Chapter 98

Translator: Drakuro

T.N: Well, not sure if this count as tomorrow, but whatever. Some part in the beginning of the translation are a bit hard to translate, but still fine for now. Anyway, here’s ch98.


New Land


I begin to run using〖Roll〗along the sea of the new land, continuing for one hour.
The scenery around me is really strange.


On the left side I can only sea the sea all the way till the end, while on the right side is the naked earth full of sand.
Is it a special geology, or is it because of the bad air current from the sea resulting in no rain, there’s no trees growing at all.
It became a desert even when it’s so near the sea.
Even if there’s a plant occasionally growing up, it looks just like those cactus one.


Even the cactus, it’s grown a real think green hair-like needle, and it looks like it’s crawling on the ground since it can’t stand its own weight.
It looks like a grown hairy fat caterpillar, giving it a really unpleasant feeling.
You might even mistook it as some kind of dark worm if you don’t see it carefully.


Even though I can see living creature here and there, the camel has three head with seaweed covering its body, there’s also a group of giant red ant forming a line, so it’s not really something that stirs my appetite frankly speaking.
[T.N: Not sure about the camel, might change later once I see the data sheet]


When I look at the sand-colored centipede which is four times longer than me, it really makes me want to just jump back into the sea.
Without the time to do anything, the other side seems to start running somewhere chasing after a monster looking like a leopard.


With short, innumerable foot, it fiercely move dispersing the sand nearby.
Although it’s possible to get away if I used〖Roll〗, if we compare the basic speed it’s definitely above me.


I wonder what rank is this large centipede?
I think it should be around rank B.
However I should not group this monster the same as the one from the forest.
Crap, I really want to go back to the forest real bad.


Currently, I should find a place that has edible looking creature and set up base there.
In this dry vacant land, there doesn’t seem to be any place for me to hide my body from monsters at all.
I should dig up a hole somewhere and create the sleeping place there.


Furthermore,  when I use〖Roll〗to search around, I managed to find a spectacle of rocks arranged together shaping a big Japanese Yen.
It’s like a huge, 5 meter radius Japanese yen. Not just one or two, but more than ten are arranged in the surroundings.


I’m feeling goosebumps just from seeing this.
What the heck is this thing?
Pretty sure this is a nest of some nasty monsters.
Should I turn back?


I cancelled〖Roll〗to observe it, and seeing the rock inside the circle, I understood that some kind of magic circle was drawn.
This thing, it’s not the work of monsters but man.


When I twist my head around, I noticed that there’s barely any monster found in the vicinity.
Is  it some kind of talisman warding evil?


Among all of these rocks, some of them can be easily moved.
As its hard to avoid monsters here, is there a village protected  beyond this rocks?


I noticed that I’ve been hoping to meet a human dwelling here, thus I shakes my head to remonstrate myself.
Currently, I am a monster.
Although I might look a bit cute as a baby dragon, my current appearance is completely that of the enemy of mankind。
If I see the explanation before the evolution,〖Evil Plague Dragon〗is the type that human really scared of.


Even if I didn’t enter the village, it would be a huge panic just from being seen and the uproar might even destroy the lifestyle over there.
There’s also the〖Dragon Scale Powder〗too.


Turning back, I used〖Roll〗to go back from where I came from.
I run towards the arranged rocks, cancelling〖Roll〗after I slightly neared it.


Regretfully, I really wanted to confirm even if it’s only the appearance of the village.
If I can step on top of the magic formation, even if I can see the other side, there might not be an uproar.


Kicking the ground, I fly high above, turning my vision towards where a village is supposed to be.


Continuing land can be seen after the arrangement of rocks, and further ahead, high stone wall can be seen. Lots of buildings can be seen on the other side of the wall.


It should be more than 10 meters in height.
Is it so that no monster can go in?


There’s also the magic rock formation too.

Since I’m only feeling a bit uncomfortable from it, there might be other monster that can get over it too.


Not just the height, but the area it covers are huge too.


This is no longer at the scale of a village.
It’s a  city.


On the other side of the high stone wall, I managed to caught a glimpse of a showy flag on the upper part of a building.
The inside seems to be very lively.
[T.N: I burst out laughing when one of my machine translate it as gay flag instead]


I get down on the ground, walking towards the opposite direction.
Looking at the vast extending empty land that will continue to expand in the future, I felt much  lonelier than before.


…if it’s like this, it would have been better if I hadn’t seen it.
No no, what are you doing getting depressed for?
I had already decided to continue living a lonely life as a dragon.


