Chapter 40


Although the Black Lizard has slightly slowed down, he tried to compensate by doing quick manoeuvres.  He would quickly turn right, go past to the left, then right, and surely there was another tree in the way.

Sometimes doing strange sandwiching movements and feints in order to shake me off, but he was not even able to stall me.

He did not hurry and make mistakes but assessed the situation calmly.

A person like this is tough to beat. I sometimes immediately get hot headed when a situation seems impossible.

The Black Lizard is also a better user of the 〖roll〗 skill than me.

But now it is different.

The number of unstable footholds of wood, and the arrangement of the demons horrifying scene causes the black lizard to repeatedly keep decelerating as to dodge them.

At this point in time, I’m accustomed to doing this because of all my practising and prior experiences.

The running Black Lizard, which previously lead his target in a secluded area, never needed to try to avoid obstacles while drawing his opponents because he had the home field advantage. Now though, I took control of the pace, the direction, and speed we are going.

So no matter how complicated terrain gets I will never lose sight of him again.

Oh, wait, that was my mistake!

When rolling at this kind of speed it becomes hard to control. I ended up crashing into three big trees, rapidly decreasing my speed.

Well this is still a completely difference experience for me because so far I have been the one being chased but this time I am the one doing the chasing.

Letting the black lizard escape would be the worst outcome for me.  If I caught him though, all he would have to look forward to is death.

Of course it is life threatening if I can’t detoxify the poison. I won’t let him escape.

But once I know I’m cured, then I am of course immediately changing him into experience points, on the spot.

The thing is he should also understand this, so he’s doing whatever it takes not to get caught.

My impatience, fear plus other thoughts started to build, as things rarely ever go my way.

While I ran, I was worried whether  or not my arm could grow back, and if the Black Lizard feared death.

I can still roll very quickly despite my mistake, because I can easily judge the positional relationship of the lizard and myself in the dense, difficult terrain.

This can also be said to be one of the advantages of  being considerably large.

I perfectly tracked the Black Lizard, keeping a mutual distance of about 8m from each other.

The Black Lizard accelerates, desperately trying to shake me off.

He keeps trying to evade by rapidly changing directions, but he is continuously making the mistake of underestimating me.


The lizard’s speed started to drop, so I also slowed as to maintain a little distance.

There is no need to be rash and make a mistake.

If I drive him to the cliff then I’ll try to catch and restrain him.

[Normal skill 〖roll〗 of Lv 4 went up to Lv 5. ]

It rose!

With this I won’t need to use the element of surprise to win next time.

Looking around I have a good view of the surrounding and spot the cliff, It’s coming up fast.

Already, just a little distance and that solves it.

There is an opening, now is my chance!

The distance between me and him is shrinking is at about 5m. It will all be over soon.

Yes there is just 1 meter left, patience is a virtue.

The monster is now slowing down, but if I collide into him and knock him off then this would have been a complete loss!

Time and time again his attempts to avoid me ended in his loss!

Furthermore it is only 1m.

Yes he is not slowing down!

There is no way he could overcome my speed!

I pity the Black Lizard-kun.

If he had met me after he grew a little more then he’d have probably been a good rival.

The Black Lizard’s speed started to decease.

Did he give up on escaping?


“kishi and kishishishishishi!”


While rolling the Black Lizard threw a large amount of stones.

These sand like bullets must be the black lizard’s 〖pottery craftsmen〗 skill.

How skillful do you have to be to be able to do this?

The hit ratio is low because he is rolling, but the sheer number of pellets makes up for that.

Unintentionally I am pleased that I get to fight on equal terms in my own field of expertise.

What are you going to do now?

First, it makes a big right turn.

In a moment, my consciousness faded.

I then noticed that I fell sprawled on the ground, I then noticed that I was face-to-face with the sky. Looking at the sky I realized my dwarfishness and the vast emptiness of it and a smile unintentionally leaked out.

It took me a few seconds, to understand my current situation.

Watching his counterattack stopped me from paying attention to the speed of my 〖roll〗 for an instant, and so I crashed into a tree.

When I raised my upper body the black lizard was barely visible, and was still running far far away while laughing.


Damn Yyyyoooouuuuu! !

I got up in a hurry, and started chasing the black lizard with all my power.

If things stay as they are now I will lose sight of him!

This is an emergency! I will have only one arm! This is absolutely not a joke!!!

Finally, I realized why I made that big of a mistake.

Simply put, when there is a high chance of victory then there is a risk of being too overconfident.

Thinking back while at the cliff I should have tackled him from behind.

In the first place I did not know much about the Black Lizard!

I’m an idiot! I’m such a fool!

It is not supposed to feel like doing lengthy tag!

Immediately, I put my maximum effort into 〖roll〗.

Right… left… right!

Because I increased my speed too rapidly to control I was unable to avoid all the trees!

But not slowing down I bounce off tree after tree and slowly shave them off, receiving the recoil and being forced forward!

It is not a clean run, I know.

I prepared myself for the damage and kept pushing myself even though the risk is very high…!

I used the trail left behind by the Black Lizard’s roll as a reference – what do you think about that, you bastard?!


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