Chapters ready, not at computer


I’ve got some chaps ready, but I am at a different computer and will only have access to the docs tomorrow morning. You will get all of them on the moring.

Sorry for the delay.


45 thoughts on “Chapters ready, not at computer

  1. I recommend using some online storage for those docs. You can reach them from any computer and they wont disappear in case of harddrive failure. I once lost a week of work on my thesis becouse of hddrive faliure and i wanted to bash my head in the wall a few dozen times.


      1. So when can we expect the next release? In a few days, in a week or more? Not rushing you for a release i only would like some info on the progress.


  2. Waiting……. Like this if you are waiting and have turned into a skeleton becuase of waiting or have turned into dust for waiting for so long…. Don’t worry about us and work out what has happend, or went wrong or due to IRL issuses as we are all ….. Waiting for you…….. Waiting and waiting patently…….. We are waiting.

    *tumble weed goes across the screen*


  3. The year is 2020, the world is covered with skeletons sitting in front of computer screens staring with their blank faces. Just sitting there, …… waiting.


  4. In the future, you should give yourselves a great amount of leeway for chapter posts, so that if unexpected setbacks occur, you’ll have room to still get it out on time. It is much better to have a long “wait period” than to miss a deadline and deal with the disappointment that follows. If done well, those long wait periods won’t be needed and chapter will be “early” which is something pleasant and is good. So long deadlines which assume for setbacks to occur in the future are best, so no disappointment happens and only pleasant surprise can occur from it being early from no setbacks.


  5. mah mah guys, think about all the chapters that will be realeased at once, three or more you know~ plz keep us informed o/


  6. I am starting to think that contrary to previus statements that chap 90-92 were translated there were no chapters translated after chapter 89. If chapter 90-92 only needed editing we should have seen at least one finished chapter by now.


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