Chapter 93

Translator: Drakuro

Editor: Armocalypsis

T.N: Hey guys. Sorry for disappearing for more than 5 months from translating this.Translating that Slime battle really took a toll on me. Since it used so many difficult words as well as confusing line, it cause me to lose interest a bit in translating that part. So I’m really grateful to the other translator who’s willing to fill in the blank chapters. Anyway I’ll try to do a few chapter now since I’ve got the mood back and guess what? Its the dreaded side story…. which I hate. The lolibaba here speaks in old fashioned way, using “washi” and “nanojya” and all that crap(just imagine Shiroyasha from Mondaijitachi) so its really hard to translate. Luckily she stops speaking to anyone halfway through this chapter. Since I have no idea how to include her speech pattern like other translator do, I’ll just translate it as normal since its a pain.

Anyway here’s chapter 93:


A certain Half-Elf’s suspicion (Side story – POV Marielle)


“White Magic〖Rest〗”


As I shouted, light came out of my cane and wrapped around a blood-stained villager.
The deadly wound that opened at the abdomen was blocked, and the complexion of the villager has somewhat softened along with his breath calming down.
With this, no more injured are at risk of dying.

Suddenly my view shook, and the bottle that I was holding dropped, as power left my hand. The dropped bottle shattered, and the scarce remains of the green liquid left inside scattered on the floor.

That was my Mana potion.

Although it’s a medicine that recovers magical power, the side effects are easily noticable when taken in large amounts.
Worst case, you could even die if your drink too much in a day.


“Marielle-san, m-me too, please let me use the medicine! There’s still more in the house right?” (Miria)


My apprentice, Miria, ran up to me, who tried to stand up.


It’s a fact that if you exclude me, Miria is the only one in the village that is able to use white magic.
Although the Mana potion is useful when your own magical power is insufficient, let alone normal human, I can’t give this to Miria who’s still a child.
Not only stops your growth, it will also decrease your lifetime too.


“There’s no more people who have fatal injury anymore. If you drink that you will stop growing.” (Marielle)


“But, Marielle-san’s growth too….” (Miria)


I stop Millia’s speech before she finished.
My standing as a teacher will collapse if I let her say more than that. I need to hold my honor as the village elder.
Though it’s fine for me, such a carefree thing like that can’t be said if you think about the village.
Especially from now on.

[T.N: Can’t really make a good guess for this paragraph]


A dignified leader’s existence is indispensable to rebuild a damaged village.
Although there are not that many people aside from me that can use white magic, i heard news of someone taking advantage of one person among the few candidate to make her go out of the village.
Though I’m a bit disappointed since giving advice might not be too effective given our age difference, I have no intention of stopping.
However, I can’t possibly argue more after hearing this.

[T.N: sorry, still freaking hard to translate this one. I hate you lolibaba]


“Stop treating me like a child. However, that medicine is expensive. If it’s not for treating a person with fatal injury, don’t ever think about using it just out of curiosity if you can’t pay me 20,000G”. (Marielle)


I warned Miria with stern voice to decline her request.
Actually, the value does reach that high if you buy it in a town.
But I only buy the cheap material in town and collect the rest myself, and because I picked the expensive herb in the forest and compound it myself, the total cost is only about 1000G.


“I-I will pay, absolutely. In the future… when I became able to earn money. Pomera-chan has been suffering all this time so….” (Miria)


Just when I remove my hands from her lips, I close it again.
Truly, what a gentle child.


“…well,I can still use it about one more time. I will go see this Pomera. I want Millia to go to the house and take the ointment and bandage.” (Marielle)


“Thank you very much!” (Miria)


Miria lowers her head and runs quickly.
…now then, since I’ve promised, I need to get the mana potion again.


Although it’s impossible if I use the entire 2nd bottle, there shouldn’t be any problem if it’s only half a bottle.
Not to mention, this body can’t manage to live for too long now.
There no regret even if it decreases a bit more.
The important person are buried in the garden, so it seems like the grave count might increase to three there.


I am a bit anxious, but I can’t delay this.
Although my physical condition is the worst right now because of mana potion, I can’t leave this to other people since its urgent.

The pursuit of that dark dragon.
Although I am interested in it, my intuition said considerable danger exist.
The reason that I want to chase after it is also because my selfishness.


That figure… although I’ve only seen the picture of it long time ago, could that be the Evil Plague Dragon?


I drink the mana potion as soon as I get back to the house, and apply white magic to Pomera.
After confirming that Pomera had recovered,  I ask Miria and several other people to quickly gather some medical ingredients,  after saying “I will join you after I rest a bit inside the house” I secretly went out of the village.


I applied magic to thin my presence and runs into the forest.


Although Miria acts like she doesn’t mind at all when she’s almost killed by that dragon, I can’t be depressed when I think about the state of the village.
Deep inside though, it really bothers me.


Even though it piques my interest, it doesn’t change the fact that the dark dragon had killed a villager.
If it becomes known that Miria was the one who brought it to the village, it will certainly worsen her standings among the villagers.
Though it seems like I’m forcing it to the dead one, after shutting up a few people, it’s been decided to spread the rumor that Gregory was the person who brought the dark dragon.

