80. Blind Path

There’s not that much HP anymore.
The damage to the body is overlapping, my ability to move had fallen considerably too.

Honestly even if I’m in perfect condition there’s no way for me to be able to keep on hitting its head and retreat.
My posture will also broke if I misread the timing for〖Earthquake〗, the chance of success is very slim under the pursuits of its tail.

My view is hazy, and my legs are trembling.
Under such a condition where my movement have become duller, there are now ways at all for me to fight against the Little Rock Dragon.

Around the Little Rock Dragon, lies the dying villagers.
If the fight drags on, all of them will die.
No, even if the fight is not prolonged, all of them can be annihilated by one action from the Little Rock Dragon.

In particular, the damage of Gregory who received the 〖Earthquake〗 of the Little Rock Dragon up close is great.
If there are no way for me to win with current state, I guess there’s no more room for me to postpone it.
I have to use the evolution.
Since the Lv is reset, I don’t know whether the status will greatly decrease depending on the evolution.
Additionally, it might cause some confusion among the villagers.
Even if I met the Black Lizard again, she might not even recognize that it’s me.

Still, this is my only chance to succeed right now.
I can do nothing but use it.
In addition to the recovery ability, there is also the possibility of me being able to move straight again after evolution too.

I recall the next evolution.
Something, anything among that evolution that are able to fight against the Little Rock Dragon.

〖Jormungand〗: rank C +
〖Little Arc Dragon〗: rank C
〖Artificial dragon〗: rank C-
〖Rolling dragon〗: rank C-
〖Dark Drago-Hyuma〗: Rank –

Becoming the sub-race〖Dark Drago-Hyuma〗is a no.
Although it’s the human figure that I longed for, I don’t think I can expect much from its combat side.
Too bad, but i guess I have to give up on that one.

The〖Rolling dragon〗was also a candidate, but I can’t find any element of it being able to fight on par with the Little Rock Dragon.
My current speed is already sufficient
Its power is way too low.

〖Artificial dragon〗is also useless.
Its biggest advantage is its swift hands, but that’s it.
Its status is not that high either.
〖Little Arc Dragon〗, or 〖Jormungand〗?
If i think properly, it’s either of these two.
The ranks are higher than the others, so the odds should be higher.

If it’s the〖Little arc Dragon〗, I might be able to recover some of the dying villagers.
If the remaining villagers are treated, it is possible to escape.
Then I can fight without reserve.
Although the village is in a mess, the casualties can be suppressed.
The ‘Little’ system means I’ll stop growing, it should also means it was possible to get stronger quickly.

〖Jormungand〗 is …… 〖Jormungand〗 is …….

[〖Jormungand: rank C +〗]
[Alias, Venomous snake dragon. It has an appearance of an audacious snake. Its whole body is covered with scales tinged with a very deadly poison. ]
[The combat ability is low, but it is said that the opponent who fought it is sure to die of poison without fail. ]
[Has the ability to exhaled poison that can change into monster. ]
[the land that this monster has passed, it is said that plants will never grow there again. ]

If it is〖Jormungand〗, the possibility to defeat it, might exist.
It should be able to stop the Little Rock Dragon.
Although it has the appearance like that of a lump or rocks, it does not have the 〖Poison Resistant〗skill.

But, perhaps, the land around the village will wither, and everyone will die.
And it’s different from the〖Child Plague Dragon〗, as it’s no longer possible to turn back.
For sure it is impossible for me to enter a human dwelling.

After all, there’s no other choice aside from〖Little Arc Dragon〗.
In this case, the Gregory who seems to stop breathing at any moment should be helped too.
Since I do not understand neither the detailed status or skill, I can’t predict what will happen after this.

What happens after this, I really want to know.
I want to know more about the details. Really, Can I beat the Little Rock Dragon?
Can I save the villager?

Although I have no choice but to be optimistic, the uneasiness still wells up in my throat.
To entrust my fate to that rough explanation, it’s insane huh? I’m not sure if I can do it.
Anything is fine. One step at a time, I want that something that will surely push my back.
Idea keeps circling in my head, and I felt like some part of my power leave my body.
The fatigue of using〖Baby Breath〗finally strikes my body.
My MP, did it decrease?
Seems like a lot has been reduced.

