place, we should be able to cleanly go the separate ways after benefiting each other.


…If the  sign of sickness starts to appear, we will separate in the middle, but I don’t know what will happen if I don’t try it.
Thinking about the people who had been affected by the〖Dragon Scale powder〗so far, I think that the effect should be considerably slow…. It might be my desire to investigate this.


I have only used the〖Plague breath〗once, all the time during my journey.
This time I won’t use it even once.
Although I don’t want to keep on having this unpleasant feeling, I want to avoid it at all cost.

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Chapter 99

Translator: Drakuro

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For The Sake Of Delicious Food


I return back to where I came from to leave the arranged rock’s magic formation.
To make the base, as well as avoiding unnecessary trouble, I should make it far away from the city.
If I was carelessly discovered, they might even create a subjugation corps for me.


… However, foolishly setting up base here, is it okay?
Well, there should be plenty of people leaving the city.
If I build a house in a place that will be discovered by the humans, there’s the possibility that they will get scared and attack in great numbers.


Should I dig a hole somewhere after I’m far enough?
However, if I do it badly, there’s a chance that I’m going to be buried alive while I’m asleep.


To begin with, are my eyes even good in the dark?
If there’s no Light Mushroom grown around here, I’m screwed.


If the cave and underground are useless, should I make my base somewhere high?
Though in the forest I could do it on the tree, but there’s nothing here.


Well, while thinking about the roof on my head is good, should I focus on securing food for now?
Currently, one of the possible edible food is the three-head camel.
The appearance is a bit severe, but it’s way better than the large centipede and the red ant which is no better than eating pile of sand.


Not to mention, there’s that leopard being chased by the large centipede too.
Does it taste better than the three head camel?
…However, when I look at it before, that leopard-like monster seems to be at the bottom of the food chain here.
What the heck is wrong with this place?


That’s kind of like a message for me whether I should really settle down in a place like this.
This place is far more dangerous than the forest. Though it might be a good place to raise my Lv.
Well, I should get the rough idea once I check the status of the monster around here.


First of all would be the most noticeable cactus that looks like a hairy caterpillar.
Life here would be considerably easier if this thing is edible.
The thorns were also thin, having no effect on my scale.


Knowing there’s plant like the fly trap, I carefully approach while thinking there might be a chance that it’s a monster, and then I touch it.
The thorns bend, without sticking to my hand. Yep, it seems to be safe.


In flower language cactus means unpleasantness, something like a love that never blooms.
Although it has function of storing water preventing it from being dry, it’s still wisely can be related.
I think that there is a similar flower language in his world, I don’t think the flower language match with this fatty thing.
…However, when I can’t even remember my name and face, why can I remember this trivial thing?
Do I really have a previous life?


I pull my hand that touched the cactus, swinging it diagonally, cutting down the lower part.
With the sharp cut, the cactus part falls on the ground.


From the section, it seems like some kind of white liquid is spilling out.
Inside the liquid, some kind of seeds seems to be mixed too.
Surprisingly I might be able to eat this thing.
First of all should I use the〖Status Check〗?


【〖Cactous-Tallpupae:Value C〗】
[T.N: カクトゥス・トゥルプーパ(kakutousu Tourupuupa), no idea what it is, but as usual I’m not really fond of author’s naming sense]
【A type of plant that blooms on a special ground. On the ground that this plant blooms. Other plant will not grow up】
【Can absorb water, also has the ability the save the water indefinitely. Therefore, it will wither when it rains everyday.】
【For the fat appearance, there is a myth that the plant is the body of the baby of god. Cactous Tourpuper seems to be the unborn child full of thorn】
【Due to its characteristic, it usually grows on dry ground, in which  the the moisture of〖Cactous Tourpuper〗are often found useful】
【Full of nutrients, as well as strong sweet taste. however , because it will wither in a few days once it separates from the ground, it’s not suitable for peddling】


What the heck, this thing is totally edible.
Against the me who already thinking of delicious ways to cook the centipede, there’s this cold feeling. No, it seems like I was saved with this.


Or rather, is it fine for a dragon to eat cactus?
Although I care about the nutrients, I don’t want my next evolution to go crazy because of this.
Well, it seems to be a valuable water source for the time being, should I fill my belly full?
Although there is the sea, the water is impossible to drink.


I put my hand on the rugged cactus, putting my teeth at the section and drinks the contents.
It felt like pineapple juice thinned with water, as well as some aloe vera added to it, not to mention there’s no sticky feeling to it.
This is bad, it’s a taste that makes me unable to live without it.


Once I’ve eaten it, my hunger increases.
The starvation seems to have stopped momentarily before, but now that my appetite had awakens, it seems to be shouting from the bottom of my stomach.
I haven’t been able to eat anything for a while now.


