Chapter 103

Translator: Drakuro

T.N: Welp, last chapter of the mass release. Anyway, I think this is a good time to take a break for a while, as I have a final year project I need to finish(which I should have done 6 months ago) and its really important that I managed to finish it by the end of next week. So wish me luck guys, as the faster I finish means the faster I could get back to doing this(if I feel like it)

P.S: To all the other translator and editor, I’m doing role call at the docs page, so I hope you guys can respond to see which one of you are still here

Ball Rabbit’s Evolution

After the Ball Rabbit finished eating, its size increased to that almost twice bigger.
It ate at least 5 times the current size. Seriously, just what is this fellow made of?

While the Ball Rabbit ate, I crouch on the ground, laying there.
My big mouth makes a large “fuaa” sound, yawning with all my might.

At that moment, the body of the Ball Rabbit suddenly expands rapidly.
The Ball Rabbit which was the size of a softball, has rapidly grown to the size of a watermelon.
Oi oi this fellow, it finally evolved.
I’ll confirm its status at once.


Race:Small Ball Rabbit
[T.N:the raw is “小玉兎”, where the “小” refers to “small”. However its different words fo “small” from the one used for the dragon’s evolution path mentioned in ch14 from the previous translation group: which is “プチ(puchi)”, something like petit. Just a little info I need to add]


Lv :1/12

HP :3/10

MP :0/6






Characteristic Skill:

〖Hide:Lv1〗〖Food Reproduction:Lv1〗

Resistance Skill:

〖Hunger Resistance:Lv4〗〖Poison Resistance:Lv1〗

〖Overeating Resistance:Lv1〗

Normal Skill:

〖Dig:Lv2〗〖Light:Lv2〗〖Feigning Death:Lv1〗

〖Wild Whip Dance:Lv1〗〖Swallow:Lv1〗〖Internal Storage Space:Lv1〗


Title Skill:

〖Idol of the Desert:Lv2〗〖Kin Eater:Lv1〗〖Lv Up Parasite:Lv1〗

〖Big Eater:Lv2〗


…somehow, wasn’t food-related skills increased?
As I thought I fed this fellow a bit too much..

Even the title skill〖Big Eater〗had increased to Lv2.
And what the heck is〖Food Reproduction〗?
Or rather, what the heck is this〖Overeating Resistance〗? Do you mean to say, your stomach won’t feel any pain once you’ve eaten too much?
Since you don’t need to endure it anymore you’ll eat as much as you can?

This Small Ball Rabbit,just how useful is it I wonder.(T.N:Not sure about this line)
Since its in the E rank, I don’t think its possible to make it evolve in one go again.

As for the effect of the〖Dragon Scale Powder〗, I don’t know how long it can last.
Is it alright since I folded the wings?
Still…. Dragon Scale Powder, it’s at Lv4 now…. Would it really be okay for me to have an optimistic view?
The next enemy, should I use the〖Plague Breath〗?

After the Ball Rabbit stretches its body, it looks at me.
Just when I thought our eyes me, at the next moment, it moves its eyes towards the  cactus.
Then it turns its line of vision to me again.

… Could it be, this fellow still wants to eat?
Oh well, I’ll serve you till you’re satisfied. Although it’s not much work to prepare it, it’s still annoying.

When I cut the cactus with my claws, the Ball Rabbit consumes the insides and spits the skin ,
As expected, since it ate so much since a while ago, with a leaked “Puho” breath, it stops eating.

It seems like the Ball Rabbit had grown, as it seems to know where it should stop.
If it grows any bigger, the procurement of food will definitely becomes difficult.

Now that I remembers, it has the〖Food Reproduction〗skill.
Maybe it had recovered by now.


Race:Small Ball Rabbit


Lv :1/12

HP :8/10

MP :0/6


Uwa, although I expected it it’s still scary.
Can the thing it consumed be turned into HP?

If I think about it, it’s like a degraded version of〖Automatic HP Recovery〗, so it should be considered as excellent for an E rank monster to have a mean for recovery.
For me too, I feel considerably relieved.
It seems worthy having the〖Overeating Resistance〗which allows it to eat without stopping.

I put the Ball Rabbit on top of my head and walk through the desert.
Since I’m with the Ball Rabbit, my speed has decreased since I can’t use〖Roll〗. If I use that to search, I feel like I would have been able to find some cave or something like that.

Aah, my body starts to ache.
As I slowly walks on the clear surface, my body starts itching to use〖Roll〗.
I can roll around any obstacle on the ground, and as I got pretty good at doing a little mountain jump, it felt really nice.
Suppress it, me. Suppress it.
It’s like I’m having some kind of withdrawal syndrome.

In the end, it seems like I still can’t find a place to make a base even after the day grew darker.
The Ball Rabbit is getting sleepy. Should we take a rest for now?

I put the Ball Rabbit down from my head.
Once the Ball Rabbit got off the ground, it immediately digs a hole and buried itself.
Because it seems like a fat pile of sand, it will definitely be found out by starving monster huh…this fellow.

I cover the sand pile with my body, and closed my eyes.
It’s like the Ball Rabbit is being swallowed when I lay like this, it really shouldn’t look like that.

