78. The King of the Boulder

78. The King of the Boulder
Although it seems like many people had noticed the Little Rock Dragon, there are still a good number of villager remain.
The people who were trying to catch a Douz, are now trying to repel the Little Rock Dragon.
There are also people who carry the wounded friends and family, so there are many people that are still here.

If it is goes on a rampage at a place like this, then it would be disastrous.
The Little Rock Dragon also has the skill of 〖Earthquake〗.
It crushes the earth, as this skill affects quite a wide area of effects.
The power is weak, but it is enough to crush an ordinary village in a single blow.

In order to put together an idea of what to do, I check the status of the Little Rock Dragon.
Race: Little Rock Dragon
State: Rage (Large)
Lv: 24/55
HP: 262/262
MP: 93/117
Attack: 183
Defense: 248
Magic power: 107
speed: 54
Rank: C

Characteristics Skills:
〖Dragon scales: Lv4〗 〖Breath Reinforcement: Lv2〗
〖Automatic HP Recovery: Lv2〗 〖Earth Attributes: Lv–〗

Resistant Skills:
〖Fire attribute resistance: Lv5〗 〖Physical resistance: Lv3〗
〖Magic resistance: Lv4〗

Normal Skills:
〖Sand Breath: Lv4〗 〖Bite: Lv4〗 〖Rock Claw: Lv4〗
〖Self-Replication: Lv3〗 〖Earthquake: Lv4〗 〖Stone Press: Lv6〗
〖Clay: Lv1〗 〖Dragon Tail: Lv1〗

Title Skills:
〖Those Who Achieve the Final Evolution: Lv–〗

As I thought, the power is far greater from the last time.
It’s brutal status make me think that the twin head seems pretty cute.

Although it seems to be specialized in defense, the offensive power is still frightening.
The only low stats is its speed, but it’s still dangerous even if it’s slow.
Although it is slower than the Mahaa Wolf, it is still faster than the running ordinary villagers.
Because it has a range attack to cover for its lack of speed, the only strategy I had is the hit and run tactics huh.
In addition because there are villagers too, it’s going to get bad if this is prolonged.
It’s the worst situation.

I should have killed Douz when I first met him.
No, even when I rammed him just now, I should have been able to regain that egg if I kill him there.

This is just an afterthought.
Although it’s just an afterthought, if I think about the current state, there’s no mistaking it.

Could it possibly be, that I was trying to take advantage of this situation to get familiar with those from the village, I tried to avoid murder, so I spare Douz?
Isn’t this result right now because of me?


To remove the bad feeling in my head, I gave a roar.

Little Rock Dragon glare at me, and discovered the remains of the egg in its line of sight.


It greatly lifted its foot, and stomp it to the ground
I feel my surrounding begin to shake.

I feel miserable with just that one blow.
Many times, over and over again, the Little Rock Dragon stomps the ground with its foot.
The one that I was cautious the most, the skill that I never want it to use in the village, it’s the 〖Earthquake〗.

The ground is cracking, and the body of the villager are dragged into the crack.

Screams and cries can be heard.
There are people who can’t move their foot and are asking for help, and there are also people shaking the body of their dying acquaintance many times.
There’s children that tried to treat a man that looks like his grandfather, then run away while crying.
The man that passed the middle age reached out to his grandchild, but finally breathed his last while still remains in the same post.
I stretched my wings kicking off the ground, and take flight to the Little Rock Dragon that is at least twice larger than me.
the Little Rock dragon extend its tail towards me.
I tilt my wing to drop my height, and dodge it.
I pull to the right side of its body, and with my raised power from the acceleration drew a big line across the side of its body with〖Paralysis Claw〗…. Or so that was my intention.
My claws were repelled and fluttered in the air.

While I’m upset, I make a landing at a suitable place by continuing to glide.
I check the HP of Little Rock Dragon.

the damage is not delivered properly.
On the contrary, the scratches is immediately remove at once with automatic recovery.

I think about the skill that I have in my head.

The power of〖Roll〗 and 〖Dragon Punch〗are insufficient.
〖Poison fang〗?
No, to begin with my fang can’t pierce it, and even if I can inflict the abnormal status, my weak poison will be negated with the automatic recovery..
〖Nutcracker〗is possible if the opponent’s weight is suitable, but it is totally impossible for me to fly in the sky with the weight of the Little Rock Dragon.

The way to break through the Little Rock Dragon, there’s none.
I land behind it.
With this chance, I wanna try to do something.
I want to try, but there’s no idea popping inside my head at all.

At the moment that I was stuck thinking, the Little Rock Dragon greatly raised its foot, and vigorously stomp the ground.
Again the surrounding began to shake, and the earth is split.

The me who is behind its hind legs receive the impact directly, and greatly blown away.
I rounded my body in mid air at once, and was able to avoid banging my head on the ground.
It’s thanks to using 〖Roll〗as a habit.

However, when I stretched out my rounded body to return to my normal body posture, when I checked for the Little Rock Dragon, a lump of rock had already approached me.
It’s the Little Rock Dragon’s tail.


My head becomes blank the moment I took it.
Blood splashed from my mouth as I can trace i with my eyes.

That whip made from lump of rocks, directly hit my body.
That〖Attack: 183〗is definitely not just for show.
Attack, defense, both are by far above what i’ve ever seen before.