Since its troublesome to draw out the insides, I just bite the cactus’s thick skin to get it.
The thorn keeps hurting my gums, but I continue chewing on it without care to tear it off.
Yep, the skin is unexpectedly edible too. Though the humans will die if they copy me.


For the time being I eat up all of the ones that are scattering in the area.


No, I keep on eating.
But after all, it’s still just a desert.
Meat is necessary.
Should I chase after the leopard that the large centipede also chase?


While I was thinking about such thing, a pile of sand seems to start moving.
What, is it a monster?
Since the pile of sand seems to be on the size of my hand, it should be a considerably small monster.
However when I think about it, here’s also the possibility of it having  some kind of strange poison.


I thought whether I should do the preemptive strike with〖Scorching Breath〗,but for the time being it’s necessary for me to collect the information about the living thing here, thus I decided to fly backwards to take some distance.
I won’t be able to look at the status if it turns into charcoal after all.


I only prepared the breath attack for when it springs up.
I should be able to see where it came from even if it came at me with unbelievable speed.


The pile of sand collapses, something sand-colored pop out its head from the inside.




It’s a strangely long-eared, desert rabbit.
There’s no neck with round body.
It shook its head, confirming the surroundings.
However, because of its narrow view,  it can only see at the range of 120 degrees.


Since it pops its head on the opposite direction from me, it doesn’t seems to have noticed me yet.
I breath a sigh of relief and crawl on the sand.




It shakes its body while barking in a peculiar voice, dropping the sands.




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Chapter 98

Translator: Drakuro

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New Land


I begin to run using〖Roll〗along the sea of the new land, continuing for one hour.
The scenery around me is really strange.


On the left side I can only sea the sea all the way till the end, while on the right side is the naked earth full of sand.
Is it a special geology, or is it because of the bad air current from the sea resulting in no rain, there’s no trees growing at all.
It became a desert even when it’s so near the sea.
Even if there’s a plant occasionally growing up, it looks just like those cactus one.


Even the cactus, it’s grown a real think green hair-like needle, and it looks like it’s crawling on the ground since it can’t stand its own weight.
It looks like a grown hairy fat caterpillar, giving it a really unpleasant feeling.
You might even mistook it as some kind of dark worm if you don’t see it carefully.


Even though I can see living creature here and there, the camel has three head with seaweed covering its body, there’s also a group of giant red ant forming a line, so it’s not really something that stirs my appetite frankly speaking.
[T.N: Not sure about the camel, might change later once I see the data sheet]


When I look at the sand-colored centipede which is four times longer than me, it really makes me want to just jump back into the sea.
Without the time to do anything, the other side seems to start running somewhere chasing after a monster looking like a leopard.


With short, innumerable foot, it fiercely move dispersing the sand nearby.
Although it’s possible to get away if I used〖Roll〗, if we compare the basic speed it’s definitely above me.


I wonder what rank is this large centipede?
I think it should be around rank B.
However I should not group this monster the same as the one from the forest.
Crap, I really want to go back to the forest real bad.


Currently, I should find a place that has edible looking creature and set up base there.
In this dry vacant land, there doesn’t seem to be any place for me to hide my body from monsters at all.
I should dig up a hole somewhere and create the sleeping place there.


Furthermore,  when I use〖Roll〗to search around, I managed to find a spectacle of rocks arranged together shaping a big Japanese Yen.
It’s like a huge, 5 meter radius Japanese yen. Not just one or two, but more than ten are arranged in the surroundings.


I’m feeling goosebumps just from seeing this.
What the heck is this thing?
Pretty sure this is a nest of some nasty monsters.
Should I turn back?


I cancelled〖Roll〗to observe it, and seeing the rock inside the circle, I understood that some kind of magic circle was drawn.
This thing, it’s not the work of monsters but man.


When I twist my head around, I noticed that there’s barely any monster found in the vicinity.
Is  it some kind of talisman warding evil?


Among all of these rocks, some of them can be easily moved.
As its hard to avoid monsters here, is there a village protected  beyond this rocks?


I noticed that I’ve been hoping to meet a human dwelling here, thus I shakes my head to remonstrate myself.
Currently, I am a monster.
Although I might look a bit cute as a baby dragon, my current appearance is completely that of the enemy of mankind。
If I see the explanation before the evolution,〖Evil Plague Dragon〗is the type that human really scared of.


Even if I didn’t enter the village, it would be a huge panic just from being seen and the uproar might even destroy the lifestyle over there.
There’s also the〖Dragon Scale Powder〗too.


Turning back, I used〖Roll〗to go back from where I came from.
I run towards the arranged rocks, cancelling〖Roll〗after I slightly neared it.