〖Dragon Scale powder〗should disappear depending on my next evolution.
As long as I continue raising〖Tiny Hero〗without getting depressed, I might be able to turn into a better race from now on.
Once I turn like that, it might even be possible for me to return to that forest again.


The〖Human Transformation Art〗skill has also level up as well.
Its Lv3 now. If I continue using it repeatedly, it might be possible for the appearance to be more humane.
My maximum MP also increased with my Lv up, so I can maintain it for a longer duration.


The MP consumption for〖Human Transformation Art〗is roughly around 1MP per second.
Because my current maximum value is 192, it would be empty in just a little over three minutes.
However if I continue to evolve, if I can increase my maximum MP to around 600, I can turn into human for 10 minutes.
Though I don’t understand how accurate the real number really is, in case I managed to get〖Auto MP Regeneration〗like the slime, even if I don’t raise my maximum MP, I should be able to increase the effective time considerably.


If it’s 10 minutes, not only can I talk to traveler,  it might even be possible for me to enter the village to see the situation.
While continuing doing that, it would be possible for me to know the circumstances of the other side after doing it for some times.


Alright, there’s still hope.
For the future purpose, I need to increase my maximum MP as well removing the evil dragon status.
Although I felt like I’m already on the straight path for evil dragon, I’ll manage somehow…. I really want to believe that.
If there’s 360,000 MP, I’ll be able to turn human for 100 hours! Don’t give up, me!


T.N: Btw, there’s this WN that I like that somehow stopped being translated with barely any updates. Seeing as the chapter is short and simple, as well as I’m really liking it, I thought about asking the translator about machine translating the raws whenever I’m free and then send him the translated copy for him to post. I posted about it on his website for almost a week with no reply(guess he’s busy). I only wanted to help translating it with no intention of taking over the project, considering I myself translates only when I felt like it.

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    1. Reincarnation ~ From the Upper World to the Lower World.

      cant really call it the best one yet as there’s less than 20 chapter now. But I really like it as its really in my strike zone. Another world, game element, MC getting stronger instead of OP from the start. Chapter is short too, so translating it should be a bit easier than the long one.
      As of now I’m still trying to find the raw to check how hard is it to translate.



        I think this should be the series you’re looking for. Quick tip for finding raws in the future – just find the japanese or chinese or w/e name of the series in kanji or hànzì or w/e (novelupdates is where I go to find em, listed under associated names) and then just copy paste that name into google, it’s usually one of the first few results. For this one for example, novelupdates says the associated name is “転生~上位世界から下位世界へ”, so a google search with that found it, first result.


      2. The Tl most likely giving it up without Notice. Its been months and I would like to continue reading it too


  1. Meatbun delivery~
    Thank you for the chapter ( ●w●)

    When he finds out that “tiny hero lv.10” will evolve “hero lv.1” i wonder if he’ll be happy or will he cry..


  2. Ok i may have understood this wrongly so im asking. The “Turn human skill” leveld really quickly everytime he used it. Every time it leveld up the mana consumption sank. A Skills max lvl is most likely 10/max. Downside to all of this is that turning human is extremly painful. Like all of your bones are beeing broken and reshaped and sht. So …. the whole math our lovely MC is doing is sht because he stopped leveling that skill cause of the extrem amount off pain not because leveling it would be to hard.
    Am i just drunk or stupid or what is going on?


    1. Human transformation didn’t level up ever, except for when he changed race from Child Evil Plague Dragon to Evil Plague Dragon, when it jumped from 1 to 3.

      At level 1 it also cost 1 MP every second, but he has never used it at level 3 before, or even level 2 but it probably says in the skill description or something that it still costs 1MP.

      It does cause incredible pain and that is why he stopped levelling it, but his math is at least being done with the right idea I think.


      1. He doesn’t use the skill because transformation is painful. The skill level due to his evo, the Dragon King sill raises levels of skills under Lv5 upon evolution. The more he uses a skill the faster the level increases, but he conveniently ignores that and instead wants the skill to magically increase. If that’s the case then all he needs to do is continue to evolve. More MP, higher skill level (till lv5), 2 birds with 1 stone…..


  3. I only realized when he flew up to scout the village but why is this idiot walking and rolling everywhere? Shouldn’t flight be his primary mode of transportation now?


    1. You know in the previous chapter MC checked if the Roll skill stolen or not. He said that Roll skill is his memories with the black lizard…


  4. Muito Obrigado ^^ Sou muito fã dessa novel, sou brasileiro e estou traduzindo ela para português através de vocês ^^ muito obrigado mais uma vez ^^


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