Chapter 45

“Kishii …… Kishii ……”

The sound of quiet, steady snores echoed in my eardrum.
I woke up in a haze in response to the sound.

“Kishii ……”

The Black Lizard was sleeping right in front of my face.
The Black Lizard’s tail was gently stroking my body.

Whats with this guy only doing bad Nezo’m. [T.L note basically means it has lots of violence or sex and stuff]
If you are half asleep and bite me I could die. You should sleep in a place that’s a considerable distance away.
Maybe the area in the most distant side of the cave would be good enough.

Well it was more life threatening living in the wilderness.
At any moment it was likely to stride right into the nest of other monsters while they were sleeping.
If you weren’t vigilant next time you went to sleep you might’ve be digging your own grave.

However, I would not want to be defeated by it when she was half asleep.
I am confident that the Phi perries that I dryed, crunched up, and mixed into the poison is done being desperately soaked up in this last week.

Because salt is also non-perishable I didn’t need to overfish, but I am a little troubled by the degutting and storing of the fish.

Later I may even need to make a bed for the Black Lizard.
For someone like her I think the bed would need a fence.

While looking at her sleeping face I see her sleeping peacefully on the nice warm carpet.

Because I was on the solid earth up until now, “yeah comfortable huh?”

Probably even more so for her because her scales are thinner than mine.

After the Black Lizard woke up, we went down to the lake for a drink of water.

I checked the status of the Black Lizard and myself while I moistened my throat, to check our health.

Race: Child Calamity Illness Dragon
Status: Normal
Lv: 33/40
HP: 149/149
MP: 143/143


Race: Benemu Princess Leche Ruta
Status: Normal
Lv: 20/35
HP: 110/110
MP: 131/131

No abnormal state, and both MP and HP are full.
Both the Lv of Black Lizard and myself went up due to yesterday’s divided fight with the pack of grey wolves.

The title of 〖final evolution〗 was in the Little Rock Dragon stats, so I wonder if the next evolution of the Black Lizard was the same or if there was more variety.

When I evolved I was able to quickly raise my Lv, but I didn’t completely understand complex changes that occur when I evolved into the Child Calamity Illness Dragon.
If I can cooperate with the Black Lizard the same way I did when we fought the grey wolves yesterday it will be easier to level up.

Sadly she is not proficient at any recovery magic which could end up being very important.

Even if she was able to learn the magic without the 〖rest〗skill, it would be advantageous.

We explore the forest, and every time I find a new plant I use 〖status browse〗.
Since the colorful little grass place was dense, my hand involuntarily rushed to try to take it.

[〖Rainbow clover: Value F-〗]
[Seven color Clover, each leaf containing a different color. ]
[Each clover sends it’s magical power to one another, because of their habit to help the weak. ]

This is a nice and colorful plant and would look good outside my home once it blooms.
It is likely to send a pleasant sight and scent morning after morning.
Also I wonder if I can, with any luck, breed and domesticate it in my spare time.

[This plant is usually eaten by the dark worms and does not remain in one place for long. ]

Do I have to make a pesticide now?

Should I start with trying to develop a poison to kill only insects in cooperation with the Black Lizard.

I look at the Black Lizard, she begins to blink curiously and then it clicked.
Apparently my thought was transmitted because it responded with “Kishi’!” as if to say to me to rely on it and it raised its voice.

Oh, a four-leaf clover!
Should I or should I not, but what would be wrong with taking it from the previous habit.
In the first place I’m happy I found it, but does it have any symbolism in this world.

Blue, red, yellow, and white, it has quite the lively color scheme.
It’s likely to draw a beautiful picture on the ground in the Rainbow clover but it’s probably hard to care for it since hordes of dark worms will try to eat them very quickly.

When I was looking through the Rainbow Clover grass I also spotted a five-leaf clover.
I wonder if there are any that go up to seven leaves if possible.
Since the joy from when I found the clover grass has started to fade, I stood up straight like nothing was found.


“Are you sure it is fine? “, The Black Lizard looked up at me and called.
I gave a small nod to proceed ahead.

I look down the path try to find were the sweet scent came from smell with the Black Lizard and we found a beautiful red flower which turned out to be poisonous [It only blooms on the soil burying a corpse. It blooms well in Battlefields and graveyard], we did not find such a description.

“Kishi’! Kishi’!”

Black Lizard stopped what it was doing and it began to squeal towards me.
The tone of voice, it sounded like there was a warning mixed with anger.

What, what happened?
I wondered whether I stepped on her tail?

“Kishii’! Kishii’!”

I’m panicking because I don’t know the reason, Black Lizard is crying in an even higher pitch.
Perhaps it has something to do with the poison plant that I was discarding with careful touch from a little while ago?
But, I think she would have had eaten it and likely thought “Wow delicious.”.
Certainly might have been suggesting “I will eat it anyway”.

Light appears around the Black Lizard, and becomes a countless number of yellow lumps of dirt and rock.
This must be from the Black Lizard skill〖clay gun〗.

When I noticed how there was nothing as I expected.
But then to my right the lizard jumped beside me, while quickly rolling she as well shot the rocks from the orbit of 〖clay gun〗.

At the grass where〖clay gun〗had hit, a strange creature jumped out.
Apparently there was a demon that had concealed it’s presence.

“Guwao’! Guwaon’!” “Kuun Kuun …… ……”

It looked like it was a large bulldog with two heads.
The left head looked strangely intimidating and the right head had a subservient surface so as it was forming a contrast between the two.

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