This is the home website for our group, Reincarnation Translations. We are currently translating “Reincarnated as a dragon’s egg” by Nekoko who goes by nekoko1228 on Twitter, and have plans to expand.

If you want to know more about us, or even join us, check out the about page. We NEED people who can read japanese, as we have quite a few questions during the more difficult chapters which only a japanese-speaking person can answer. We would also appreciate editors. Editors don’t need to know japanese. Neither do MTLs (Machine Translators), which we have and would like more of, so if you are at all interested, and are well-versed in English, you can help.

If you want to read the actual translation of the novel, go to the Chapter List.

To return to this page, click the icon in the top left hand corner.

Have a nice day, and stay classy internet. Thanks for your time.

49 thoughts on “Welcome!

  1. excuse me, i am born with a brain not at a bright side, i can’t seem to see the chapter list or anything in the webpage you know? can you help me on this?


  2. no wonder there is a problem, small screens like 10″tablets load the page like a mobile version without sidebars


  3. Hi,i was wondering if anyone knows when the chapters will be publised in the website…thank you for translating this novel,it is realy interesting… 🙂


  4. Why is the text above the “share-buttons” in russian? Im also wondering why a release could get relayed by that lot…, do you have big internet-problems or what else?


  5. I’m not trying to be rude, I love this series and the translation is really well done, but is anyone else planning on translating this? I need my dragon hero back in my life


  6. Is there a possibility to start working for your group as machine translator? I can give chapter 108 and 109 as proof of my ability if you want to give me a try 🙂


      1. I will send it to you in .docx format in evening when i will be back home and complete 109 chapter is it ok?


    1. Read your discussion, need to wait for a while, it seems. Want you to quickly drop all your plans and translate more chapters, but it’s not like you can. Moreover, there are myriads of novels, so it is not that hard to wait.

      Sorry for my english, it’s hard.


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  8. is this still on going with regular chapter release? i just started reading it and i find it fascinating. Thumbs up for you guys.


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