Regretfully, I really wanted to confirm even if it’s only the appearance of the village.
If I can step on top of the magic formation, even if I can see the other side, there might not be an uproar.


Kicking the ground, I fly high above, turning my vision towards where a village is supposed to be.


Continuing land can be seen after the arrangement of rocks, and further ahead, high stone wall can be seen. Lots of buildings can be seen on the other side of the wall.


It should be more than 10 meters in height.
Is it so that no monster can go in?


There’s also the magic rock formation too.

Since I’m only feeling a bit uncomfortable from it, there might be other monster that can get over it too.


Not just the height, but the area it covers are huge too.


This is no longer at the scale of a village.
It’s a  city.


On the other side of the high stone wall, I managed to caught a glimpse of a showy flag on the upper part of a building.
The inside seems to be very lively.
[T.N: I burst out laughing when one of my machine translate it as gay flag instead]


I get down on the ground, walking towards the opposite direction.
Looking at the vast extending empty land that will continue to expand in the future, I felt much  lonelier than before.


…if it’s like this, it would have been better if I hadn’t seen it.
No no, what are you doing getting depressed for?
I had already decided to continue living a lonely life as a dragon.


〖Dragon Scale powder〗should disappear depending on my next evolution.
As long as I continue raising〖Tiny Hero〗without getting depressed, I might be able to turn into a better race from now on.
Once I turn like that, it might even be possible for me to return to that forest again.


The〖Human Transformation Art〗skill has also level up as well.
Its Lv3 now. If I continue using it repeatedly, it might be possible for the appearance to be more humane.
My maximum MP also increased with my Lv up, so I can maintain it for a longer duration.


The MP consumption for〖Human Transformation Art〗is roughly around 1MP per second.
Because my current maximum value is 192, it would be empty in just a little over three minutes.
However if I continue to evolve, if I can increase my maximum MP to around 600, I can turn into human for 10 minutes.
Though I don’t understand how accurate the real number really is, in case I managed to get〖Auto MP Regeneration〗like the slime, even if I don’t raise my maximum MP, I should be able to increase the effective time considerably.


If it’s 10 minutes, not only can I talk to traveler,  it might even be possible for me to enter the village to see the situation.
While continuing doing that, it would be possible for me to know the circumstances of the other side after doing it for some times.


Alright, there’s still hope.
For the future purpose, I need to increase my maximum MP as well removing the evil dragon status.
Although I felt like I’m already on the straight path for evil dragon, I’ll manage somehow…. I really want to believe that.
If there’s 360,000 MP, I’ll be able to turn human for 100 hours! Don’t give up, me!


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Chapter 97

Translator: Drakuro

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My consciousness slowly returns.
It seems like I’ve been sleeping for a good amount of time.
My eyelids are heavy. My body joints are painful and sore. I can’t move my hands and feet.


When I put some power to move, cracking sounds can be heard.
Is this useless?
Although the pain is not really there, somehow there’s an unpleasant feeling to it.
This feeling is going to stick for hours, or days even.


I opened my eyes after I can feel my joints again.
The blue sea spread in full view.


It seems like from the river I was drifted to the sea, and then somehow got here to the beach.
For the time being, should I be glad to still be alive?


While my head is still clear, let’s confirm my status.
It won’t be a joke if some of my skills are gone because of the slime.




Race:Evil Plague Dragon


Lv :20/75

HP :249/249

MP :192/192







Characteristic Skill:

〖Dragon Scale:Lv5〗〖God’s Voice:Lv4〗〖Gurisha Language:Lv3〗

〖Flight:Lv5〗〖Dragon Scale Powder:Lv4〗〖Dark Attribute:Lv–〗

〖Evil Dragon:Lv–〗〖Auto HP Recovery:Lv3〗〖Presence Sense:Lv2〗


Resistant Skill:

〖Physical Resistance:Lv4〗〖Fall Resistance:Lv5〗〖Hunger Resistance:Lv4〗

〖Poison Resistance:Lv5〗〖Loneliness Resistance:Lv6〗〖Magic Resistance:Lv3〗

〖Dark Attribute Resistance:Lv3〗〖Fire Attribute Resistance:Lv2〗〖Fear Resistance:Lv2〗

〖Oxygen Deficiency Resistance:Lv3〗〖Paralysis Resistance:Lv2〗


Normal Skill:

〖Roll:Lv6〗〖Status Check:Lv5〗〖Scorching Breath:Lv5〗

〖Whistle:Lv1〗〖Dragon Punch:Lv3〗〖Plague Breath:Lv3〗

〖Poison Fang:Lv3〗〖Paralysis Claw:Lv3〗〖Dragon Tail:Lv1〗

〖Roar:Lv1〗〖Star Fall:Lv2〗〖Nutcracker:Lv3〗

〖Human Transformation Technique:Lv3〗〖Kamaitachi:Lv1〗〖Neck Breaker:Lv2〗


Title Skill:

