The Chapter 109

I know this chapter has quite a few grammer mistakes but I just don’t have much time in a day to relax and lot over the chapter.


109. Huge centipede

In the morning, I awake on the barren sand.

It was still the second day, but I felt like I was already getting used to sleeping on the bare ground.
I Confirm the ball rabbit’s safety as it exits the sandy mountain, I feel a little relieved.


Actually I wanted to sleep a bit more, but I am sensing an intense creature is approaching.
Because of my skill〖Presence Sense〗 is reacting it to it I can not fall back asleep.

It is easy to be found by the enemy because the neighborhood is vacant, but it is also an advantage because I don’t have to try to be able to find the enemy if they are far away.


Getting up I twist my neck, and quickly find the root of the signature.
It was a huge sand centipede charging towards me creating a trail of dust behind them.

Well, should we run away?
The ball rabbit is bad at getting up, but I think it needs to get up and quickly get inside my mouth.

If I ran like normal, and if it chased me, then it would surely catch up to me.


Oh wait… It is not that far from us.
But I get the feeling he isn’t headed toward us……. Why are you running then?

A carriage was running ahead of the huge centipede.

Two big horses that have never been seen since my previous life are lined up, and are pulling the horse carriage at full power.


However, it doesn’t seem to be enough against the huge centipede.
As it is, the horse-drawn carriage will be destroyed by huge centipede.

Damn it!
Why is there a wagon trying to break through the desert when there it such a big monster!

I confirmed the sandy mound that is the ball rabbit with a glance, and start running after the huge centipede.
There is no chance of winning by fighting against an opponent of that size, but I should be able to catch up the huge centipede and escape with the carriage.
[T.N truth be told I am not sure if evernight the rabbit digs a small hole in the sand to sleep in for worth and when it leaves its fur is covered in sand but that is what I am going with]


I can escape into the air if it get dangerous.

Let’s just provoke it and break away quickly.
I’ll come back and collect the ball rabbit again after the situation has cooled down.

Do not get eaten while I am away ….

He survived by himself before I came, so it should be okay if I take my eyes off him for a bit, but I am a little worried.
I also think that it would be better to bring him in my mouth, but if I do it, I would be in more danger…

Unlike the leopard and the camel I can beat one hand.

There is a possibility that I may be pressed into using my breath and biting techniques, and if that happens I can’t protect you inside of battle.


I use〖Roll〗to chase the huge centipede.
I never thought that I would chase an opponent one moment than be trying to escape the next moment.

The huge centipede ignores me and chases the carriage.

Tch! I concentrate myself and charge forward.
I try to get its attention on purpose, but I’m totally ignored.

The winner it seems for the best to eat in the desert is horses or a humans rather than dragons.
Even me, when I was a baby dragon I was treated as a premium ingredient!
[T.N. Ok I think that our MC is upset about the centipede not wanting to eat him over the others because so far evenly thing else has been trying to eat him]


Meanwhile, the horses that are pulling the carriage catches sight of me.

I do not understand the expression of a horse, but I can understand that is has has a bitter look on there faces

I came to help, but ….

Well, I do understand the horse’s feelings though.
If I was running in the desert, chased by the gigantic centipede, it seems that it is the end of this world, and then a big scaly masses roll behind them.

Buddha in hell, Enma in hell.
I would definitely think it as the finishing blow, and not a salvation.


I gathered my strength and accelerated all at once, using a small hill to rocket into the sky.

Throwing my whole body into it I aim for crushing the huge centipede’s tail, but unexpectedly the centipede’s body was too hard and could not be crushed.


I run around and to the right of it, but since I did not have a way to shift the huge centipede’s target to me, I decided to follow the huge centipede.|
That guy seems to be the type to once it puts its eyes on his target, that it will not easily transfer to something else.

Even if I can successfully move its target to me, I wonder whether I can run away while keeping it attention.

Although the huge centipede was hit hard in the tail, the giant centipede speed only slightly decelerated, but it was once again starting to accelerate and return to the original speed.


We steadily fill in the distance between the carriage.
I never stopped my 〖Roll〗skill when I tackled.

If it won’t stop at a single shot, than I just need to keep hitting it as many times as I want.

When the distance between the huge centipede and me has shrunk, I use 〖Status check〗.
After confirming this guys skills, it’s just a matter of running away while gathering his attention.