It seems to be difficult for Miria to accept it, but it’s certainly the best course of action if I think about the future.


However, I need to confirm it before I close the case.
There are only a few dead people for a disaster of this scale.
One person got done in by the Mahaa Wolf that entered the village, one person was killed by Dorz, three people were killed by the rock dragon, and finally Gregory who got his neck split by the dark dragon.
Although it’s rude to be pleased by this, only 6 death can only be called a miracle.


I confirmed Gregory’s corpse after that, but his body was caught in the crack caused by the Little Rock Dragon, which destroyed his body.
When the neck is split, I had some doubt whether Gregory was still alive or not.


I asked around for the injured person about the cause of their injury, but there are none who were attacked by the dark dragon.
There are way too little damage for the notorious calamity called the Evil Plague Dragon.


Even when it tried to attack Miria.
For it to miss from such a point-blank range, normally would not be possible.


It is also strange for it to easily moved backwards when I attacked only using magic of that degree.
Even if I attack it with its weak attribute, it only hit the back of its hand.


It is also possible that it is all just a coincidence.
I’ve lived for a long time, so having encounter a coincidence in succession once in a lifetime is not unusual I think.
Still, I can’t shake it.
I’ve been hailed as the hero who defended the village, but wont this come and bite me later?

[T.N: She said something about imitating throwing a stone and have it repelled back, not sure if Japanese idiom or what. Please clarify in the comments if you knew]


“Upu!?” (Marielle)


The nausea comes when I run.
I stop at once and use my hand to grab the nearby tree.
It seems like I’ve drank too many mana potion after all.


I lean against the tree to take a rest until the pain in my head goes down.
Should I just go back today?


That dark dragon too should have already entered the depths of the forest long ago.
The degree of risk of the monster increases once I go to the interior. I can’t use magic to erase my presence if my magic runs out.
I need to recover first.
When I make an excuse to myself and stood up, a loud sound was heard nearby.


Is it a fight between large monster?
I be an easy prey if I got caught up in it.
After thinking about going back to the village, I stopped my foot.


This is the shallow part of the forest, not a place where the large monster would be.
I think about the dark dragon from a while ago, and when I turn around, I heard sound making me looks up.


In the air, the previous dark dragon can be seen to fly up.
It hold the monster of infinite form, the slime tightly in its hand.
The dark dragon is flying right up towards the sky, before suddenly making a sudden turn.


And just like that, it dove straight down towards the bottom of the cliff.


I run towards the edge of the cliff, looking at the bottom of the cliff.
Could  the dark dragon have been swallowed by the flow of the river? I can no longer see its appearance.


When I look up, my eyes met with a large lizard who’s also looking towards the bottom of the cliff.

The large lizard seems to lose interest in me as it once again moved its glance towards the river ahead.




T.N: One down, two more side story to go(would you believe that it only took me less than 2 days to finish this chapter? Why it took so long then? That’s because I only start translating this one yesterday). And the next one is about those orange  monkeys. I wont promise when I’ll finish it since we all know I can’t keep it.
Btw, I’m having problem on what the monster should really be called. In the raw its normally something like “魔物”(Magical thing/Demon) or “魔獣”(Magical Beast/Demon beast). I only translate it as “monster” but if you guys have a better naming give it a go.

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  1. Thx 4 the chapter. But, really? Was it necessary to keep the cliff hanger? Could it not have been solved? The author is making me slowly lose my life span with this cliff hanger.


  2. Thank you! Can’t wait for the next one. Like you said, but 魔物 can mean 2 different things which are either Demon Item/Magic Tool. 魔獣 on the other hand can just be intepreted as a monster. Hope I did anything useful at all~


    1. You’re too literal. It usually can’t be translated kanji by kanji (it hints though).
      9 times of 10 “bakemono” is a “monster” (or apparition, ghost, etc)

      PS. and useless rant
      I think Japanese just fascinated with horrors hence ton of specific terms.
      Don’t make me start asking of subtle differences between bakemono, oni, mazoku, shinma, etc etc


  3. thank you I always enjoy reading this
    and if it’s up for a vote I say keep it at monster I like to keep things sort and simple
    “Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication “


  4. oh come on i was waiting to see what happened how many lvl did he get dame you side story half-elf 😀

    sry about that am rly happy to read more thanks your translation is great.
    awesome job


  5. Good work.
    As to translation I prefer monster.
    Also translate meaning when it’s everything but a noun. When it’s a noun try to get it accurate. Note monster is like saying animals or fish. Very general not a need for specific’s demon / magical beast / etc. More of a description than a name. Just do what works till you find something better. It’s like saying animal in reference to a type of dog more specific would be canine or Doberman, notice only Doberman is specifically enough to need exact wording. Canine can be dog also. Animal can be card or dogs or koalas.

    TL: DR? Translate meaning rather than specious except in names/nouns. Monster is fine until you find out otherwise.


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