〖Son of the Dragon King:Lv–〗〖Walking Egg:Lv–〗〖Klutz:Lv4〗

〖Fool:Lv1〗〖Infighter:Lv4〗〖Pest Killer:Lv3〗

〖Liar:Lv2〗〖Evasion King:Lv1〗〖Spirit Relief:Lv5〗

〖Tiny Hero:Lv5〗〖Path of Evil:Lv6〗〖Disaster:Lv5〗

〖Chicken Runner:Lv2〗〖Chef:Lv3〗〖Mean King:Lv4〗

〖Guts:Lv2〗〖Big Eater(Giant Killing):Lv1〗〖Ceramic Craftsman:Lv4〗

〖Boss of the Crowd:Lv1〗〖Laplace’s Interference Authority:Lv1〗



However, no matter how many times I see it my power really jumps up a lot compared to the last time I seen it.
[T.N: His lvl before slime battle is 19, but he doesn’t check his status at all after he defeated the rock dragon, so his last stats that he see is at lvl 1]

From rank D I skipped the rank C and jump straight to rank B.
My attack power in particular rises a lot.
The value had break through the 200 points and leave it behind.
I can now clash head on against the Little Rock Dragon that I’m having trouble with previously.


I can’t particularly see any skills that had decreased.
I know that I can be relieved for the time being.


If my〖Roll〗skill disappears, I don’t think my heart can take it.
It’s not an exaggeration to say that〖Roll〗-san is already my companion.
It’s a skill that contains the memory of me and the black lizard after all.


The normal skill〖Nutcracker〗went up to Lv3, while the title skill〖Tiny Hero〗went up to Lv5.
My own Lv rises too.
I really want to see the experience value added when I defeated the slime.


I tried to remember the behavior of the slime that I seems to have forgotten after the long sleep.
Although there was no room to think carefully during the battle, I noticed a few things about that fellow.


It seems like sometimes it behaved like a human, talking about 『Skill』,『Numerical Value』and 『Increased Resistance』, almost like it knows about the existence of status.
The decisive point is that even though the fellow doesn’t understand the danger of the black lizard, it immediately moved to steal the〖Detoxification〗skill from the black lizard as soon as it was poisoned.
[T.N: The human he mentioned here is basically the human from earth, talking about scientific things like that]


Among all of  those enormous amount of skills that the fellow had, I think there was a skill like〖Status Check〗.
By chance, did it also has〖God’s Voice〗?
Although it was hard for me to catch what it said a the last moment, I think I heard it mutters something like 『God』.


If I think about the character and behavior of the slime, seeing as how that good for nothing fellow treated that false god with respect…. Just what did it see in that guy?
[T.N: can’t really translate this part well]


Did the slime also keeps the memory of its previous life the same as me?
However, when I check on that guy in the old times at the cave, I don’t think he had 〖Status Check〗skill.
If it’s not an ability that it was born with, could that thing obtain the skill by chance…
Considering what happens, I’m pretty sure about that.


Since the other side could also check my status, it should have known that I also have 〖God’s Voice〗, but it doesn’t seem like it have any intention to attempt to communicate to exchange information at all.
Perhaps〖God’s Voice〗favors it, so it doesn’t have to worry about information as all of it has been provided?
However, since I’ve already defeated it, I don’t think I’ll be able to check this speculation.
Everything that I could think of will be nothing but a speculation in the end.
How did it controls Dorz, why I can’t read its status properly, all of this will remain a question.


Did the slime evolve into something evil because of the influence of〖God’s Voice〗, which is possible if you think about what happens when it(God’s Voice) shows its true characters.
What is its real purpose for taking part in all of this?
Though it did send me the message with that attitude, I doubt whether the other party really had a personality.
Seriously, who is that guy(God’s Voice)?


【Characteristic Skill〖God’s Voice:Lv4〗cannot give an explanation】


… is that like your favorite word?


Though it seems like it can give a systematic explanation, It’s going to be a long time before it can give me an answer.
I’ve been rambling non-stop, but it’s not going to do anything if I just rambling on by myself.


…well, for now I should think about how to proceed from now on.
If a same fellow like the slime came out, I should first find out whether it’s friendly or not before I proceed to question it.


Anyway, right now I should give priority on investigating the place around here.
Mainly securing the base and food.
With my current build, it might be necessary to procure three times the normal amount of food. I’ve also getting really hungry because I’ve slept for too long.
The easy to hunt as well as delicious kind of monsters are always welcomed.



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