[Title skills 〖Laplace Interference Authority: Lv1〗 is obtained. ]

Laplace is…..when the Lv of〖God’s voice〗 went up, I saw it did something in an instant….

[If evolved into 〖Little Arc Dragon〗, the winning rate is 4%, the success rate of rescuing all the injured person is 1%. ]

It feels like a jab in my head, that kind of feeling.
The determination that I made just now, is now cracking and crumbling apart.

[If evolved into 〖Jormungand〗, the winning rate when hitting each other is 98%, probability of the village collapses is 94%. ]

Oi, geez, stop it.
Don’t joke around

Such a thing, have you not considered how I had to prepare my heart first?.
Don’t tell me that〖God’s Voice〗, did he take on that voice just to show me this?
Ya wanna play with me?

[If evolved into 〖Rolling Dragon〗, the winning chance is less than 1%, success rate of escaping is more than 99%. ]



As I cry loudly, the screen that was floating in my head quickly disappeared.

The Little Rock Dragon which heard my cry stopped its foot once, then began running in a dash.
It seems like it intend to pierce through me once and for all.

The prediction of 〖God’s Voice〗, there now way I can believe that.
The 〖Little Arc Dragon〗, that’s the only choice.
To get away from this situation, there’s no way I will listen to that fake god!

Also the 〖Little Arc Dragon〗 is the only one that can help Gregory.
The injury of that guy is terrible, he’s already running out of energy due to the blood loss. If I don’t use recovery magic right now, it will be too late.
He’s the second human who called me by my name.
I must help him by any means necessary.

45 thoughts on “80. Blind Path

  1. but what are the odds for the other dragon types is what i wonder about
    well atleast he’ll be able to becomes a master pot-craftsman afterwards with the arc dragon

    thanks for the chapter


  2. Thanks

    Won’t his evolution stop when he chooses one with “Little” in the name ?
    If i’m right, “Little Arc Dragon” is a bad idea.


  3. He truly is stupid now he was not listen to the voice that gave him most of his information,and he’s cutting off his ability to evolve to go on a suicide mission


      1. I never really remember anything of that sorts. What the God Voice had told him is all correct. The one at fault here is the MC.

        In my opinion, the MC is just too whiny. He picks a choice then just complain.

        Liked by 1 person

      2. Except for the plague dragon transformation which did in fact have a humoniod form I don’t remember other times. Though he still is stupid since it only came to this cause he broke his word about leaving humans a lone and then wanted to look good in front of them and now he’s about to kill his ability to evolve


      3. the voice has never tried to trick him. that is bullshit. every time it was completely honest, was completely up front about its goal – to make him more powerful – and gave him all the info he needed to make the right choice and instead he chose the moron choice each time, and then blames the voice for tricking him. him being an idiot does not mean he is tricked.

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    1. there isn’t a single example of the voice of heavens doing something for him…nor there is proof that the voice of heavens is telling the truth…..

      I would never trust someone that only watches for amusement……


      1. a fun though about this…..telling the truth doesn’t mean that you can trust it…..

        Rudeus Greyrat from Mushoku Tensei suffered hell because of this little thing called Hitogami, he told rudeus the truth…..but at the same time he deceived and lead rudeus to misery for the lulz of enjoying stuff…and saving his ass…but mostly for the lulz of enjoying….


      2. guys, Hitogami is the prof that you cant trust voices fron god, anyone who read Mushoku Tensei will agree with MC here


      3. the god voice only tells him information and what is good for him,it really didnt care for others but he is the one who makes the choices so all of this is his doings not the god’s voice


      4. evolving in the most evil and hated creature of all times…..and destroying the world…isn’t exactly something good for MC…the Demon Lord Path isn’t at least


      5. True, the VoG tried to lead him down a certain path, but it never lied. In the end the MC made his own choice based on the given descriptions and how own desire to become closer to humans.
        Even if the VoG wanted him to go in a certain direction for some (so far) unknown reason, in the end the decisions were still all his own. Then when it doesn’t live up to his high expectations of instant gratification, he B&Ms like a 12 y/o. He seems to disregard the fact that these skills have levels and just completely ignores trying to raise them, so that he can complain some more about how much of a rip-off the evo was.