Although I’ve crossed the dangerous bridge with confidence many times before, when I receive the direct hit from that, it’s the first time I felt like this.

I bit the edge of my tounge with my own fang, trying to somehow hold on to my consciousness that was going to fade.
I look up at the previous Little Rock Dragon and glare at it, it looked way bigger than before.

It lifted the rock whip again, and it down towards me whose movement had become dull.

When I put force onto my foot in an attempt to avoid it, a sudden dull pain suddenly affected my belly.
The damage that I received before was too serious.
The paralyzing pain returns, going through my body at once.
My consciousness was completely filled with the acute pain, that my evasion is delayed.
When I thought that it’s already useless, the movement of the Little Rock Dragon stops.
It turns its neck, and takes its eyes from me.

“Do not retreat! Provide support to the dark dragon!”
“This is our village!” “ Although I don’t know whether this will work or not, let’s defeat it! There should be some soft parts somewhere on its body!”

With Gregory in the lead, I can see the armed villagers pointing their weapons towards the Little Rock Dragon.

18 thoughts on “78. The King of the Boulder

  1. I’m planning to translate till chapter 82 as it seems like that is when he chose his next evolution. so stay tuned as I try to finish it before Monday comes. after that I’m going to be a wee bit busy with college life(lol, college ‘life’)

    Liked by 1 person

  2. ….somehow I’m so mad at this MC. ….I don’t really get it, but I feel the MC sucks so bad at choosing his priorities.

    I hope a lot of villagers will die so this little dragon can mature a bit.


      1. Entertaining he is not. Fireworks are entertaining. Scrat (Ice Age) is entertaining. Tetris is entertaining. The one thing these three things did that Irushia didn’t is to draw us in. What he do (or more like didn’t do) actually just distances us from him. If he just say mindlessly attact the Little Rock Dragon, or desperately pick up the villagers, or even just scream his rage at everythings, then he would have connected to something within us. But here, he didn’t. He makes us feel like abandoning him than follow him.

        As for feeling something… that is not really enough. It is bad that you will feel bored or uninterested or indifferent towards the MC. But the worser thing than feeling nothing for the MC is feeling repelled by the MC. Anger, disgust, revolted… is the opposite fo what you should feel towards the MC.

        Still, I have hope for the story. It still have a potential to recover even if it reaches a low at the moment.

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      1. That’s why I said he couldn’t get his priority right.
        I feel like reading a third grader MC trying to act like an adult yet is still a brat inside.


  3. Again, indecisiveness. It is not the actual lack of means but his tendency to not act that creates this big problems for him. The situation calls for him to act, but instead he essentially stay still… to fatal results.

    He clearly isn’t a strong MC (contrary to what the title suggest) and at this moment the MC is in its most unlikable.


  4. This makes me a terrible person, but I hope that the village and Milia die to teach the MC a life lesson: when you live in a world where life is not that precious, eliminate all threats.

    Going by his “I should have killed Douz when I first met him” line, it doesn’t seem like he would have shied away from the act of killing. In the end, he’s a scrub and as such he needs a severe lesson.

    Liked by 1 person

  5. Thx for the chapter o/
    All the guys above critizing the MC because he isnt perfect… come on guys give him a break i find it preaty good that we have someone realistic for a change. He is moved by his desires like most human beens and is flawed, this is probaly gonna be a story of him maturing and we are only in the beggining (i hope) so give him time.
    And my only wish is for Black lizard to be alright after all this


    1. An imperfect character is different from an unlikeable one. You can make the most perfect character ever and it would still be unlikeable (Mary Sue), or the character can be very imperfect and the character would still be likeable (a great Villian).

      The character being imperfect is not the problem, how the imperfections is utilized in the story is the problem.

      For me, the badest trait is his indecisiveness. Fine. However, that trait is peresented here in the most unlikeable way ever. From previous chapters, he is presented with various choices to make and he postpone to make a choice each time for some inane reasons or another. The result is that, these choices looses their value or be forfieted, and creates this so pointless tragedy. Pointless because all of this would have been all prevented if he just make just one single choice.

      To be more relatable, I give this example. Say a character see a person dangling from a window about to fall. He could do a lot of things, useful and the not-useful. Try catching the person, call for help, put something underneath the break the person’s fall, etc. But instead of choosing an action to take and doing it, the MC becomes undecisive and instead wait for any developments. Well, maybe the person can save himself, or someone will come and save the man, or the peson might survive the fall. Our MC instead just stand there and do nothing. Then the person loose its grip and falls to the ground and died.

      For this kind of MC, liking the MC is not a thing I would take to. I will be disappointed.

      As for realistic… it is so overrated. If something realistic is what you want, nothing can beat the realistic edge of reality. Take a look outside and observe the characters you see there. You will then get all the dose of the “realistic” you crave for.

      Liked by 1 person

      1. Well he didn’t know he would be face the dragon he would have need a lot of food to evolve so he probably wanted to wait to go home and solve his problems first. lol I like the take a look outside


    2. I agree he was still human once and we all make mistakes. If this book is about weak to strong then we probably become stronger and less indecisive as time goes on


  6. why do i feel like the Mc was a 12 year old kid in his past life. the indecisiveness. the lack of self confidence and yearning for something not very necessary. but i follow this story because i want to see if he will grow.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. The reason he is fcking stupid is because he never use his op race abilities which is disease breath. End of the story. Anyway thank for the hard work dear translator!


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