Race: Giant Sand Centipede

Condition: Normal
Lv: 62/80
HP: 448/448
MP: 236/236
Attack power: 324
Defense power: 297
Magical power: 194
Speed: 234
Rank: B

Characteristic skill:
〖Many Legs: Lv -〗,〖 King’s shell : Lv 6〗,〖Earth attribute: Lv -〗,〖Auto HP Recovery: Lv 5〗,〖Presence Sense: Lv 4〗

Resistance skill:
〖Physical resistance: Lv 5〗〖 Magic resistance: Lv 2〗〖Fall resistance: Lv 4〗〖Poison resistance: Lv6〗 〖Paralysis resistance: Lv 2〗〖Confusion resistance: Lv 2〗〖Sleep resistance: Lv 3〗

Normal skill:
〖Venom fang: Lv 5〗〖 Dig: Lv 6〗 〖Sand Bless: Lv 4〗〖Earth Wall: Lv 3〗〖Paralysis Bite: Lv 2〗〖Acid Spit: Lv 4〗〖Heat ray: Lv 3〗

Title Skill:
〖Hundred Legs King: Lv–〗〖 Lord of the Desert: Lv 6〗〖Escape: Lv 4〗〖Obsession: Lv 6〗〖Chaser: Lv 5〗〖Last evolutionist: Lv -〗



I was expecting it to have high stats, but this is making me worried .
B rank Lv 62, this is way too much of a monster.

〖Attack power: 324〗, it’s at a level that could  KO you if you receive a direct hit.
I am just happy to finally hit 200 attack at last.
It seems like it will have some severe consequences if I just run away after I provoke it.


Or rather, what the heck is 〖Heat ray〗?
Maybe it is its way of long range attacks?

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  1. “I don’t have to try to be able to find the enemy if it they are far away” i don’t think “it” is necessary.
    “a trail off dust cloud behind them” you could say a” trail of dust behind them” or “a cloud of dust behind them”.
    “but It seems that I am just not getting the feeling that his headed going towards us” maybe just “but it seems the he’s not headed toward us”? or “but i get the feeling he isn’t headed toward us.”

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    1. “the uge centipede.” huge?
      “Why are you running than” i think it should be then
      “able to catch up ^ the huge centipede”
      ” opponent on moment than be” one moment.
      “I do not understand the expression of a horse, but I can understand only the things that are bite to me” i think the horse is showing a bitter or scared expression because its being sandwiched between a dragon and centipede.

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      1. this is all amateur interpretation “After confirming this guys skills, is it a matter of running while thinking about how what this guy try’s to do to me. / ステを確認してから、こいつがどうやったら俺を見てくれんのか走りながら考えることにすっか。” i think this line is talking about trying to run away while keeping the centipedes attention focused on him.


      2. “After confirming this guys skills, is it a matter of running while thinking about how what this guy try’s to do to me.” /what might sound better/ after confirming this guys skills, it’s just a matter of running away while gathering his attention?


      3. “百足の王者” google-sensei says “king of a hundred” take one off and its “百足の王” king of hundred feet. so I think Hundred Leg King? or king of a hundred legs?


      1. “〖蟲王の甲殻:Lv6〗” google gives〖Shell Shell’s Shell: Lv 6〗but
        〖蟲の甲殻:Lv6〗gets 〖Bug’s Shell: Lv 6〗 and 〖王の甲殻:Lv6〗give 〖King’s Shell: Lv 6〗so maybe Shell of the king or King’s exeskeleton?


    1. The Meat Bun has arrived!

      [Sataus Check]

      Ability : Teleporting Meat Bun Delivery Service Lv MAX.

      Ability: Cute emoji Master Lv MAX.


      Me : Dramatically takes of sun glasses.

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  2. Thank you for the chapter~
    Looks like another desperate battle if he can be OHK’d~
    It has been awhile, but I think his plague breath inflicts curse, not poison so if he opens with that he may be able to win quite handily~


  3. Edited the spacing a bit to make it looks nicer.
    I’m not translating it anymore but I can do this much at least from time to time


  4. thanks for the chapter I was reading some of the Raws and noticed that the original author has like really bad grammar so i wouldn’t worry about trying to get the stories exact to the original Japanese put your own mark on it and don’t worry about the haters and books written foreign languages that are translated into English are considered original works anyway so there you have it


  5. It’s frustratiiiing ! I read all of it in a flash, now I have to wait…
    Why is that take so long ? ToT
    Is the author being on a brake ? Is it on your side ? Either way, I hope that the continuation will be near but I’m not going to tell you to make a haste. Floppy jobs are no good.
    (Sorry for my english, it’s not my first language.)


  6. “If I ran like normal, and if it chased me, then it would surely catch up to me.”
    i think “I” should be “it” or “ball rabbit”

    Google translate also translates it as  ”If it ran regularly, then it will definitely catch up.”


  7. Whether you plan to continue translating this or not, thanks for all your work so far! This series has been quite interesting, and I’ve really enjoyed reading it ^_^

    I do hope you continue, but don’t feel like you’re obligated to if it’s becoming a pain. You’ve been doing this as a hobby after all; it shouldn’t feel like a chore. Regardless, hope you’re doing well, and my fingers are crossed for more in the future! >.<


  8. Someone picked up this novel but I’m not really sure who… It’s up to chapter 116 on


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