  4. Leave the Jormungand to your little poisonous lizard. Just take Dark-Drago Hyuma or Artificial Dragon then start using your brain to fight God-freaking-damn-it.
    Bait that f*cking dragon outside the village! I don’t know, just drag the dragon child’s corpse or something? Why the heck are you fighting on the vicinity of the village, you little moron….

    Liked by 1 person

    1. He already stated that he would choose neither because they are no good. If you ask me, it seems that he thinks those dragons is worse than what he is now. A level down or something. Or he don’t want to level up/evolve because those are not good enough and wouldn’t help in the situation.

      He could also do those things you said, but then, he is so undecisive he is bound to stay still again. Maybe he will think that it would fail, or the rock dragon will catch up to him or something inane.

      He might be human in his previous life but intelligence might be something he is not known for.

      Liked by 1 person

  5. thanks for translating this :D. so anyway it seems he can’t lure it outside .. as far as i can tell the little rock dragon just bash him away and then ignores him and go bash some other villagers again ( remember it was a villager that fcked up his eggs) well brace yourself for the next chapters if u havent read the raws .. its gonna get heavy


  6. ty for chapters
    i think if he tried to pick little arc dragon the gods voice would spam his mind again making him not pick up wth an ultra migraine since it will limit his growth and the voice wants him to get strong for some reason. not all gods are bad like in mushoku tensei… this is hypothetical but the gods voice hes hearing could be part of his past memories that he cannot remember that has gained its own awareness 😀


  7. Just as I thought. The choices lost their value because he keep postponing the decision making. Any of the choices would have been of a great help before the situation become critical. Now they’re just duds. Why wait for the situation to become desperate before actually doing anything that could have helped? Shitty MC.

    I guess a Deus Ex Machina or something would happen. Maybe a new, more useful choice would appear? Or he will get a random powerup? Or a meteor would fall from the sky and hit the rock dragon?

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Well if the leveled up little brave maybe he could have gotten best of both words and got a new stronger form that is also friendly to humans? And the only reason he is doing this is because he is in dire strights right now and he want to wait till he was back at home for his transformation so the black lizard would now it is him and so he could like a smart person go over his choices in a calm environment not in he middle of being chased by a pack of wolfs where he could be weaken at first when he evolves. He also probably isn’t the calmest situation fighting another dragon


      1. From where the story is going, I think there would be little chance that he would evolve to anything close to human-friendly type dragon. From the beggining of the story, the author seems to set things up so that the dragon type he would choose would not be of that kind.

        These choices is available long before this conflict with the dragon started. It was a relatively calm and safe inside the cave. This option has been visited many times after but still he still would not make pick. Now that things has become desperate, the choices now loose their use. They become duds and unable to help in the situation.

        He keep giving the excuse of the black lizard not able to know him anymore, but that is a very weak excuse. I have two reasons why:

        •Think about it, monster here could evolve. This situation of monsters changing appearance should not be something that the black lizard should be unfamiliar about. It should be a big thing.

        •He could just introduce himself again. Comparing this outcome to having people die instead, I would choose this problem instead. He could just evolve, save the day, then just reintroduce himself to black lizard. Instead, he let people die because he don’t want the hassle of reintroducing himself. Shitty MC.

        Also, he have to wait for the situation to calm before he makes his pick? The problem is, this is not the reason why he won’t pick. His reason is because the black lizard would not recognize him and secondary reason is he thinks the choices are shit.

        And who says he will be weakened when he evolves? It didn’t happen before, why would it happen now?

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      2. Ralmon, i think it was stated in his second evolution, because althou the new form is stronger his stats drop a bit because the lv is reset to 1, but iam not 100% sure

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    1. I don’t care if its a troll or not, but please don’t post spoiler in this site as it might ruins the fun for everyone else. There will be only one warning for each people before I use the banhammer.


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