Chapter 77: Douz’s Last moments


I was able to confirm that the area around the tower to be the center of the village as many buildings can be seen line up there.

The village is in a pandemonium state as multiple screams and cries can be heard everywhere. Especially near the tower where several villagers are bleeding and lying around, with Douz in the center.
At Douz’s feet lies a mysterious earth colored sphere, the egg of the Little Rock Dragon.

Douz’s rusted sword sheath was now missing, whether it was because it broke, or he simply discarded it, I do not know. In any case, the blade was now revealed.
The fallen villagers were probably slashed by it.
Slashing, or rather, it seems more possible for it to be grinding.
It is not possible to cut with a blade that, so the body is ripped apart from the attack.
“Drop your weapon! You, what are you thinking!?”

Three villagers are holding bows, and directing the arrowheads toward Douz.
Just when I thought Douz’s movement is stopped he changed posture, and starts running towards the three people at once.

“Hihi, Hihihihihi’!”

“Don’t hesitate! Fire!”

At the same time as someone cried out, three arrows are shot.
Douz shortens the distance while parrying them with his sword.
Although one of the arrows struck Douz’s shoulder, he still advances without stopping.

The three people are slashed with the sword in his hand.
There are no other ways to describe this, other than that of a violent sword play.

The three people were easily defeated, with Douz impaling his sword on their back.
The man who was stabbed raised up one last cries, before finally stopped moving.

Although he had no skills, Douz’s stats are incomparably higher than the other villagers.
Even if they tried to stop him, they are only at the degree of armed villagers.
“Hyaha, Hihihihihi’!”

Looking at me, Douz continued to laugh madly.
It was as if he was waiting for me, or so it looked.


While I was barking, I bent down in order to let Gregory off.

Gregory tried to say “That person is…”, but immediately stopped talking.
Gregory also had leg injuries, so there is no other way.
It seems like he understood his lack of ability.

Douz’s status is much higher than that of Gregory.
Although Douz increased his level when he went missing, it seems that he is stronger than Gregory even before he went missing.
It might be bad of me to say this, but it is so totally obvious that he will lose without managing to inflict a single wound if it’s a one-on-one.

I check the state of the village.
There are people who run away, people who watch from a distance, people who are injured and cannot move, people who carry the wounded on their back, and many others.
Gregory pointed at me while explaining to the surrounding people.
Though the anxiety in the people’s eyes around me did not clear, but it seems to have faded a little.

Right now, Douz leaves the Little Rock Dragon’s egg under the tower.
Although I would like to collect the egg without fighting, the number of victims will keep on increasing of I leave the state as it is.
It is necessary to restrain Douz before that.
“Hihi, Hyahaa’!”

As I stop, Douz cocks his large sword vertically.
I daringly receive it with my head.

The next moment Douz ttwisted his lips, as my scales blocked his sword.
Compared to a sword full of rust, my scales are superior.

“A”, aah? ”

Douze’s body bent backward and in response I body slammed him.


Douz’s body is sent rolling, and a cracking sound can be indirectly heard.
His head is smashed towards the tower.

〖HP: 9/68〗

I was trying to knock him unconscious.
Though as it is, Douz still did not part with his sword.

Even with the overused and tattered body, Douz gets up quickly..
He had such a distorted movement like a broken doll with its strings pulled by force.

Douz is opening and closing his mouth, but no words are coming out.
He lowers his upper body down still with his sword, and starts moving on all four.
He moves while thrusting the sword into the ground, and capture a child who was injured and cannot move, and starts rolling on the ground..

“N-no!! H-help me! Please help me!”

With such a half-dead body, how can he move with such agility?
I think maybe his sense of pain is no longer there.

Douz pierces his sword through the child’s stomach, and start biting as it is.
The child’s scream echoed throughout the neighborhood.

When I tried to approach slowly, he strengthened his grip on the sword.
The child started spitting up blood from her mouth and abdomen, the screams gets hoarse and it becomes thinner.

“Hihi, Hihihi’!”

He’s taking a hostage.
If this stalemate continue as it is, the Little Rock Dragon will be here soon.

As I was focusing on the Little Rock Dragon, strength returns to Douz’s eyes
It seems like he has the ability to recover.

