Chapter 85

Translator: Mothblade
Editor: Armocalypsis




Even though my spirit was severely fatigued, I continued to run as if I was whipped, with the aim of reaching the cave.

My Body is heavy, painful.
If my inner legs became tangled, I knew I would fall over.
But now, I wanted to run anyways.

I suffered while I ran.
Would it not be better to die in this forest?

〖Dragon powder scales〗 has the power to spread sickness.
If I live together with the red monkeys, would they not get sick?
Whether Black Lizard’s〖poison resistance〗 is also valid against this disease is unknown.
If there is an〖Evil Plague Dragon〗 nearby, the people in the village near the forest would not be able to live in peace.
One reason is because of my criminal record, and if I came to the village once, then I will come to the village for a second time.

Given the neighbourhood, they might even think that it is dangerous to stay here at all.

Suddenly, I saw a pack of Grey Wolves just further down the road.

“Guuuuu ……” “Gau’! Gau’!”

Apparently they were in the middle of a hunt, and had surrounded a large squirrel.
It turns while scratching its surroundings, and kills a wolf with a bite.
The Large squirrel was holding a bloody head of a Grey Wolf in its mouth, while shaking it around vigorously.

“Gururu ………… Gu?” “Gow?”

The Gray Wolves which have been looking for prey seem to have noticed my footsteps, and gathered to me all at once.
Then, like the children of a spider, they scatter. As they tried to flee, I annihilated the entire pack.

A Madcap Gray Wolf was also apparently present, and choose to attack me now.
The terrible habit of wanting to chase them around from when I was a〖Child Evil Plague Dragon〗 resurfaced.
I think that physique does not determine who is stronger. It is the actual victory that is important.

The Large Squirrel raises its face curiously, while observing its surroundings.
The expression the Squirrel had when its gaze met mine was as if it was facing death incarnate.

I honestly had no idea about what to do about this crappy little demon, and did not want to spend any time on it.

This broke my heart, as I remembered the Black lizard and Red Monkeys.

After running, albeit slowly and not very efficiently, but running nonetheless, the cliff came into view.


Suddenly, I heard a nostalgic voice, and stopped immediately.
It was a Black Lizard.
While dragging her injured paw, she came closer to me.
Apparently, it seems to have been quite worried about me and went the long way around the cliff, trying to catch up to me.

With just a glance it found out that it was me?
No, because she just made a sunsun sound with its nose, it might have identified me by my smell.

God only knows how determined she was. We were reunited, so I did not know what to do.
I was puzzled, and froze in place.

The Black Lizard’s eyes grew wide in a blink, and then it confidently jumped at me.
Because the difference in body size is too great, I can only equate the sensation to a stick embracing my foot.

“Kishi’! Kishi’! Kishii’!”

I was worried a little, so I sat down in the forest.
I lifted the Black Lizard with of my tail to the front of my face, so as not to damage her with my claws. I carefully stroked the head of the black lizard.
(Moth: Wow, he got bigger than I expected. My fan theory is that the poison serpent evolution our MC had is also going to available for our lizard, so they can be around the same size again)

“Kishii’! Kishii’!”

Black Lizard is looking rather happy.

There is a long list of troubles I have to deal with now. The first one is related to Douz.
He wounded me.

There is a possibility that there was a hidden effect on his blade. If there was, it could lead to some horrible things, and can not be allowed to stand.

Before I do anything else, I should try to disinfect it

The second problem is the〖Dragon Powder Scales: Lv4〗.
There is the question of how much of an influence it will be on the ecosystem, and whether I would have to leave the forest because of it.

The third problem, and the most troublesome, is the village.
If you think about the effect I can have, the village will probably not be able to exist peacefully again.
In order to subdue me, they will hire a swordsman like the last time, and they might come storming into the cave.
Also in that regard, God knows how it will involve the Red Monkeys and Black Lizard.

Fourthly, I need to decide what I will put in the cave, and how I will fit it in there.

I might be able to use 〖Human Transformation〗to fit inside, but I might annihilate everything inside if I accidentally turn back into my dragon form inside the cave.

Food is also a concern, now that my body has became huge. There is simply not enough preserved food.

Finally, I need to apologise to the Black Lizard. My sense of justice demands it.

I left her alone with an injured foot, in a dangerous forest.



As it is difficult to communicate, I can’t even decently apologise.

As such, it may be that the root of evil and misunderstanding will remain.

But right now, I don’t want to think about it – I just want to let my mind rest.


I felt that Black Lizard said “Welcome back!”


And then, I was crowed with all of those kind thoughts.


37 thoughts on “Chapter 85

    1. actually that was a blunder in my part.
      the raw said: “気配感知” and my translation tool said “sign perception” which i mistook for telepathy.
      just realized that the telepathy one from that boss monkey is:”念話” which is something like “sense talk”.

      anyway I think the skill he got supposed to be “presence sensing”, so I’ll change it in the later chapter


    1. I read the comment. Nope, not telepathy. it was mistranslation for 気配感知 -Kehai kanchi =presence sensing. We’ll have to bear with ‘Kishi’ and ‘Ga’ for awhile unless humanoid him can speak i guess.


  1. He doesn’t have telepathy. That skill is気配感知
    気配 is presence
    感知 is sense
    So he can sense enemies…

    Telepathy is 念話


  2. Also for the 竜の鱗 vs 竜鱗粉 thing, it seems that the first one うろこ is more like scales like we think of them… like what a fish has. The second one, りんぷん is more like what a butterfly has… insects of the lepidoptera order apparently have really tiny scales on their wings and bodies, that’s what colors their wings.
    In English we don’t distinguish between types of scales… in any case scale powder is fine probably… it’s refering to poison I’m guessing his wings are spreading from their scales, yeah? Which are different, more flexible scales than the hard ones on his body.


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