Chapter 47

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Poison smoke shot by the Black Lizard covers my field of view.My whole body feels like it has a fever and feelings of nausea are swelling up in abundance.

But it is the same for twin head.

I punch the weakened left head that was using 〖bite〗, but he escaped from inside the poison smoke by jumping backward.

Race: Child Calamity Illness Dragon 

State: poison α (small)

Lv: 33/40

HP: 69/149

MP: 135/143

Abnormal state, 〖poison α (small)〗.

Well then the smoke, even though not a wide range, served its purpose without problems.
After having the Black Lizard cure the poison somehow, Black Lizard looked at the wound on my shoulder from when the twin head was stuck to me.

Yet, it is still hard to say that we won.
I tried to lift my left arm, but it did not go up and instead just trembled.

Its fangs had been dug in so deep that it had basically incorporated itself there.

The poison smoke entering into the body from the wound just added to the damage.

Race: Twin head

State: frightened, rage, poison α

Lv: 39/45

HP: 113/155

MP: 190/221

There it is, but wait, it does not have representation of the 〖(small)〗.

Mine was reduced because of the level of 〖poison resistant〗.
The damage I gave …… This guy! He must have used the recovery magic 〖rest〗 that he possesses.

This is a situation we are gonna lose, cause it’s hard to actively attack.
The right head raises with tears streaming down.

It looks like I’ve lost this round because my best hit was recovered within a moment.
If I were to consecutively to beat him up and take advantage of the gap of time before he heals I could win, but for every action there is a reaction and the left head in staring firmly at me.

My Impression of their fighting is that the left head does physical attacks, the right head I feel like uses magic attacks.
Also the 〖gravity〗 attack came from the right head.
It no difference in the fact that for the time being it stopped its movements.
I think that I will try get some damage in by shooting my〖baby breath〗 at the twin head.
I suck in my breath, but from the left head it begins spitting out a powerful flame from its mouth.

My〖Baby breath〗 is unceremoniously drowned out by the momentum, and the flame attack just keeps coming and covers my body.
I think this guy might have something like a mystical omnipresence! 

[E.N. I think he is referencing how the dog thing could tell what attack he would use before he did it]

I jump back while spreading my wings to create some distance.
Twin head was trying to chase after me to close the maai.
[E.N.martial arts term referring to the space between two opponents in combat]

Aimed for the body, comes flying〖Clay gun〗, from his nice hiding spot in the grass.

Twin head does not completely avoided because even though it sped up, it lost its balance in response to the gravel hitting its hind legs, and once it stops in place it will likely fall.
Nice job Black Lizard that was a big play.
The twin head should have roughly used the odor based characteristic skill 〖Sense of smell〗to grasp the position of the Black Lizard, but it seems to have tracked down the exact location because of this guy’s counterattack.

The launching of 〖clay gun〗 was probably the best choice because the twin head won’t be able to predict the trajectory because it can be shot from a distance.
I have not made a lick of progress yet, but this attack strategy by the Black Lizard might very well be the best plan against him.
All Four Eyes of the twin head glare at me.

He seems to have finally begun getting impatient.

Also It’s moving violently, this might mean the poison has final begun to travel inside him faster.
The right head, while barking, gatherd a large speck of black light in its mouth.
What is it?

I again check to make sure of the skills this guy possesses.

〖Rest: Lv4〗 〖Gravity: Lv2〗 〖Very large earth magic: Lv3〗

〖Bite: Lv3〗 〖Beast Tackle: Lv4〗 〖Scorching breath: Lv3〗

〖Marking: Lv3〗 〖Companion: Lv–〗

Through the processes of elimination, I wonder if it has something to do with 〖Very large earth magic〗.

I expect that this could be a nasty magic too, more so than 〖Gravity〗.
Although, probably only to be used as a last resort. It’s easily a reserved technique which, in the midst of such a battle, seems like only the twin head could do, because of the use of two consciouses.

While it is storing its magic I check the surrounding area to see if it is possible to prepare for the attack. Or if my counter will be intercepted by 〖Scorching breath〗.
I grasp the capability of the thing around, and it does not change the fact that two is alway better than one.

It does not move it’s right head, now that it cannot use the〖gravity〗skill anymore so it needs to pay more attention and this reduced the opportunities to counter.
I can’t do anything that will do any decisive damage in this gap of being limited to one head.

This is a pinch, but it’s also a chance at the same time.

So for now I shoot my〖Baby breath〗.

Do you not know you are being cornered.

If I do this though in return he will fire his 〖Scorching breath〗 like earlier, but when the two heads stop moving to do this that’s the chance for the Black Lizard.
The Mouth of the left head of the twin head had reacted suddenly with great precision, it jumped and avoided the attack.
I sneak up on the right side of the twin head.
The left head of the twin head, as a response to this, turned the body towards my direction.

But because I have a better poison tolerance, being clad in it won’t affect me as much.
How dare this guy back up here.

I thought that whether I messed up or not and directly get to its body and use 〖Poison fang〗 the effect will be the same.
Black Lizard has emerged from the grass and caught the twin head in a pincer attack again.

As I thought this two headed bulldog bastard does not move badly at all but it should not be able to move well if one head is using the earth magic and the other is countering.
Black Lizard is accumulating its poison in his mouth until it was full to be blown onto the twin head as a mist.

She shot heer two eyes at me and activated〖Gushing〗.
“Guou’!” “Tsu!”
The right head does not raise its voice.

It opened its mouth and the reservoir of power, the〖Tery large earth magic〗, was released.
I go to attack inside the poison smoke, I try to beat the main body of the twin head that is trying to hurry up and escape from the same smoke as the one that I did 〖Dragon punch〗 in.

The Black Lizard quickly followed me and jumped into the smoke.
The right head of the twin head is sobbing, while the black light was clearly visible in his mouth.

Once the smoke clears, will I be able to see the twin head again?

The Twin head hung both of its heads down and its breathing became ragged and rough however the Black Lizard still stared at me with insecure eyes.

I could tell in the eyes of the frightened and angry face are both equally wounded.
Perhaps it was because of the poison the look of the bright red bloodshot eyes also helped add to this impression.
The right head had blood coming out of its mouth, and now looks all tattered and beaten, it was probably because of the cancellation of 〖Very large earth magic〗, and as a bonus it had a big scratch on one of its eyelids so it has been shut firmly closed.

Also the poison from the Black Lizard Probably got in from the cut it made so it must be absolutely painful.
Finally, things are going the way I wanted; the poison has been rubbed into the wound.

When I fought with the Black Lizard and I was poisoned if I had not immediately tied around that place on my body I would have died.

In order to suppress that poison, it had to tighten the muscles in its neck for a long time.

However, it has almost stopped breathing.

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  1. This dragon… you freegin have poison breath and you dont wanna use it.. The author is making this dragging… Theres hardly any development..

    Thanks for the chap…


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