…However, sleeping in the open like this, somehow I can’t settle down.
I try to calm my minds by all means.
But I think about the possibility of being attacked while I sleep, there’s no way I could do that.(T.N:This line is not that accurate)
I’ll definitely die if the large centipede comes while I was in deep sleep.
I will absolutely fight back though. But first I’ll grab the Ball Rabbit and fly to run away.

When I think of it this way, I seems to have realized just how comfortable my life at the forest was.
There’s a cave where I can slowly rest on the fur spread on the floor, there’s also dried meat as well as other outside food.
There’s also my hobby of making pottery, and I even planned to enlarge the cave more.
And above all else, there’s the Black Lizard as well as those Red Monkeys….

No, it can’t be helped.
Let’s stop thinking about this.
According to the evolution path, I should be able to suppress the〖Dragon Scale Powder〗.
Once I managed to do that, I’ll slowly returns to the forest.

T.N: The rabbit is cute and all, but there should be another heroin appearing  for this desert arc(a bit of spoiler, but whatever). Not for a while though(around 10 chapters I think). So you have to ponder about that for a while since I’ll be taking a break for some time.(*evil laugh*)

P.S: About the other novel I’m planning to help translating, it seems like the translator still hasn’t replied my comments and messages yet. So that plan would be put on hold for a while.

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59 thoughts on “Chapter 103

  1. Good luck with project. And for 〖Internal Organ Collection:Lv1〗I believe it is referring to intuitively knowing which parts of a plant and animal are edible and which are not (since it ate the cactus insides and spat out the skin). And for a lot of things humans eat, they remove several of the internal organs like the intestines since it’s best not to eat them. So it’s probably something along those lines.


    1. Due to the use of collection you know it collects and knowing that it ate more food than a body could and should hold I can guess its got a spacial or spatial magic space reserved for food one way in no way out so no storage capacity combined with swallow and big eater and food reproduction it could be seen as it can go for long periods of time with out eating or drinking think camel storing food and water in the hump (camels are water only lame XD)


  2. Isnt the use of the name “small” and “little” meant to represent a evolutionary dead end? Is this little rabbit now not gonna evolve further? He doesnt have the last evolution title to so im confused.


  3. Thanks 4 the chapter!

    HP recovery by eating? Reminds me of a certain walking fortress that ate a poisonous dragon.


    1. Hoho, I read that too. That one is pretty good too…

      Anyway, thanks for the chapter Drakuro. Long may you reign… 😀

      PS: just focus on this one pls, I loved it. Well jk, good luck for everything you do…


    1. It felt wrong: like leaving a starting zone with most quests unfinished but… monsters were running out back in the forest. I prefer the rabbit crap to the up-coming side-stories tho ugh well lots of action coming with the heroine soon so theres that.


  4. Why all this focus on the rabbit. It is cute but shouldn’t he be doing something else?

    This story really keeps wandering around.

    Still, it has its charms.

    So, thanks for translating.


    1. I don’t think you noticed but the rabbit has the abillity charm meaning our main character is stuck to do whatever the rabbit wants.


    2. I think helping the Rabbit might get him the little hero skill levels he needs to change evolutionary path. You know, so he can waste the chance again and become something even more dangerous?

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  5. Thanks a lot for translating this !! great job so far, don’t worry so much about [T.N: Not sure about this] most of them are meaningless lines and we can more or less understand it since we are fallowing the serie. Shame u are taking a break tho, looks like google translate will be used again.


  6. The kanji 体内収集 would mean a storage space within the body if read as a whole. Of course, if you read it individually, it does mean ‘within body collection’.

    It also makes more sense now since the bunny binged ate all the cacti…

    Anyways fantastic chapter. I don’t think Black Lizard and Irushia would have a reunion anytime soon…


      1. nvm i thought it was his 4th evolution since he looked so big. read up to ch 280, man this serie is really good has many touching moments as well as a lot of fighting from monster pov which i dont get to see much, well theres kumoko but this dragon is more on the hero side since he goes around helping people/monsters then moving on

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  7. Im kinda confused 〖Dragon Scale Powder〗 where does the powder come out of? If it’s from the scales won’t he kill the rabbit when it’s below him?


    1. its like some toxin on on his scales, u get cursed after a certain amount of exposure (depends on species and individuals) so he has to keep his interactions to a minimum. its just an annoying curse that doesnt work on targets he wants to curse (usually due to their resistances) as of ch 280 its only said the possibilities of him dealing with that .


    1. TL said hes taking a break from this 1 and went to translate another 1, think he got bored of desert arc with the rabbit lol it does start boring with the damn tsundere hairball until the girl slave appears then action comes.. then frustration ugh those chapters vs the hero were a pain to read; my brain was yelling “skip dude skip” !

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    1. ohh wont happen any time soon… Thats the bad thing about this serie: the mc seem to move to a new zone after helping people, so he leaves them behind every time and there’s always a reason( mostly they drag him down or danger of getting his curse by being close to him)
      His next transformation is more entertaining, also quite handy compared to his previous ones. reminds me of the novel “after transformation me and her”

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Also as of late raw releases slowed down from 3 chapters per day to once per week, at this rate its gonna take months for any reunions.


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