Chapter 104 

Mothblade again, sorry about last year I am back for now but right now I am half way through Wrestling season which takes most my free time. I am trying to break the school pin record right now so that is my main focus. I am at 88 career pins and the school record is 104 funny enough. I am sorry for my mediocre translating. ________________________________________

104. Gal leopard
When I woke up, my stomach felt strangely weird.

What Is that? Could it be the poison from that scorpion I ate yesterday is now running rampant in my stomach?

No, in that case it wouldn’t feel this superficial.

“Pefu! Pephu!”

…… This, it is the ball rabbit’s barking sound.

as It drifting in my mind, it seemed to be asking me for help.

Could the ball rabbit be being attacked by other monsters?

Where is it coming from?

When I look around I couldn’t see where the voice is coming from.
(A feeling of something desperate striking).

When I got up, I found the ball rabbit crawling out from a mountain sandy beside me.

The rabbit gasping for oxygen with ragged breaths, and finally after its breathing calms down, it begins to stares back at me with heavy eyes.

Apparently, my turned over while I was asleep, and it seems that I ended up squeezing the ball rabbit into the sandstone.

Also It seems that the that sand settled off my stomach onto the ground was the true obstacle not an enemy.
No, this is bad. This is was really bad.

I thought that the rabbit’s body is supposed to bounce back and even out like this type of thing never happened maybe my plan to level it up backfired.
It is acting very sullen and lethargic what is going on. In a panic I started to feed it a bit more cactus and that is when this guy’s usual expression returned.

This guy is terrible faker.

Is the only thing you having in your head eating?
After breakfast is over, the ball rabbit is placed on my head and we begin our walk through the desert.

For the time being I want to get the ball rabbit’s Lv Up and into its evaluated form. Also I want to eat meat and soon.

Hunting a beast type monster may be a good idea, because then it will raise the ball rabbit’s Lv killing two birds with one stone.

I’ll have the rabbit defeat an enemy at the top of D rank than that should bring this weak little ball rabbit up to its evolution all at once.
After a while I found a leopard sleeping.

Uh, it seems like the same guy who was being chased by that Great Centipede he must have gotten away after ran away with its full power. [T.N. Chapter 98]

There was unexpected accident this morning but Now I feel fortunate to have gotten up so early.
This distance …… 〖Status view〗 can be used?

This skill has been Leveled up so I wonder what will happen, all I can do my best so let’s do it.

Race: Gal leopard

Condition: Sleeping (small)

Lv: 27/48

HP: 123/123

MP: 98/98

Attack power: 95

Defense power: 84

Magical power: 99

Quickness: 158

Rank: D +
Characteristic skill:

〖Wild intuition: Lv 1〗 〖Olfaction: Lv 2〗〖 Forbearance foot: Lv 2〗〖 Feeling detection: Lv 1〗 〖Crisis detection: Lv 1〗
Resistance skill:

〖Magic resistance: Lv 3〗 〖Poison resistance: Lv 1〗
Normal skill:

〖Route: Lv 2〗 〖Bite: Lv 3〗 〖Mirage: Lv 2〗

〖Beast Tackle: Lv 1〗 〖Quick: Lv 3〗
Title Skill:

〖The nut of the cat family: Lv 3〗 〖matter Chaser: Lv 2〗

〖Typhoon Runner: Lv 2〗

[T.N.Olfaction means smell]
【Normal Skill 〖Status Reading〗 Lv increased from 5 to 6. 】
Well, does this means that it isn’t distance dependent, or is it?

Well by saying anything this has become one of the skills that I rely on the most so anything is good with me.

If i did not have〖rolling〗 and 〖status reading〗 I could not tell how many times that i may have died already.
…… Well, is this to drangrous for the ball rabbit?

All its status are about 20 times that of the ball rabbit.

Whatever you do just try your best not get damaged. Actually if only take its attacks do you still get any experience?

I want to eat meat so I am going to kill it anyways.
I heard that you have good meat, so you are most certainly not going to get away from me.

Surely if it’s status of speed, I will lose easily, but if I use 〖rolling〗then I will win. That I am confident.

I am even willing my stake pride on that fact.

Well, well, so how do we approached it?

I won’t be able to catch up while carrying the ball rabbit, if the leopard tries to escape.

Even if I try getting only one strike off without killing it then it will definitely have plenty of time to get away from the rabbit 

I should probably drastically weaken it quickly with the first shot.
But when I get closer, the leopard seems like it will wake up.

