still in hell :'(

We are still in hell but when finding someone to edit the person was writing a rencarnation book were the MC is a dragon so here is apart of the prologue if you want more the URL is at the bottom

Prologue: Awakening a Giant Lizard
Have you ever had one of those mornings where you wake up half asleep and you are not quite sure where or what you were doing? I hate to admit it but I’ve had this happened a few too many times, honestly I’ve lost count. My alarm would be screaming bloody murder, the sun seemingly aiming a beam a light directly into my face. I would then look around and slowly drag myself out of bed get dressed and drive to work. Today however things ended up quite different, my alarm was replaced with some birds. Yes, blood birds are chirping into my room probably getting their kicks out of waking me up. Desperately trying to get that 5 more minutes and I roll around but the damn birds won’t stop! What the hell is their problem, can’t a guy sleep in peace on his day off. Sick and tired of their lack of consideration I try to get up to give them a piece of my mind. Hmm? Great… my blanket is wrapped around me tightly was I dreaming of being a human burrito or something? At this point I’m quite frustrated and begin flailing about, my arms and legs can’t get free. I already hate today, I can’t even get out of bed properly. I finally break free and just wormed my way through to find I wasn’t in bed?It seems to be a cave of some sort… pretty large and there’s a small body of water nearby and it sounds like a waterfall nearby. Well then, I must be dreaming still the stuff I dream about I swear. Looking around this cave is pretty wide, not too large light travels all the way here. Well since I’m out of bed now I should probably make my bed, dream or not I should take care of this before I forget. I turn around and look to see an egg with something black and scaly come out of it! Oh crap it’s a snake, I try to barrel roll away and look back… it’s gone? I start to panic, it looked like a pretty big snake and why was there an egg…where’s my blanket?
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