If I attack Douz now to take the egg, the child will be killed.
Still, while I pity the child, with the way things are going, the Little Rock Dragon will end up entering the village.

Douz walks while dragging the child, and throw away the sword to hold the egg.

Even if he throw away his sword, I still can’t do anything.
Anyway, if Douz strangles the child, he will only be able to last a few seconds.

Douz is pinching the child’s neck with his left elbow, and holds the egg with his left hand.
Then he began to climb the ladder of the tower with his right hand and foot.
His movements are clunky, but fast.

The child no longer had any energy to cry even when the neck is strangled, with barely any color on the face, the tongue is extended loosely from the suffering.
The ghastly scream is heard throughout the village.


I rushed to the tower screaming and pulled vigorously at the bottom of the ladder.

The ladder was just hanging above the wood scaffolding and made of rope, it was a simple design.
If I pull it, I should be able to shake off Douz and drop him.

Immediately after, the child fell from above.
I released my hand from the ladder, and caught the child in my arm.
Using this chance, Douz began to climb up the tower much faster.
Carefully, I killed the momentum and slowly drop the child.
The child is seriously injured, but still alive.
Looking at the HP, it should be enough to survive.

Now the hostage is gone.
Also Douz is on the top of the tower without hostage.

This time, it should be over.

“Hihihi …… Hyahahahahahahahahaha!”

His laughter echoes throughout the area.
His voice is directed toward the field – and as if in response, the sound of large footsteps was heard coming closer.

A huge familiar roar.
I was too late.
The Little Rock Dragon is already here.
Douz climbed the tower probably to show the egg to the Little Rock Dragon.
Although insane it is clear what his intention and purpose are his action.

Still, there is some time to stop the Little Rock Dragon if I get the egg back from Douz.


Douz raises the egg high in the air with both arms, provoking the Little Rock Dragon.

Staggering he retreated a few steps back to the fence of the tower, and went over the fence.
Douz’s body was flipped upside-down, as it was falling in the air.

I put down the child in a hurry and stretch out my hand while running, but I didn’t make it.

The eggs of the Little Rock dragon and Douz’s head, both made a loud sound right in front of me and cracked.
Douz’s brain fluid mixed together with the contents of the egg that was on the verge of forming a creature.

Again, the roar of the Little Rock Dragon echoed around the village.
Way more intense than before, way more violent than before.

22 thoughts on “Chapter 77: Douz’s Last moments

    1. Not enough time. I’m not sure how long but it should take half a day or more in defenseless state before he can completely evolve. Unfortunately, this is not Digimon.


    2. Evolve into a super epic dragon of awesome proporsions and smash the petty earth dragon into the ground…or something umung those lines…just a thought…


  1. you got a problem with the ‘recent posts’ side menu. has to click on ’77’ in ‘various links’ above that to go nowhere before a link to this chapter appeared in ‘recent posts’ and yes at that time there were already 2 comments here

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      1. well, it might be a thing that the base code has problems with, like on some you use a bracket (cause someone is putting some qualifying statement into one) and it considers (c as a code for the site and does someting dumb. so yeah. since u know theres a problem u know. thx for the trans


  2. Poor egg.

    The MC is also very indecisive. Many of the bad things that happen is because of him unable to pick a choice and make a good use of the said choice. He could have strength, speed, dexterity or magic from before, any of which could help him in this situation. But no, he delay the process because picking one means he will loose the others.

    I hope he will learn the lesson of being decisive.


  3. … Seriously, what is up with these MCs trying to save everyone? He pretty much sacrificed many for one that is dying (personally I think he kid should have been dead already, since he was stabbed in the stomach.


  4. i’m over and dropping this series, i loved the primes and kept hoping it would get better but it didn’t, the MC is a moron, he is not even smart enough to kill the obvious bad guy when given the chance add that to he’s continuously screwing himself over with his want to be human choices and refusing to accept that he is a dragon, i might as well be reading about a goody-too-shoes reincarnated human that lives in a Forrest that kills people through inaction


  5. fuckin had enough, the mc is a fuckin pussy.the child was almost killed and he still fuckin care about douz? what in the flying fuck ? the man had killed many villagers and he still fuckin care for his fuckin life?


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