Chapter 49


Roaring I glare at Twin head.
The Twin head did not retreat.
Its fierce ruthless eye glares at my injured left arm.

My left arm was bitten by the Twin head, and has become fairly disabled.
So I think he will probably bite the left side again.

It’s the same situation for me though.
During the next clash with the Twin head it is best for me to strike from the right side, after all that’s the side he had lost one of his heads.

“Gaaaa’ !!” “Guuwaou’ !!”

The barking between the two separated heads seems to have been the cue to rush.
Twin head tries to go for a bite on the left side of my body, and knowing this was coming I came up with a plan.

I’ll punch the opening on the right side of your body, Twin head!

If this was an ordinary fight this move in of itself would be bad.
I strongly hoped following the right head incident that the Twin head will fall to the poison alone, but there is absolutely no reason to hurry.
I just pray that the Black Lizard and I will clear this alive.

Backing down to wait for the moment when the Twin head will run out of steam,  I go slowly to check the safety of black lizard.
My body is also in a state of poisoned, but it is not necessary to get 〖detoxification〗the moment I rush over there.
As the poison does not move around though the body as fast, it would be better to move slowly.

Even so, even if I knew if it was or not I am not in the mood to back down right now.

Just before I and a Twin head collide, the Twin head moves steps around to the left side.
I, on the other hand, move toward going around for the right side.

There is a infrasound sound from the Twin head as his teeth are breaking mid〖bite〗.
I’m listening high pitch noise that my 〖dragon punch〗 gives off as I punch the main body in the left face.


I felt a solid response from my fist.

Now the HP you have been left with the tough burden of the poison state, so let’s end this and leave at once.
I forcibly lift my trembling left arm, and with both hands grasp the Munagura (E.NI this is the breast or the chest) of Twin head, and jumped up off the earth kicking with my greatest effort.
Using〖Baby breath〗 to earn some propulsion by spitting down, we became upside down positionally in relationship to the high sky, and I direct the Twin head on the ground.

“Ga ga…… ……”

Twin head groans.
But when it comes to this height, the use of my fall resistance would also be ineffective.

Folding my wings, I fall in a straight line.
My deathblow 〖nutcracker〗was obtained in the Kureibea game.
The moment the Twin head had crashed into the earth, I quickly fled in the air by kicking off the Twin head, to reduce the shock that would come back to myself to a minimum.
[E.N. Kureibea is a reference to a dark fantasy manga when a yoma pretends to be human in order to kill and eat people]

[Lv of ordinary skill 〖Nutcracker〗 has increased from 1 to 2. ]


Because it was turned into a mess after the plunge from the sky it was too disturbing to look at the contents of the body.
It is probably better to not see their status…, I feel lucky not to be him

I look down at the Twin head.
The head of the Twin head was completely collapsed in on itself, and all that remained was its convulsing body.

I do not know the triggering conditions for the skill 〖companion〗, but becoming this mess would not any sort of strategy.
I looked away from the Twin head that has lost both of his heads, and I look back at the black lizard who ran.

My vision became hazy.

Desperately staggering while walking, but my left foot would not bend right.
When I kicked off the Twin head and we hit the ground in the last part of 〖nutcracker〗, my left foot had received a lot of backlash.

…… Well then loser, I don’t only walk I can also move with〖roll〗.
I rounded my limbs and tail, and vigorously moved towards the lizard.
The sense of pain throughout my body felt like thousands of scratches, as I ran I desperately chased the traces of the rolling Black Lizard.

As I rolled I started having feelings of frustration.
I shake out the unpleasant images that cross my mind.

So little guy, why are you so desperate? I tried to think about it, and adjusted my speed so I would arrive a minute behind, but what if she didn’t make it.
Why am I in so much pain when running?

Is it because I have been unable to be detoxified?
The Black Lizard should be waiting safety in the horizon.

After all the Black Lizard is important to me.

She may be my second time meeting with intelligent life, but I think that there have been many things with the Black Lizard.
First, she is not hostile at least ‘till after the race ended, we co-hunt the gray wolf together, I invited her to the cave to treat her to my much-valued dried meat, and we drank water together side by side ….

Since I came to this world the only ones I could call my friends Milia and Black Lizard.
Even though I did not meet long with Milia, and it’s possible that I will be feared as a evil monster when I meet her next.
The only person who wouldn’t care if I was a scary monster in this world was a Black Lizard.


I roar and raise the speed of my〖roll〗.
The price was the speed at which the poison would spread through my whole body, and cause the impact on the weakened body, it will become a total mess if I continue.
But still, I ran single-mindedly.


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