It seems like the only good plan of attack now is by〖rolling〗rather than secretly approaching, but then I would have to leave the rabbit unprotected for a while.

Would you mind digging to become hidden?
Oh wait, that’s right.

It will be okay if I just put the ball rabbit in my mouth.

With that than the rabbit will be with me when I roll.

doing this will now will also make it will be easier to move from one point to the next now on.
I lower my head to let the ball rabbit down to the ground.

placing my face close to ball rabbit in order to snatch it up into my mouth. Our eyes met and the ball rabbit suddenly started to tremble as if it was having a nightmare.
“Pepper! Phet! Phet!”
it’s Face …… Or should I say it’s whole body started to shake back and forth, left to right, desperately protesting against me.

Could it be, that can you read my mind?

No, actually it seem to be given me more of a “Even if you eat me i am not really tasty!” kind of reaction.

It’s okay, because I am just putting you in my mouth. It is for safety, for safety.
“Pefu! Pephu!”
I bring my face closer to the ball rabbit who is still raising its voice in protest.

Moving my neck according to the movement ball rabbit attempts at escape, I catch it in my maul.
“Pephoo !! Pefu !!”

…… I will get quite scolded for this later won’t I?

Well, now there is no choice but to do it. It is an all out charge for the sleeping leopard with〖rolling〗 it is then.

I round my body and head and roll straight towards the panther in a straight line.
The leopard awakens and almost instantly leaps up onto its feet.

By that time though I have already reached an extremely high speed.

This new terrain is tough, clear, flat ground with no obstacles; the opposite of the forest in which I was born, so it is the perfect conditions to make full use of〖rolling〗.

I can feel the ball rabbit is raging in my mouth, but it does not matter right now.

I can not stop it now in such a halfway state.
The panthers begins its escape, taking less than two seconds to get up and start sprinting shows this thing true speed.

but this was with my expection. I mean to lie down at such a noticeable place it must have a lot confidence in it’s skills.

Even if it is attack from large centipede, it will be able be able to easily escape with its speed.

To bad for you. You can’t run away from me!
The distance between me and the leopard decreases rapidly.

I thought that I would have catch up with the leopard in a matter of seconds, but I must be a little rustier than I thought.

Even if I am chasing him with only this much though, it seems that the panther on the other hand trying its best.

So it’s only a matter of time.

Hey fellow, what is wrong.
The rabbit is as usual freaking out in my mouth.

Please wait still for a while. Because you will get swallowed if you move around to much.

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  1. Welcome back 😀 and thanks for the chapter!

    Also, after the long wait I’ve realized how much of a jerk our MC is to forcefully level up the rabbit. I mean… It’s just plain mean xD


    1. Is it really a bad thing making that rabbit strong enough to survive a desert where its the lowest point in the food chain ? but well.. mc is experimenting something with the rabbit …but the rabbit will tease the mc a lot so he sort of gets his revenge.

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  2. No rush, wrestling is by far more important than translating. How many years have you been wrestling for? Remember your coaches are not just planted pots in the corner, they can give some good advice.


  3. And then, he got beat up by the rabbit~ the furball wont like that method of transportation.. also how big is irushia that he can taxi ppl with his mouth …the pictures didnt look all that big so it must be very uncomfortable .


      1. there are some pics i linked on previous chapter, hes quite big but his head.. dont look big enough to swallow a person + rabbit and then do rolls, maybe the rabbit in the picture is its evolved form and thats why it looks so big .


  4. whew, it’s great that you’re picking it up again.
    at first I was thinking of translating a chapter to tell them that I’m no longer doing this, but also feel worried that no one is going to pick it up. Glad to see at least you’re up here again


  5. wasn’t he terribly poisonous? Shouldn’t his saliva kill that little rabbit in seconds? Well, its been a long time since I read this so maybe I’m wrong but,


      1. Joshan It sounds like u have read this before. If so can you critic my accuracy based on what you remember. I am doing this all on my phone in a spare time and am using google translate for all the translating so I don’t know how accurate the conversion is or how good my interpretation of it is.


      2. Well.. i forget things too haha, i read up to ch 300 ~ As it was said in early chapters his [scale powder] causes [curse] by exposure, quicker on weak individuals and monsters can evolved a defense against it if they get lucky.


      1. Honestly it says panther not leopard but he refers to it as such so I changed it so such and gale would imply wind abilities unless gale is symbolic for its speed and being able to run like the wind


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